prompt: gun
characters/ship: derek, meredith, derek/meredith
word count: 100
notes: set during the season six finale; written for my prompt table.
Derek remembers his father's death.

when the bullet went through
it took more than just you

Even before the bullet splits your sternum there is a hole in your heart that won't stop bleeding. Liquid life leaks into your lungs, swells to your trachea, chokes the words spilling senselessly from your mouth towards silver steel and soulless eyes.

It is all so hauntingly familiar.

(The memory catches on the edges of your brain: viscera cloying underneath fingernails ripped ragged from biting into Amy's shoulders; your father's eyes emptying to the snap of metal splintering bone.)

Meredith's fear is palpable; her heartbreak triggers yours.

(Muscle memory makes you ache for her when a gunshot cracks the air.)