Waluigi entered his taco stand, to see plenty of unsold tacos. He folded his arms as he shook his head, undecided on what to do with the tacos. Suddenly, an idea hit him as he heard the giggling of Toadette.

"Well, look who came here just in time!" Waluigi exclaimed as he turned around, placing his hands on the yellow counter. "Hey Toadette! I got some free tacos, you want some?"

Toadette giggled as she ran over towards the counter, holding her hands together as she nodded. "You bet! I'm feeling pretty hungry right now!"

Waluigi carried all the unsold tacos, dropping them all on Toadette, burying her in the process. Toadette giggled as she popped out of the tacos, preparing to eat them when Waluigi placed his right hand in front of her.

"That'll be one thousand, two hundred, and ninety five dollars and thirty one cents!" Waluigi exclaimed as he smirked deviously.

Toadette gasped in horror as she shook her head in dismay. "What? You said it was free!"

"...Free to dump on you, not for you to eat!" Waluigi insisted as he laughed. Toadette started crying in response.