Prompt: Jeff and Annie get stuck in the dean's office after hours.

Rating: Mature. Request: "AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE."

Notes: From the 2012 Fic Battle: FIRING SQUAD! challenge at Milady_Milord. Smut fic! I give good porn, so don't read this if you're delicate.

Spoilers: none


Principal's Office

"Do you think he's coming back?" Annie whispered in the darkness. Jeff's hard body against her muffled the sound, and nearly blocked what little light blinked from the desktop monitor and ambient electronics. Fabric was all that separated them, but hands were already finding their way past zippers and buttons.

"Stop talking about the Dean," commanded Jeff, and to make his point he slipped two fingers inside her, rubbing his thumb against her clit in a sharp, rapid series of caresses. Annie arched her back beneath him, bringing her brightly embroidered bra into perfect view. They were almost too big for the guest sofa in the Dean's office, but the cushions were soft and the woman beneath him was softer still. He felt her try to clench around his fingers, but everything was too wet, too slick, to provide any resistance.

He trailed hot kisses up her collarbone as he murmured things he knew would send her over the edge. "There are people outside the office right now, trying to find that renegade monkey named after you. All of our friends are roaming the halls, and the administrative staff are clocking late hours." He finger-fucked her slowly, roughly. He dragged against her labia languidly, then shoved up against the upper wall of her vagina, alternating fast and slow. Beneath his hands, Annie's eyes fluttered and her luscious mouth opened to breathy, silent words. He licked her breasts, working past the bra with his teeth.

"Troy and Abed are just two rooms over, Annie. Can you hear them?" Jeff pumped three fingers in her now, working his own zipper with his free hand. She moaned, a low keening noise, and he hushed her with hot kisses. "Don't let them hear you, Annie. All of our friends, only a broken door lock away. Think what they would say. Little Annie, in the principal's office, getting hot and wet for me like a virgin school girl. Do you want them to see us?"

"No," Annie whimpered, writhing against Jeff's hand.

"But you like it that they might, don't you?" he goaded. "You want them to know what I can do to you. What you can do to me."

"Yes," she gasped, and Jeff shifted his weight, removing his fingers at the last second then pressing his cock inside her in one scorching, mend-bending plunge. He pinched her clit at the same moment, and Annie screamed for him.

He wasn't fast enough to cover her mouth with his, but he made up for it by fucking her to distraction when the inevitable knocks came.