Waluigi stretched his arms as he was finished making his new batch of tacos, watching Daisy fart loudly and proudly in her sports outfit as Toadette cheered her on, both of the girls eating tacos.

"Don't you get tired of that Daisy girl farting all the time?" A Huckit Crab asked as she scuttled onto the yellow counter.

Waluigi sighed loudly as he glanced at the female Huckit Crab. "Of course I do, but the reason I can't ignore it is because she gets me easy money. That, and the fact that they're good publicity."

Waluigi then pointed at the large line of customers waiting to have Waluigi's tacos, all of them impressed by Daisy and Toadette liking them, as well as the fact that they were amazed at Princess Daisy's farting. Waluigi shook his head as the female Huckit Crab gasped, quite shocked to see that Waluigi was slyly advertising his taco stand without actually advertising it himself.