Chapter 6: Grieving Raging Hearts

The next day Kagome awoke in her room at the palace. 'How'd I get here?' She thought. She then got up and dressed in a purple kimono with pink sakura blossoms. When Kagome checked her hair she noticed her temporary crescent moon was fading. 'That will have to be fixed.' Kagome thought and then left her room and down to the dining hall where everyone else was.

When Kagome entered the dining hall everyone stopped talking and looked at her. Sesshomaru stood as she walked to him. Once seated to his left he then sat down. "Kagome, look at me." Sesshomaru said gently.

Kagome lifted her golden gaze to meet his. "What happened to your brother wasn't your fault. You know that right?" He asked.

"If I had gotten here faster." She whispered as tears flowed down her cheeks. Sesshomaru hugged her. "Mama, are you ok?" Shippo asked. "No mama is really sad. She lost her brother yesterday." She said trying to dry her tears. Shippo then got down from the table and walked to Kagome. He then jumped on her lap and hugged her. "I'm sorry mama." He whispered. "It's ok." She said hugging him back. After he was done he went back to his seat next to Rin.

Kagome looked up and noticed everyone else staring at her. "Ok mom explain to my real heritage." Kagome said. "Well, you were born here about 650 years ago, Sesshomaru was about 500 years old when you were born. This man here is your real father. His name is Ikazu Shida. He is an Inuyoukai just like Sesshomaru. He's also Lord of the Northern lands. I am also Inuyoukai, your grandfather and I put concealing spells on you kids when we were sent back in time." She said.

"So this demon is Souta and I's father? Why did we go to the future?" Kagome asked. "Your father knew it was a time portal and sent us all through the well during the great battle." She explained.

"Did you try and go back?" Kagome asked. "Yes many times but it wouldn't let us back through. So I had prayed your father wasn't killed. Then when you turned 15 and started traveling I tried the well again but no luck. For some reason it ley us come through when Inuyasha pulled us through." She explained. "What about the other man I remember you married, the one I thought was Souta's dad?" Kagome asked. "He was only a boyfriend we never married. I am sorry we lied to you, it was only to keep you safe. I hope you can forgive us." Her mother said sadly.

"I forgive you. When is Souta's funeral?" She asked. "This evening at dusk." Sesshomaru said. "Alright." She said getting up. "Where are you going?" Her mother asked. "To spar with my best friend." She said walking out of the dining hall.

"Why didn't you say anything to Kagome?" Suki asked her mate. "It was not the right time. She is grieving her brother and just found out I am her father. It's a lot to take in all at once. If anyone pushes her too much she will withdraw away from all of us." He said. "Indeed, I shall try and ease her mind later." Sesshomaru said.

"That reminds me, I heard you are Kagome's intended, is this true?" Ikazu asked. "Yes." Sesshomaru said. "Do you love her?" Ikazu asked. "Of course." He said.

"Dear I have already covered the bases." Suki said. "Oh ok then, congratulations Sesshomaru." He said. "Thank you." Sesshomaru said.

Out in The Dojo

Kagome fought hard and Kyla could tell something was wrong seeing as she was hitting hard. Kyla ducked as Kagome attempted a round house kick to her head. "Damn Kagome, calm down." Kyla said avoiding a punch to her chest. Kagome then stopped and panted, "I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" She asked. "I'll have a couple of bruises in the morning but nothing that won't heal. What's got you so upset?" Kyla asked.

"Inuyasha and Sango killed my brother yesterday." Kagome said trying to keep from crying. Kyla walked over and pulled Kagome into a hug. "Kagome, you need to let your grief out. If you hold it in it will kill you. Trust me it almost happened to me a few years back." She said. Kagome looked up, "What happened?" She asked wiping her tears away. "Naraku killed my intended and my family." She said. "Oh Kyla I am so sorry." Kagome said. "After the incident I tried to hold in my agony and grief, telling myself I needed to be strong. Finally my grief got so bad I just wandered around like a zombie. Lucky for me someone from my village found me and helped me. I finally broke down and cried for two weeks straight before beginning the rest of the grieving process." Kyla said.

"I cried so much yesterday, but when I was sparing my pain lessened." Kagome said. "Seems your grieving better sparing. Alright if that's what you want to do I won't hold back either. Is that ok?" Kyla asked. Kagome smiled, "Thanks Kyla you're the best." Kagome said. "Anything to help my best friend, now let's fight." Kyla said.

Kagome and Kyla got into their fighting stances and all at once went after each other. Within the first ten minutes Kyla landed a hard punch to Kagome's stomach winding her. Kagome then came at Kyla and managed to get a good punch to her left cheek. Kyla spit blood and a couple teeth and smiled before quickly whipping her leg around and kicking Kagome on the right side of her head. Stumbling a little Kyla punched Kagome in the nose hearing it crack. "Good shot." Kagome said touching her bloody nose. Kyla smiled, "Thanks I try." She said throwing punches at Kagome.

Kagome dodged all the punches except the one to the mouth. Kagome's lip bled and she could feel it bruising. "How about we use claw?" Kagome asked. "Fine by me." She said smiling. Kagome then lashed out and scratched Kyla's chest as she lepted out of the way. Kyla looked down, "You shredded my favorite shirt." She chuckled. Kyla then spun around and lashed out as Kagome went to kick her. Kagome winced feeling the four scratches bleeding on her leg. In a surprise attack Kyla disappeared and reappeared in front of Kagome and punched her in the right eye. "AH! You little sneak." Kagome said. "That's me." Kyla grinned. Kagome then caught Kyla and punched her really hard in the stomach. Kyla dropped to her knees trying to get her breath back.

"Do you give up?" Kagome panted. Kyla only nodded still trying to get her breath back. About 20 minutes later Kyla was breathing normally and sitting with Kagome. "That was one of the best spars I've ever had." Kyla said. "Yea me too, you put up a better fight than Sesshomaru." Kagome laughed. "I doubt that, he was probably holding back." She said taking a swig of water. "Yeah, maybe. Well I better go get cleaned up. I'll catch up with you later." Kagome said. "Alright." Kyla smiled.

Kagome then walked into the palace only to run into everyone on their way to lunch. Everyone stopped and saw Kagome's bloody nose, bloody lip, and all her cuts and bruises. "My god, Kagome what happened to you, who did this?" Ikazu asked concerned. "The after math of a sparring match. I'm fine. Everything will be healed before dinner." Kagome said. "Does it not hurt?" Her mother asked. "Nope, now if you'll excuse me I need to get cleaned up. I'll meet you down here." She said turning and leaving.

Sesshomaru excused himself and followed her. Once to her room he knocked. "Enter." She said. Sesshomaru then walked in. "Are you well?" He asked. "Yes, look I am grieving a little differently. I feel better when I spar. I can't cry all the time because nothing I do will bring him back." She said sadly. "I know, I actually came up here to renew my temporary mating mark if you will let me." He said. Kagome nodded and Sesshomaru walked over and took her bloody lips to his. He kissed her hungrily and she him.

When they parted for air Sesshomaru licked his lips. "Mmm spicy but sweet." He purred in her ear. Kagome shuddered with delight. Sesshomaru then lightly kissed her neck finding the same spot he had chosen before and bit down. Kagome gasped and moaned, strangely pain turned her on. Sesshomaru smirked as he cleaned the wound. "Soon my love, soon we shall be mated." He whispered. Kagome nuzzled his neck and wrapped her arms around his waist. "When can we spend some time together? I mean romantic time?" She asked. "Just tell me when." He crooned. "Tomorrow." She said. "Tomorrow, are you sure?" he asked pulling away to look at her.

"I realized that my brother wouldn't want me mourning him, but that doesn't mean I won't. He would want me and mom to be happy." She said. Sesshomaru looked into her beautiful honey eyes and knew she needed this. "Very well, tomorrow. Now go bathe and come down for lunch." He said and kissed her. She nodded and went into the hot springs room.

Lunch went well and the rest of the day went by in a flash. Soon everyone was gathered into the garden where Souta's body was dressed in the royal northern robes and his body rested on a cement slate with fire wood. "A true funeral for a prince." Sesshomaru said.

Once everyone had gathered, Kagome walked forward and turned to face the crowd of people. Not only was it her family but a lot of the palace staff. "May I have everyone's attention?" Kagome asked. Everyone stopped talking and looked to Kagome. "Thank you, I would like to start off by saying thank you for attending my brother's funeral. My brother was a great kid, smart and handsome. At times we fought but we couldn't have been closer. So as a loving tribute I will sing his favorite song. It's called "I Will Always Love You." by Whitney Huston." Kagome said as she pulled out her ipod.

As Kagome sang everyone was amazed at how good she was. Then when the end of the song came Kagome hit every high note. Sesshomaru was impressed, her mother cried for her son and for Kagome's hurt. As the song ended a servant set the wood on fire and everyone watched the cremation. As Kagome stood, she stood tall and proud. "I love you baby brother." She whispered.

After about an hour everyone retried for the night. Once Kagome was in her room she set to meditating over her sword.

Sesshomaru went to his study to think when a light knock brought him out of his thoughts. "Enter." He said. Suki then came in and shut the door. "Lady Suki, what can I do for you?" he asked. "How is Kagome taking the loss of her brother? She's never around anyone long enough to talk to." She said. "She's grieving her way. Right now everyone needs to give her space." He said. "I see, well my mate and I are leaving for the Northern palace. Please tell Kagome in the morning and please tell her I love her." Suki said. "I shall tell her. I hope your journey is safe." He said. "Thank you." She said taking down her concealing spell.

Lady Suki had snow white hair with blue stripes, she had a blue strip adorn each cheek, a heart with a star on each side appeared on her forehead. Her eyes were the lightest shade of blue. Sesshomaru was stunned and Suki saw this. "Kagome got her looks from her father." She chuckled and walked out. Sesshomaru sighed and looked out his window.

A few moment later he sensed Rin. "Come in Rin." He said before she could knock. Rin walked in and shut the door. "Rin there is something I need to speak with you about." He said. "Ok, what is it?" She asked. "Do you know you are with child?" he asked.

Rin gasped, "W…What? I'm pregnant?" She asked as tears threatened to fall. "Yes, do you possibly know which bastard is the father?" He asked. "No." was her soft reply. "Do you wish to keep it?" he asked. "Of course, I would never get rid of my baby. But where will I go? No one will want me." She said sadly. "You can stay here, Kagome and I will help take care of the cub." Sesshomaru said. "Really, you won't mind it will be half human?" She asked. "No, you are my daughter, and you carry my grandchild." He said seeing her look up.

Rin then jumped up and hugged Sesshomaru. "Thank you, can I call you dad?" She asked. "You may." He smiled. "Wait can I call you that when important people are here?" She asked. "Yes, I have officially adopted you as my daughter. Here is the document." He said showing her the paper. Rin beamed and hugged Sesshomaru. "Thank you dad." She smiled trying out the new name. "You are welcome, now go get some rest." He said. She smiled and nodded and left.

Sesshomaru was then left to plan his romantic day for tomorrow. He then set to the task of organizing the day so it would be special.

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