Us Against The World

Chapter 1: What Are Friends For? Man Stealing

Kagome stared at her dinner as she replayed what had happened only a few hours before.

4 Hours Earlier

"Inuyasha I need to go home for supplies." Kagome said preparing for a verbal fight. "Whatever wench, just stay the night. I'll come get you sometime tomorrow." He said. "I don't...Wait what?" Kagome asked thinking she didn't hear him right. "I said go spend time with your family." He said. At that moment Kagome didn't care how weird he was being, she was just excited to spend some time with her family. "Thank you Inuyasha." She beamed. "Yea, yea wench. Now go before I change my mind." He smirked. Kagome grabbed her bag and turned to Sango. "Can I borrow Kirara?" She asked. "Uh...Sure." Sango said. "Alrighty then, come on Kirara." Kagome smiled. Kirara then transformed and Kagome got on. "Alright, lets get going." She said to the fire neko. Kirara roared and took to the skies. it only took about ten minutes to get to the well and once there she climbed off and then proceeded to dig through her pack. She then pulled out some cat treats and gave Kirara some. Kirara then purred and licked Kagome. "You're welcome, no go on back to the group." She smiled as she watched Kirara turned and take to the skies. Kagome then turned to the well and jumped in.

Present Time

"Kagome, what's wrong?" her mother asked taking her out of her thoughts. "Oh nothing really." Kagome lied. "Dear I can tell when something is on your mind." her mom smiled. "Well, I'm confused and also a bit curious." She said. "About?" she asked. "Inuyasha let me come home and I didn't have to sit him either." Kagome said. "So what, is that unusual?" Souta asked. "Yes it is unusual. Usually he tells me no and I have to sit him until he says yes." She said.
'Maybe he is hiding something." Her mother stated. "How so you know mom?" Kagome asked. Ms. Higarashi sighed. "Because your father pulled the same thing on me. Many times I would have to yell at him to let me do something and it became a usual thing. But then one day he just up and said I could do what ever I wanted, and that's when I caught him cheating with one of his clients. This was right after Sota was born so I told him I wanted a divorce and wanted custody of both of you. He gladly gave up his parental rights to go with his younger lover." She confessed. "Wow mom, then why did you tell us dad was dead?" Souta asked. "Because it was just easier at the time and I didn't want you to go looking for him and then be devastated that he didn't want anything to do with you." She said. "It's ok mom we understand. So you think Inuyasha's hiding something?" Kagome asked. "What does your gut tell you?" Her mother asked. "It tells me something is going on and I need to find out what." She said. "Then go, and Kagome?" Her mother asked. Kagome looked at her mother, "If whatever you find out hurts, just know that it just wasn't meant to be and there is someone better for you." She smiled. Kagome nodded and went to restock her black back pack seeing as the yellow one fell apart ages ago.
Back on the other side of the well Sesshomaru watched for any sign Kagome would return. When he felt she wouldn't he left to continue his patrol before coming back to continue his silent protection.
Yes for four years Sesshomaru has protected Kagome from the shadows. After the first battle with Inuyasha his respect heightened for her. She was the only human to ever stand up against him even though she knew he could kill her. Then as time passed he began to have these weird feelings that he'd never had before. When he spoke to the general of his army who was also his best friend, he had told Sesshomaru that he was in love.
He couldn't believe it, he the mighty Sesshomaru Tashio was in love with a human. Over time as he continued to follow the group he had found out that she was a very powerful miko. After he had found that out it didn't matter that she was human, because being a miko with her kind of power would give her the ability to bare full blooded pups. Realization then hit, 'So that's why the wolf prince doesn't care she's human.' He thought. He smirked, 'He shall not have her, but I must plan this very carefully. I know she still holds feelings for my bastard half brother. This matter needs to be thought on more.' He thought.
Then it was a short time later he found himself protecting her when his brother went off to tryst with the dead miko. Sesshomaru wrinkled his nose at that thought. He just couldn't wrap his mind around choosing a dead being over a beautiful live one. but things got even more interesting when Sesshomaru witnessed Inuyasha mating the slayer. 'So the bastard is cheating on both the dead miko and the live one. This will play out well for me. Now to expose the half breed and his bitch.' He thought before walking away.
That had been a week ago and he was still planning how to expose Inuyasha. Sesshomaru continued to search for any dangers so that when Kagome did come back she would be safe, but Sesshomaru forgot that Inuyasha could pose a danger to her as well.
After Kagome was done packing she kissed her mom good-bye and headed to the well. Once inside the ancient well house she sat on the edge of the well and jumped in letting the blue light consume her. Once on the other side she climbed the vines and jumped out of the well. 'I need to remember to put a ladder down here.' She thought wiping sweat from her forehead.
Kagome then proceeded to walk in the direction Edo was in. About half way there Kagome heard moaning. At first she thought it might be an animal but as she began to walk again the moan came louder and it indeed was human. Thinking someone might be hurt she raced into the dark woods, but what Kagome found was no wounded human. Kagome saw Inuyasha on top of the one person she didn't expect in a million years. Frozen in disbelief and heart break she watched in morbid fascination as Inuyasha slammed into Sango who moaned loudly. Finally formulating words Kagome opened her mouth, "How could you both?" She asked with tears.
Inuyasha whipped around at hearing an intruder, his eyes red and stared at Kagome. "You interrupted my mate and I, I shall kill you!" He hissed as his voice cracked. Kagome was rooted to her spot until Inuyasha's claws swiped at her. She then turned and ran. As she ran she prayed to the Kami that she wouldn't fall. Kagome had no idea which way she was running. It was pitch black and she couldn't see where she was going. Kagome then felt Inuyasha swipe at her back but just succeeding in shredding her back pack. "Sit!" She screamed as fear consumed her. She heard Inuyasha plunge to the ground, so she kept running. But the sit command didn't keep him down for long. Inuyasha soon caught up to her and lashed out. Kagome screamed in pain as she felt the siring pain of flesh being ripped apart.
Looking ahead Kagome saw an opening and ran. Her vision was becoming blurred quickly from loss of blood, but she pushed forward. Once out of the woods Kagome quickly skidded to a halt. There was no where to go, because in front of her was a raging waterfall. When Kagome looked down it had to be at least 50 feet down. When Kagome turned she came face to face with a feral lust crazed half demon. "I..Inuyasha S...Stop!" Kagome cried. "Kill threat." He snarled. "I'm not a threat!" Kagome said.
Before Kagome could blink she had the wind knocked out of her by Inuyasha punching her in the stomach. He then slashed her chest leaving another four gaping wounds. Kagome cried and curled into a ball, but Inuyasha's beast wanted her to die. Inuyasha then picked her up and slammed her up against a tree and hearing a nice crack he smiled evilly. He then threw her to the forest floor near the edge of the cliff. Kagome was barley conscious as she saw Inuyasha walked over and use his foot to push her over the edge. Kagome plunged exactly 55 feet into cold rapid moving water.
Satisfied with what he had done the naked half demon walked back to his waiting mate. Once back Sango was frantic, "Inuyasha, snap out of it!" Sango said shaking Inuyasha. Finally Inuyasha came to his senses. "Hu, what happened?" He asked. "You attacked Kagome. She caught us mating." She said blushing. "I...did what?" He asked frantically. "Look at your claws." She said. Inuyasha looked down and saw they were caked in drying blood. "No...It was my beast." He said. "We need to go find her." Sango said. Inuyasha nodded and they both dressed and left hurriedly following Kagome's blood scent.
Sesshomaru had just finished patrolling the area when a familiar scent hit his nose. "Kagome's blood?" He thought out loud. Then his brother's scent came along as well. That spurred him to follow Kagome's scent. 'I swear if that whelp so much as touched her I'll kill him.' Sesshomaru thought.
Once to the place Kagome's blood scent was strongest he looked around to find nothing. He couldn't see Kagome anywhere. As he scanned the area his eyes caught something by the edge of the cliff. He walked over to the cliffs edge to see blood smears indicating that she was pushed off the cliff.
Sesshomaru growled, 'The whelp will die for this later, but I must find her.' He thought as he formed his silver cloud and descended down to the raging waters below. As he neared the bottom his heart hammered as he saw a blood sauntered piece of Kagome's uniform caught on a sharp rock. He picked it up and looked around, "Kagome!" he called out. Nothing, 'It was worth the try.' He thought and continued downstream.
Kagome's beaten, battered and unconscious form floated down river a good 4 miles before it washed along a river bank. A few village kids were playing when one of them spotted her. "Hey guys come quick!" a little girl yelled. "What is it Mitzuki?" A boy asked. "It's a young woman." The little girl said. The boy then walked close to Kagome, careful as not to injure her further. "Be careful Jiro." Mitzuki said. "Miss are you ok?" Jiro asked lightly shaking Kagome. No response. "Mitzuki go to the village and get help." Jiro said seriously. The young girl nodded and took the two other boys who had been watching.
About 5 minutes later 5 village men ran up, "What happened to the young lass?" One of the villagers asked. "We don't know, we found her this way." Mitzuki said. The village men nodded and carefully picked her up and went back to the village. Once in the village they had their best doctor come and take a look at her. When the doctor walked in he gasped. "What is it doctor?" A woman asked."Do you know who this young woman is?" The doctor asked. The woman shook her head. "This is the Shikon Miko. Looks like someone intended on killing her. I'll see what I can do for her." The doctor said. "Please do doctor, we can't let the Shikon Miko die." The woman said. The doctor nodded and set to work.
Back with Sango and Inuyasha they had arrived at the place Inuyasha attacked Kagome. "Shit she's not here. Where is she, do you think she got up?" Inuyasha asked panicked. "Impossible, she's lost too much blood and you said her blood scent ended here. Keep looking." Sango said. "As they searched they found nothing until Sango found the blood smear that indicated she was pushed over the cliff. Sango gasped and Inuyasha turned to her. "What?" He asked. "You pushed her off the cliff?" She yelled in anger. "I...I didn't mean to! It was my beast!" he defended. "What are we going to tell the others?" Sango asked. "We'll tell them she decided to stay home for good." Inuyasha said seriously. "What, you want to lie to the others?" Sango asked disbelief clear in her voice. "Do you really want everyone trying to kill us because of my mistake? We need the others to help find the shards and defeat Naraku." Inuyasha said. Sango sighed knowing he was right. "You're right, lets go." She said sadly. Inuyasha felt horrible because he knew it was his fault Kagome was gone.
Shippo was devastated and cried gut wrenching sobs. He couldn't lose another parent. "Why. she promised to always be there!" He wailed. "Shut up runt, she said she just wanted her normal life back and she didn't want anything to do with us ever again. So get used to it. She's never coming back." Inuyasha huffed. Both Keade and Miroku looked at each other; they knew Kagome would never turn her back on her duty as the Shikon Miko. 'Sango and Inuyasha are hiding something.' Miroku thought. "Why would Kagome just suddenly decide to go home for good? That doesn't sound like her at all." Miroku said. "Miroku is right, this is out of Kagome's character, are ye sure that was the real Kagome and not an imposter?" Keade asked. "It was her, for cryin out loud get off my back about it. I relayed the message." Inuyasha barked. After hearing that outburst both Keade and Miroku decided to drop the issue.
Back with Sesshomaru, he followed the faint scent of Kagome that still lingered after her body floated passed. Finally her got to a small river bank where her scent became strong again. Sesshomaru scanned the area and saw a small village. 'She's here, now to reclaim her body.' he thought thinking she was dead.
When Sesshomaru entered the village the doctor stepped out of the hut. Sesshomaru immediately smelled Kagome. "You there, is the miko in the hut?" Sesshomaru asked. The doctor looked up, "Oh good afternoon Lord Sesshomaru. Yes the miko is in the hut." He said. "And her condition?" He asked. "Not good my lord. Just from the check I could do she's got 4 broken ribs, broken collar bone on her right shoulder, a broken jaw. and a fractured left ankle. I can not tell if she has internal bleeding or head trauma. Her body remains in a coma though. I also stitched up the wounds on her chest and back." The doctor said. "Can I take her with me now?" Sesshomaru asked. "I suppose, but you need to be very careful so as not to further injure her more." The doctor said. "Bring her to me." Sesshomaru said. the doctor nodded and went and had one of the village men bring her out.
Sesshomaru formed his demon cloud, "Put her on my cloud." He said. So that's where the villager placed her. "Be well me lord and good luck." He said. Sesshomaru nodded and took off to the Western Lands.