Have a bit of fluff!

Prompt by Hypnotoad76: "The group goes to a cabin during the winter, only for the heat to go out just as they're going to sleep. Jeff and Annie end up cuddling in bed together to try and keep warm."


Winter Cabin


She wanted the scene to be sexy, but it was just too damn cold. They lay with their beds pushed up adjacent to each other, her back tucked against the front of his clothes and his arms around her. Even with the combined blankets and the body heat, Annie half-seriously wondered if they'd make it to morning.

That would show Britta, she thought in a moment of pettiness. Central heating was not a waste of energy when it kept your insides from turning to icicles.

"Go to sleep," murmured Jeff, tightening his arms around her. Annie caught her breath as he nuzzled her hair with his nose. "Stop thinking about the temperature and think about sheep or something."

"It's a little hard to think about sheep right now," Annie managed, almost squeaking. Even through her sweatpants and heavy shirt, every point where Jeff touched her was awake and aware. And cold.

"My nose is cold," she whispered into the sleeping darkness.

"So turn around," whispered Jeff's sleepy, half-hearted voice. Of course, doing so would put them face to face, embracing, in the darkness of an old cabin on a cold, snowy night.

All in all, that didn't sound too horrible.