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Ar Sciatháin Sciobtha

~On Swift Wings~


an tús

~The Beginning~

Centuries ago, in the time before Merlin, when Magic was Wilde and chose a certain human every few decades to be Her Wielder, a powerful race of magical beings rose up. From a mixture of Dragons Blood and Magic and Wildness they took shape, and their forms were humanoid, with decidedly draconic features, these being the colors and scales and temperaments of their Dragon cousins. They were named Drayches, and that was what they became.

The first to rise were those from the blood of the Common Welsh Green Dragon, and these were declared the Ruling Clan. They all bore skin, hair, and scales in different shades of green, and often their eyes followed suit. The next to rise were those from the blood of the Hebridean Black Dragon, with their deep black skin, obsidian scales, black, jagged hair that formed a spike-like style, and their eyes always coming in a shade of some sort of red or purple. It was safe to say that tensions swiftly rose between the two Clans.

The Swedish Short-Snout Clan rose next, with its members baring silvery-blue scales, pale blue or silver-tinged skin, hair leaning either way, and small horns curling up from the middle of their foreheads. And, soon after them, rose the Chinese Fireball Clan, with its members carrying the beautiful scarlet scales of their cousins, and golden blond hair that swirled around their heads in a curly mess, and their tolerance for mostly everyone with a few exceptions.

The Peruvian Vipertooth Clan came next, with their shrewd, copper-scaled members, who held deeply tanned golden skin and black hair, with two sharp black horns spiraling back out from their temples and a venomous bite that could spell an excruciating death for any who irked them. They were, though, small in number due to a difficulty in their ability to reproduce, a small flaw that was what allowed them to keep their venomous bite, and were soon pushed to the side with the arrival of the Antipodean Opaleye Clan, who flew far from the Pacific Islands and spoke in fascinating languages. Their skin was like white alabaster, their scales small, luminescent pearls, their hair platinum blond, and their eyes pupil-less, multifaceted arrays of ever-shifting color, like prisms of light caught and held tightly within their skulls. They were, without a doubt, the most beautiful of the Drayches.

Slipping from behind the Opaleye's grand entrance came four breeds all together, much fiercer but less elegantly made then the previous Drayches, and these four became Vassal's to the leading four Royal Lines. The Hungarian Horntails, with their rough brown skin, spiky black hair, large wings, and dangerously spiked tail became Vassals to the Welsh Green Line. The Norwegian Ridgebacks, with their deep brown skin, black ridges, venomous bite, and mildly aggressive attitude became Vassals for the Hebridean Black Line. The Romanian Longhorns, with their dark green skin, curving gold horns, and large, bulky bodies became Vassals to the Swedish Short-Snout Clan. And finally, the Ukrainian Ironbelly, with their dark red eyes, silver-gray skin and scales, and who were much, much larger than any of the other Drayches, became the Vassals to the Chinese Fireball Clan.

Of course, this was long before their Dragon cousins even bore these names, and so the Clans named themselves. The Welsh Green became the Fflamddwyn. The Hebridean Blacks became the Brandubh. The Short-Snouts were the Einar. The Fireballs became the He-ping. The Vipertooths named themselves the Marquez. The Opaleyes had decided on the name Alohanani. And the Vassal Branches also named their Clans, the Horntails becoming the Maks, the Ridgebacks becoming the Halvard, the Longhorns becoming the Streiter, and, finally, the Ironbellies becoming the Kostyantyn.

Carrying their names, in many different languages, the ten Drayche breeds settled into their territories in the Wilde, and set about ruling their small kingdoms and lands, making contracts with one another, fighting feuds, and, once or twice a year, gathering on Neutral Ground for a Ball, where all the eligible Drayches would get the chance to meet all the prospective Mates, safely mock rivals, and make political deals without having to worry about someone spitting a fireball in anyone's face.

This continued for many years, until, that is, Magic finally decided it was time to have more than one Wielder at a time, and blessed the land with the first and most powerful of her magical, human children, the Wizards, who, being Neutral in nature, naturally leaned towards either the Light or Dark side of Her Gift. And so, Merlin stepped into the world as the very first Lord of Light, and, standing opposite of him, Morgana stepped out of the shadows as the Lady of Dark, two sides of the Magical Coin, and they found a temporary truce between themselves when it came to the Drayches. For here were beings that had been around and had learned long ago how to harness their magic to its fullest extent and, thanks to the blood that flowed through their veins, the scales that decorated their skins, Wizarding Magic was nigh useless against them except in large, strong quantities, or when dealing with their blood directly, as that held properties within that made it especially susceptible to magic.

The Lord of Light and the Lady of Dark approached the current King of the Drayches with a proposal, hoping to stop any and all conflicts between their races before they could even begin. Interested in this concept, the Drayche King agreed to negotiate, and the three of them began to create what would forever be known as the Treaty of Síochána (Peace). Within the Treaty, it was agreed that the two races would never seek to pull the other into their affairs, be they wars, feuds, political or personal problems, or anything else. As such, they could not ask for assistance in any way, shape, or form, as this could constitute a breaking of the Treaty, which, they had agreed (two against one, with Merlin being out-voted) that the culprit who ever did so would immediately be handed over to the opposite, "injured", party as punishment, and they could do as they thought best. This, they decided, would keep any later Dark Lords or Light Lords from attempting to garner them as allies in their squabbles, and would also keep the Drayche Kings own subjects from seeking out Wizarding assistance in their political shadow games against one another, and himself.

They also placed within the Treaty a section dealing with the Drayches cousins, the Dragons, whose form they had learned the ability to take. It was Morgana who suggested Magically protected Reserves in deserted areas where Wilde Magic was strong and would feed any Wards that were placed. And it was Merlin who suggested a specialized sort of Wizard, who trained and studied for the task, to be allowed to take on the roll as Caretaker for the more feral, less intelligent creatures. And it was King Balendin Fflamddwyn that placed the stipulation that every such Wizard should sign a Magical contract, stating that they would not speak, mention, nor give any indication in any way, shape or form, as to any meeting with any Drayches who visited their Draconic cousins, nor any information that that Wizard might glen from a sighting of any such Drayche, and that the signing of the Contract was to be mandatory. As a consolation for this, seemingly severe, protection of his race's secrecy, King Balendin agreed that any Dragon who died of natural causes, or gave indication before death of consent, could have its precious organs and other body parts removed for spell- and potion-work.

A section was also made that, should inter-species Mating occur, any child that results will immediately belong to the mother, unless she revoked her claim, or until the child came to the age of fourteen, when the father could then gain custody of the teen. Merlin was, again, outvoted by the other two on this, and agreed to it only with the stipulation that the mother had to inform the child of their fathers nature and existence, and that the father had to allow the child the choice of whether or not to leave their mother. Morgana was, surprisingly, the one to be reluctant about this condition, but grudgingly agreed when King Balendin did so with a pleased expression.

Finally, the three beings picked up a blood quill, and signed the Treaty, and, in doing so, signed it for all those under their jurisdiction. All Light Wizards and Witches, all Dark Wizards and Witches, and, since the two Governing Powers signed together during a truce, and Neutral Wizards and Witches as well, were immediately bound by the Treaty. As the first of his kind, and most powerful, and as King of the Drayches, King Balendin's signature assured the obedience of the Treaty in all Drayches living and yet to come.

And so, the three went their separate ways, each carrying a copy of the Treaty of Síochána, to be placed in a place of importance, where all those of their ilk could read its conditions and agreements and know just what they could and could not do.

Centuries passed, and there were those who dared to challenge the Treaty, both Wizards and Drayches alike. And all of them were dealt with accordingly. The Drayches grew and shrank in number depending on just how bad their feuds and squabbles got, and a few Clans split into smaller groups. A small group of the Fflamddwyn Clan, who did not find Royal Life agreeing with them, split off to live as the Onllwyn Clan, pampered but without much responsibility. A group of the He-ping Clan, who did not agree with arranged marriages, took themselves away to become the Yun Clan, and marry whomever they liked (to both the delight and anger of several other Clans). And, as these splits were made, the youngest Drayche breed of all finally rose up, a breed that was much like that of the Vassal's, but held with them the elegance and intelligence of the Royal breeds.

These were the Drayches raised from the blood of the Portuguese Long-Snout Dragon. They bore their Draconic cousins pale green scales, with lightly tanned skin, and totally black eyes that lacked the white sclera and held no pupil that could be seen. Two curving, ivory horns rose from their temples, thick but short, and short, curly black hair was their average, though one or two had been spotted with a lighter brown. They settled themselves in as the Ricardo Clan, and were, in essence, the Clan to go to if you wanted a neutral party involved. They weren't interested in any of the older Royals problems, but weren't afraid to straight out tell another Clan that they were being stupid if the situation called for it. They were also willing to harbor other Drayches in their territory for however long it took for their issues to be resolved.

A few more centuries passed, and the world evolved, Drayches and Wizards sliding farther into the shadows to wage their personal wars against their own species, while the Muggles, those poor humans without Magic's Gift, remained blissfully unaware. And the Treaty kept the two Magical Species from eradicating one another, unchallenged in any major way.

Until the year nineteen-eighty, when the Lord of Light Albus Dumbledore made a choice that would shake both species to the very core.

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