Waluigi was working on some more tacos as Lakithunder flew by, folding his arms together as he smirked, with Waluigi glancing up.

"Oh, it's you." Waluigi commented on as he rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "What is it that you want?"

Lakithunder chuckled as he nodded his head. "Oh, I happen to have a sparking new Power Plant on the southern side of Seaside Hill. You should come by if you need any electricity."

"...Why would I need additional electricity?" Waluigi commented as he rolled his left hand. "I got all the power I need to charge up. I'm perfectly fine!"

Suddenly a giant thunderstorm loomed over the taco stand, with a bolt of white lightning zapping Waluigi as he fell, with Lakithunder chuckling as he snatched a couple of tacos, floating right back up to the storm cloud as Waluigi groaned weakly in pain.

"Wah..." Waluigi groaned weakly in pain, his left leg twitching as he coughed, shaking his head.