Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ...Several years and 574 chapters later, I still wonder why I agreed to do this.

"Because this is one of your all time greatest hits," Arceus said because he was relaxing on a palm tree somewhere near the many white and red temples Seaside Hill. "Or at least it used to be until-"

"Ha! As if this garbage is iconic," Gruntilda Winkybunion the warty green witch stated since she adjusted her purple scarf and black hat. "This whole story screams to be rather ironic!"

"WAH! GET OUT OF MY STORY!" Waluigi bellowed angrily for he shooed away Arceus, Gruntilda, and myself, wanting the story proper to start as things were going off the script as intended.

"Oh but they're not." Harvey Birdman stated so profoundly while pointing at the air. "Because this story is getting a makeover!"

Waluigi and Birdman then got into a fight with it not ending so well for Harvey.

Waluigi sighed in annoyance as he shook his head. Not a single customer in sight.

And despite being in the extremely popular Seaside Hill, the tall lanky handsome purple mustachioed man themed as a 'bad twisted counterpart' had yet to see anyone pop up.

"Hmm. You would think I would get at least someone," Waluigi commented, folding his arms. "Maybe putting it at the southernmost part of Seaside Hill wasn't smart..."

Waluigi looked back, spotting the wonderful view of the green grass on the orange checkerboard hills, then turning to the front to see the beautiful view of the sandy beach and the waves.

"Sure, I have a great view, but come on, who's gonna want tacos here?" Waluigi asked himself, placing both of hands on his face.

Princess Daisy farted a deep pitched bassy tuba poot as she suddenly popped up out of nowhere, as cheerful as a cute kitten or adorable puppy, wearing her usual yellow dress as she greeted herself with her infamous catchphrase. "Hi I'm Daisy!"

"Go away, Gassy." Waluigi muttered angrily in annoyance as he pulled down his purple cap in frustration, knowing how much of a pest the tomboy princess from Sarasaland could be at times.

Daisy placed both of her shoulders on the white colored cart. "Come on, Waluigi, mah boi, why can't I have a taco? I can't enjoy a good spicy meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?"

Waluigi pushed Daisy off. "You just want it so you can fart more!"

Daisy giggled as she pointed at herself. "Well duh... gotta keep my cute, pootsy wootsy figure!" She let out a cute little poot, squealing like a young girl as she clapped her hands together. "Come on, let me have a taco!"

"No." Waluigi remarked.

"Please?" Daisy pleaded, holding her hands together.

Waluigi turned around, slamming his hands on the cart. "Daisy, how many times do I have to-"

Toadette handed Waluigi a ten dollar bill. Waluigi and Daisy were shocked to see Toadette, who just literally popped up out of nowhere. Waluigi's confused look turned into a grin as he snatched the ten dollar bill, placing it into his front right overalls pocket, and giving Toadette ten tacos.

Daisy gasped, realizing how cheap the tacos were. "Only a dollar for a taco?" She dashed away, returning with a large yellow briefcase. "Shut up and take all of my life savings!"

Waluigi blinked as he was flooded by a mountain of green dollar bills. Daisy took as many tacos as she could, gleefully giggling as she ate them one by one, in one gulp. Toadette watched, deciding to munch down on the tacos she had as well. Waluigi popped his head out of the money pill, smiling as he pulled out his arms.

"Maybe this taco stand wasn't a bad idea after all!" Waluigi commented as he chuckled. "If it makes business like this, I can't afford to lose!"

Daisy farted loudly, her butt facing Waluigi. Waluigi's purple cap was blasted away by the gusty fart, with Waluigi twitching his right eye. Daisy slightly blushed as she giggled.

"Oh my, excuse me!" Daisy apologized as she giggled, munching down on the tacos again as she let out another loud fart.

Toadette giggled, laughing at Waluigi's reaction as she fell over on her back on the smooth grass.

"It's gonna be one of those stories!" Toadette added as she placed her hands on her face, smiling.

Waluigi narrowed his eyes, groaning as he shook his head. "On second thought, I'll have to deal with this madness...ugh..."

Dry Bowser and Petey Piranha both watched from the bright blue sea, turning to each other as they witnessed what had just occurred.

"I have the feeling that we're going to be involved a lot more in this story," Dry Bowser remarked to Petey.

"Yeah, I guess so," Petey mumbled in agreement as the two heavyweight characters kept swimming in the calm waters surrounding Seaside Hill, knowing what this predicament would ultimately lead to.

"Holy fucking hell, Daisy! Stop friggin' farting already! We get it!" Waluigi exclaimed, but alas, the flatulent tomboy princess kept on pooting away since it was clear as day that tooting was her priority.

Course this was made worse for him as this methane madness was joined by Toadette farting herself suddenly.

"I couldn't help it." Toadette admitted while grabbing a nearby yellow colored P balloon and inflating herself, going around the air with her air deflating flatulence. "A gassy gal has to be with her farty pal!"

"I'm glad I don't have to put up with her..." Pikachu said to Space Ghost as they were observing this on the sandy beach nearby within the sand.

"Yeah. My cohorts are annoying enough, but this is a whole lever above that," Space Ghost responded as he had his arms folded, his yellow cape blowing by the combined natural wind and Daisy's farting.

"Oh, it's no use trying to get sense to Daisy..." Silver The Hedgehog explained as he was doing another pizza delivery, dressed in his Pizza Hut gear.

"Indeed. The chances of Waluigi succeeding in spite of this seem to constantly shift," R.O.B. added, the Robotic operation Buddy realizing that this might not end up the way the tall lanky purple man of twisted evil may wish for it to settle.

Popo and Nana both laughed as the Ice Climbers watched alongside the others, taking enjoyment of this as they knew that they had another way of messing with Waluigi, who already realized how much of a pain these two could be from his experiences as an Assist Trophy.

Meanwhile, a bunch of high quality characters were nearby on another part of the beach, ready to get in on the action themselves as they were about to yabba dabba do it to it and have a gay old time.

"Ahehehe! Looks like this tall lanky man is not holding back the business!" Fred Flintstone exclaimed as he was feeling grand, dad.

"I just wonder... is he a real taco maker?" Robbie Rotten asked as he did weird cartoony hand motions.

"Oh boy, how I love tacos." Inspector Gadget stated as he was playing around with his using his go-go gadgets. "They make me go wowzers!"

Tito Dick 'Dickman' Baby smiled as he held up his pants. "Ohoho, let's just not get too excited yet... the fun has yet to begin..."

Toujou Nozomi farted as she pointed at herself, squealing with charming joy. "Todokete!"

"Holy crap, Lois!" Peter Griffin exclaimed as he was there for no reason at all, placing his hands on his head. "This reminds me of the time that I had a cameo in a famous fanfic!"

Everyone then looked at the Family Guy oddly, wondering if this was just another of his many funny moments. Dr. Hoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus were walking on the beach, seeing the memes gathered together as the original characters looked at each other, the dinosaur feeling out of place.

"I think Yoshizilla did it again," Dr. Hoshi explained as the purple raptor in the white lab coat adjusted his light blue glasses.

"What makes you say that?" Peppy sarcastically quipped as the yellow Ankylosaurus pulled out some lettuce he had with him and began munching on it.

"Wah! Screw you guys! I get the last word! WALUIGI GETS LAST WORD!" Waluigi angrily snapped as he pulled out a Waluigi Launcher, proceeding to blast everyone with copies of himself, because overall the story was about one thing... tacos being sold by Waluigi. Of course he couldn't even enjoy this as he was blasted by Godzilla's radioactive atomic breath, who bellowed loudly as the king of the monsters was engaged in a decades long war with his relative the Rhedosaurus, with the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms not letting his distant cousin keeping the crown as Waluigi was reduced to a pile of ashes. "Ahh... I give up."

Plum farted while she was trying to play golf near the taco stand with her feeling quite embarrassed and yet hungry upon feeling her stomach growl. "Ooh am I feeling stinky but I'm also starting to feel that hunger effect...!"

"You say that as if it's surprising." Waluigi grumbled while he was preparing a fresh round of tacos for he clearly wasn't fond of where this was going.

Melody Pianissima farting was making her in the mood to fuel her ghastly body with more gas churning food. "Yes I do think I'll take your tacos to help fuel my cacophony-"

"You better pay up good then." Waluigi complained for he was quick to point out that he had a vacuum within his taco stand in case things went the wrong way.

It was just another day to enjoy a sunny relaxation bout on Isle Delfino in its famed Delfino Plaza, and a certain skeletal reptile was there with a llama shaped being that was the god of all Pokemon.

"So here we are together again." Dry Bowser spoke while sipping a cup of tea.

Arceus nodded his head. "Yes that is quite. How have you been doing?"

"Fine but I feel that I could be doing better."

"What makes you feel that way?"

"Oh it's just the simple fact that we're being used to pad out a stupid story."

"But don't you realize that our role in these fanfiction tales is to ultimately be just that?"

"Why would you be so comfortable with it?"

"For the same reason I'm fine with making appearances out of nothing." Arceus chuckled. "To anything, something can be everything."

Dry Bowser was unsure as to what Arceus was getting about when they got an unexpected visitor approaching them.

"Hey; you guys want this junk?" Waluigi asked upon holding a fresh prepared taco in his gloved hand. "...I know how infamous they are but even a guy like me is just trying to make his way through this dump called life..."