prompt: neglect
character/pairing: meredith, ellis
word count: 100
notes: set pre-series; written for my prompt table.
warning: contains drug use and underage sex.
I had the worst mother in the world.

she wants to go home
but nobody's home

Meredith's fourteen when Ellis leaves for a conference in Switzerland. Comes home to a note taped to the empty refridgerator and a stack of bills on the counter; salt in a permanently open wound.

When the money runs out days before Ellis is supposed to return and her house starts feeling emptier than her stomach she throws a party. Soothes the ache with alcohol and a pill she sucks off a stranger's tongue before she fucks him becauseitfeelssogoodtobewant ed.

She overdoses, and Ellis flies back early at the hospital's insistence; leaves again a week later after Meredith's released.

(Lather, rinse, repeat.)