Hey faithful readers! Sorry about the confusion on my last update for Notches. I posted to the wrong place, oops. But here's a little smutfic I wrote for a rapid-fire fic competition at Milady_Milord LJ comm. This was written under a deadline, probably about 10 minutes or so.

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Prompt by busycybering: "Shopping for lingerie, smut."

Rating: MATURE. Seriously, this is straight up PORNZ. Enjoy.


Changing Rooms


Up against the changing room walls in a Target wasn't where Jeff imagined he'd first get Annie off, but he was ever the opportunist. She stood above him, hands splayed against the stall divider, trying not to moan while he tongued her clit. A hot pink bra with black lace covered her breasts, and he imagined slipping his hands in between the folds to caress them. But Jeff's hands were busy now, holding Annie up and keeping her legs stable around his shoulders.

She moaned his name, and Jeff slipped a finger inside her cunt as he lapped at her opening. He'd had a lot of fantasies about Annie like this: Annie laid out in his bedroom, or Annie in the Greendale cafeteria and splayed across one of the tables while he took her from behind. Annie riding him in his Lexus after he passed the bar exam. Annie pulling him into a closet at the campus and slow-stripping.

He'd never imagined they'd run into each other shopping, or that she'd ask for his opinion on her purchases. Jeff hadn't even twigged on the idea that she'd ask him into her actual stall and then tell him that if he didn't like what she was wearing, she'd just have to take it off.

Annie gave him that strip show, kicking off her clothes and tugging his jacket until he dropped down in front of her. When he'd made noises about the bra she instructed him that he could only choose one piece of underwear to lose, the other one she was going to keep. As was said before, Jeff was the consummate opportunist, and he tugged her panties off with hands that were almost as eager as a teenagers.

Now, above him, Annie mewled and writhed, pushing his face against her sex while her tits bounced beautifully in the hot pink fabric. Jeff loved that bra, it was his new favorite thing. He would buy it for her, he decided. He might even buy several.