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For those who missed it, the beginning of last chapter was an April Fools day joke, but there WAS some character growth hidden at the end.

Hogwarts Shuffle! Chapter Twenty-Seven

11/8 Friday

Ginny sat gingerly in her seat during the last half of the last class of her week; Charms. She paid little attention to the review of packing charms, as she was entirely preoccupied with thoughts of a certain green eyed boy. Due to the apparent eradication of the previous blocks on his libido; where once he had been somewhat shy and reticent to be more physical, now he couldn't seem to get enough.

She couldn't get rid of the grin on her face, and everyone had commented on her sudden mood change. Most inquiries were easy enough to dismiss with an explanation of having a breakthrough with her OWL studies, though both Luna and especially Gabby seemed to know exactly why her mood had improved.

During the five days since he had finally taken her as his own, they had come together at least five times a day; for varying lengths of time. She felt absolutely awful for tricking Professor Sprout into giving her a midnight detention repotting the moonflowers they had been studying ... but she had needed a break!

It didn't matter how much she loved him, how much she enjoyed sex now that she had been initiated, or even how the pain made her feel extremely desirable and wanted for the hours in between. She hadn't had more than a few hours to heal between sessions; if she hadn't been able to make an excuse she worried that she would soon end up in the hospital wing for the pain and other … issues.

She loved how much he needed her now, in ways she had stopped daring to daydream about, but if this didn't settle down soon she would have to call in reinforcements. Gabrielle would be the perfect candidate considering the sleeping arrangements; unfortunately, Harry had put his foot down tuesday night when Ginny dared him to get the girl off himself; touching his "sister" was apparently off limits even if he enjoyed watching her get off. She would have to think about who else might be able to split his time with her, if for no other reason than she could sense he was dangerously close to saying those three words that would ruin everything between them.

She hadn't realized she was on autopilot; having packed up and headed for the door while her head was in the clouds. Luna and Gabby were walking with her, the former with her typical dreamy smile and the latter sporting what Ginny could only call a knowing grin as the redhead took very measured steps; wincing each time her abused pussy lips rubbed against each other. The annoying thing was being hyper aware of her aching sex actually left her horny as hell, despite the pain, and even now she could feel a tell tale trickle of arousal down the inside of her thigh.

As they turned a corner toward the stairs she heard a snicker from Gabby before feeling herself summoned into an empty classroom. Luna smiled at the surprised look on her face and called out to her before the door closed. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

-~Hogwarts Shuffle!~-

The former Ravenclaw caught the redheads return grin just before she disappeared and decided to find Neville … she had told the girl not to do anything she wouldn't do afterall; she couldn't be responsible for spoiling the girls fun.

Luna knew that her boyfriend had been helping Professor Sprout with the Seventh Year Herbology class; working in the greenhouse with heating charms and dangerous plants tended to get him dirty. Thus, she concluded that he would be headed for the tower to take a bath and headed in that direction herself ...

The blonde grinned as a plan formed.

Upon reaching the tower, she dropped her books off in her room, as well as most of her uniform, before making the short trek to the bathroom; happy to see his tile next to the door showing that the bath was currently occupied. Placing her own tile next to his, as well as her black and bronze tie on the knob to ensure anyone else would think twice before entering, She entered the bathing room, happy to find that Neville was still showering off. He froze in the act of dumping a bucket of water over his head when he heard the door click, and found himself unable to look away from the vision that was his girlfriend wearing only a smile.


Without speaking, she approached him with a sway to her hips; which caused his eyes to bounce along with each step. He began to ask her what she was doing, when she silenced him with a finger across his lips, followed by a tender kiss.

"Just relax love." She whispered soothingly.

Taking the bucket from his hands, she filled it with warm water and added her own herbal shampoo to it; enough to form a thick, luxurious foam of bubbles. While removing the towel from his lap she was happy to see she was already having an affect on him.

After folding the towel, she dipped it in the water and brought the suds up to his shoulders, beginning to wash him, as soapy rivulets ran down his body and caused goosebumps to appear on the rest of his body. Once he was thoroughly slicked, she brought the towel to her own chest and wrung it out until she too was covered in bubbles.

She could sense his nervousness still, even after she had shared herself with him, and it brought a smile to her face to know that she had lost none of that power to leave him a stuttering and turned on mess. It was now time for phase two.

Pressing her chest against his back caused the wizard to inhale sharply, only to be further aroused as she began using her breasts to wash him; enjoying the feeling of soft, wet skin against her fully erect nipples. Grasping a hand, she ran his arm between the soft globes to wash away what remained of the dirt and grime from his last class, repeating the gesture with the other, but not allowing him to touch her with his hands.

She could hear how ragged his breathing was getting, and spreading her own towel on the floor, she drew him down to the covered tiles so that he was laying flat. She then grabbed the towel and made his front ready for the same treatment. Sitting across his thighs, so that there was no danger of penetration, she began washing his chest in the same way; with her breasts being the only cleaning tool. Sliding down his legs caused a thrill to run through her own body, especially as she glided over his knees. Now using her entire body to wash his.

Not content to simply get him all slippery, she decided to use her own natural brush to clean his stomach and chest; flipping around so that he got a wonderful view of her engorged pussy and soapy backside. Bracing herself with her hands on either side of his knees, she drew her pubic hair along his chest down to his stomach, then back again; incidentally sliding his raging hardon along her stomach and between her breasts.

"Lu-Luna, if you don't stop I'm going to … umm …"

She put her toes on the towel and arched her back up to look at him between her breasts; enjoying the wide eyed look he gave in return. "We can't have that now can we."

His growl in response was music to her ears as she resumed her "washing".

His hands came up to her hips and he tried to pull her toward his mouth; only for her to smack his hands and grin at him again over her shoulder. "Plenty of time for that later. Right now we need to get clean, then we can get dirty again."

-~Hogwarts Shuffle!~-

Sia walked randomly around the halls of Hogwarts, searching for a certain green-eyed wizard.

He disappeared from their last class of the day, Transfiguration, before either she or Professor McGonagall could catch him. It had now been two hours since his disappearance and she was beginning to feel more than a bit put out.

Oh sure, he had shown up to lunch with Ginny and they'd had a more than pleasant conversation, but then he'd disappeared again to go train, or study, or who knew what else! It wasn't that she felt she had the right to monopolize his time, or even that he had to justify his schedule to her. It was just … frustrating!

She'd been trying to get time with him for nearly a week now, since their last encounter has pushed so many boundaries she was looking forward to exploring more of that side of her, as well as what logically would happen next. She was willing to give herself to him on that Sunday, but he had come to bed only too happy to just "cuddle". Not that Sia had any issues with cuddling, all for it even, but had expected at least a bit of hanky panky first.

It was written off as him having a long weekend following his relatively disastrous date with Nerine on Halloween. However, she'd begun to notice the odd changes in both Harry and Ginny. The younger girl was overly happy, which was not necessarily unusual since she herself was often observed to be the same way. The problem was that on Saturday morning the redhead had seemed extremely depressed and this mood swing was a bit worrying.

Sia accepted the cuddling night as a happy and gentle experience, which was wonderful in and of itself, but she had finally worked up enough courage to push herself in her relationship with Harry; she was not going to be denied satisfaction again the next night … or so she thought.

When Wednesday had come around and it was her night with him again ... he had actually fallen asleep! She'd gotten him into the bed, even convinced him to sleep in just his boxers, then as she was petting his stomach, and trying to arouse him, he passed out! Whatever his new exercise program was, it was putting a serious dent in her relationship plans; it was not like she hadn't been happy enough taking care of her own … issues … before now, but after making this huge decision to move forward with him physically it was killing her to have him there with her and unable to do anything about it.

She was walking past the charms classroom when she felt something "off" about one wall, and went to investigate. As she approached, she felt the signs of a notice-me-not charm and a curious shadow on the floor, which was not being cast by anything she could see. Walking one way, she found nothing odd, but walking around the other side she found Gabby sitting on the floor halfway underneath Harry's invisibility cloak. Notebook in hand, lollipop in her mouth, and a perverted smile on her face.

"What are you doing, Gabby?" Sia asked the girl; only to be forcefully dragged down to the ground and the cloak draped over her shoulders as well.

Upon reaching floor level, she noticed that a section of the door the girl was facing had been made transparent, and inside … INSIDE!

"GABBY! What are you doing!?"

-~Hogwarts Shuffle~-

Neville was so worked up from his impromptu bathing, that he barely even noticed he had just followed Luna back to their room without putting his clothes back on. Luckily, by the time he realized it, the door was closing behind him, and he was almost positive nobody else had been in the tower.

His eyes followed the hips of the vision before him, as she walked toward the bed, and his heart was beating so hard that his erection was bouncing in time to his pulse. The girl looked back at him over her shoulder, smiling that damnable smile she knew drove him crazy, before dropping their clothes 'accidentally'. Bending over slowly to retrieve them and exposing her weeping sex.

After all the teasing he'd endured in the bath ... something inside him broke.

With a growl, he stepped forward, pushing her onto the bed before sheathing himself inside her in one fluid motion; getting the most wonderful noise from her as he did so. Normally, he made love to his girlfriend. This time, however, he was being driven by an overabundance of desire, and a hot burning need that forced his body into action.

He began driving into her with long, powerful strokes; each one getting a surprised and steadily louder squeak from his lover as he pushed deeper into her waiting body. The squeaks became moans as he plundered her depths, and the moans became a scream as she began to cum; her insides tightening around him as they tried to coax him deeper. Soon, he was knocking against her womb, and with a shout, he cried out his own release as he painted her insides white.

Now getting lightheaded, he withdrew from her and collapsed onto the bed, drawing her up beside him into an embrace; simply marveling once more at the fact that this vision of beauty had chosen him for a lover. His breathing began to slow and his eyelids became heavy, but he was awoken by her soft kiss on his lips; which he returned with fervor. Pulling back he looked into her expressive grey eyes, and matched the smile he saw there.

"So what brought this on? Normally, you wait until bedtime."

Luna's grin got bigger, "Why do I need an excuse to have my boyfriend ravish me?"

He knew misdirection when he heard it and his eyes narrowed playfully, "Lu …"

She kissed him again and snuggled into his shoulder, "Harry and Ginny have finally discovered the joys of sex, and he's been kidnapping her all week to have his dastardly way with her. I figured it was my turn, besides," she said with a perverted smirk, "I told Ginny not to do anything I wouldn't do. I thought that I should try a few things so as not to deprive her of new experiences."

He was frowning a bit now, "Kidnapping?"

Luna stretched slightly, placing her leg over his hips; "At least twice a day between classes; probably a lot more at meal times."

A disconcerting feeling began to wash over him as he felt his manhood was being questioned, "Do you … expect me to do that? Multiple times a day?"

Her knee hooked his semi-erect cock and squeezed gently, "There are plenty of things I'd like you to do, but I do not expect you to do anything."

He frowned at the thought he wasn't pleasing her in all the ways she wanted, "What kind of things would you like me to do then?"

She began circling one of his nipples with her fingertips until it hardened, then moved to the other one, "Well …" She looked up at him a bit shyly, "I really liked it when you took me just now without asking … I wouldn't mind if you did that more often."

His cock twitched and began to harden again, "I think I could probably do that."

"And .." she began again; looking away from him, "I would like it if we could be a bit more rough than that …"

Neville regarded her for a long moment, "What do you mean by rough?"

She smiled and bounced up off the bed to her nightstand and opened the drawer, she pulled out a riding crop and his eyes went wide, "I-Is that for me?"

She tilted her head to one side as she contemplated the question, "I suppose if you want me to, but I thought you might use it to spank me instead."

His manhood stood to full attention at that idea and she giggled, "Oh goody, I see someone else likes the idea too!"

-~Hogwarts Shuffle~-

"GABBY! What are you doing!?"

Gabby looked curiously back at the girl and put a finger to her lips with a small smile, "Research."

She turned back to the scene in the classroom before her, where Harry currently had Ginny on her knees, thus did not see the play of emotions on the princesses face.

Sia appeared to struggle for a moment before she managed to rip her eyes away from the scene beyond, "What do you mean, 'Research'?"

Gabby wrote something in her notebook with a low chuckle, "I'm researching situations for my manga."

Focusing again on the action in the classroom, the blonde mimicked Ginny's actions with her tongue, using her lolipop as a substitute in order to gage the technique. Noticing Sia observing her, the smaller girl tilted her head, before pulling the candy from her mouth and offering it to the older girl. "Do you want to taste Harry's lollipop?"

"What?!" Sia exclaimed.

"Loud!" Gabby whispered a warning, "I wanted to hear them, but don't know a one way sound barrier."

"Sorry." The older girl whispered back; apparently drawn into the action despite herself.

"So? Do you want Harry's lollipop? He had a candy stash in Ginny's room." The blonde was a bit disappointed that the other didn't appreciate her perverted humor. She'd have to try harder.

"Um, no thank you …"

Gabby nodded and began swirling her tongue around the sugary sweet once more. "Oh, here comes the good part!"

Harry's voice called out to the girl that he was going to cum; gaining the attention of both observers. Gabby watched from the corner of her eye as she noticed the princess was rubbing her thighs together. Wondering why for a moment, until she tried rubbing her own thighs together and realized just how wet she had become during her research. She put a hand under her skirt, touching herself and disregarding the fact that Sia was watching, as she tried to remember the way Ginny moved her fingers. Sia's focus shifted downward, and Gabby found herself enjoying the way the girls eyes widened, before she quickly looked away and back to the scene in front of her. Gabby looked back as well, wondering if Harry would let her touch him like that, and felt the stirring of pleasure begin to build outwards from her pelvis; biting her lip and shaking slightly as she found silent release. Sia's legs stilled as a shiver passed through her as well, and Gabby grinned to herself at the shared moment.

As they watched on, Harry's seed began to cover Ginny's face and chest causing a pang of longing to course through both girls, and Gabby knew the sudden look on Sia's face was matched by her own.

Her fingers continued their small movements until another wave of sensation washed through the blonde, she shivered and slowly stilled. It was nowhere near as nice as when Ginny did it; still a release though. The girl beside her appeared to be looking anywhere, but at her; either in shame or in shyness. She figured that the Ember of Heaven wanted to appear ignorant of what they were doing together; so quietly played along.

"Isn't … Isn't this wrong? Spying on them?" Sia finally asked.

As an apparently blissful Ginny was being bent over the teachers desk; Gabby shook her head and made another note after wiping her fingers on her skirt, "Not spying, research."

"But we shouldn't be watching them!" The girl replied

"They let me watch the first time."

Sia was shocked silent for a moment, before her focus drifted back to the happenings of the classroom. Ginny was moaning rather loudly, especially considering they had only just begun.

"Is …" She licked her suddenly dry lips, even as Gabby noticed the girls hand drift up her leg without her realizing it. "Is she always so loud?"

Gabby chuckled again, mimicking one of her favorite lolita style characters, "Ku ku ku. She's only been this loud for a few days; the first night, and the next day, she was able to stay quiet. Either Harry is getting better ... or Ginny is getting worse."

She wrote that down for later use, pretending to not see the hand as it disappear beneath the fabric of Sia's skirt even as her own did the same.

-~Hogwarts Shuffle!~-

"Eight Count Body Builders! Twenty of them, NOW!" Eustus called out.

The boy groaned and began counting them off:

One - From Standing to Squatting position

Two - Kick the feet out into Pushup position

Three - Down into the pushup and hold it

Four - Up from the pushup and hold it

Five - Kick the feet out to either side

Six - Bring the feet back together

Seven - Hop and quickly curl feet back into Squatting position

Eight - Stand back up

"One, sir!" Harry called out before beginning again.

This was his third set of bodybuilders in the past hour. Harry had begun his physical training with either Eustus or Forbes showing up during his free periods. So far he was mostly doing calisthenics and spinning his staff around for as long as possible, but he could tell he was improving; even if it meant his arms were screaming at him after each session, and his back muscles wanted to lock up if he wasn't careful to stretch between classes. Sitting through Potions or Transfiguration lectures was especially hard on him, though just as much for the content as the tightening muscles.

"Tw- Twenty ... Sir!" He said as he completed the set; feeling like he might pass out at any moment.

"Superman Pushups! Fifty!"

Harry backed up to the wall and kicked his feet up over his head to rest his toes on the stone; he wasn't supposed to use a training aide this way, but he didn't have the balance yet to stand on his hands AND move without falling over.

"You call yourself a Soul Reaper; pitiful! Are you planning on holding that wall up all day?" Called the King of Heaven. Harry was beginning to think he was right in his initial impression that he and Forbes would fit better in the opposite roles. This man was evil!

"No, Sir! I'll get them right eventually, sir!"

"Eventually, you might be worthy of my daughter, right now you're just a maggot! Isn't that right, Maggot?"

He gritted his teeth as he tried not to lose count, "Sir … Yes … Sir!"

With that, he began to lose himself to the repetition; allowing his mind to wander.

When it came to "wizard magic" he was getting quite bored. Every lecture felt like a review as his brain began making connections as soon as the days subject was begun, and he ended up only barely listening in class; though able to answer any questions asked of him. Practical classes were just as bad, as he was always the first to get the spell and ended up helping everyone else, or worse, being asked to write another paper on his method!

"How many pushups was that, Maggot?"

Harry paused in the down position, realizing he'd lost track again; "Fifty?"

Eustus smiled sadistically and Harry cursed himself, "Fifty-two! Do it right or don't do it at all! Now start over!"

Harry growled and began again, assigning part of his mind to keep track this time. He'd lost track the previous two times as well and been made to do them over again. Eustus in drill instructor mode was a huge pain in the ass.

"I heard that!" Eustus called out.

"How the hell did you hear what I was think …" Harry realized who he was talking to and shut up to continue counting.

The king continued to smile.

His conscious thoughts turned from his current repetitions to his lack of attention in classes of late. He knew he should be trying his best, as there were several threats out there besides Voldemort that wanted a piece of Harry Potter; or one of his girls. It just seemed so … pedestrian to him now and he was seriously considering whether he needed to complete his Hogwarts education or not. Maybe the teachers would let him take his NEWTS early?

Mental Note

'You got it!'

Oh great, now I'm talking to myself again.

'At least we're good company, right''


Okay, so apparently I have a need for validation; even from myself.

'I heard that!'

I'm … not even going to respond ...

At least one part of his life finally seemed to be going correctly; namely his relationship with Ginny. After the intense Truth-or-Dare session the previous weekend, he'd finally found out what sex was supposed to be like and had a very happy, and willing, girlfriend to learn everything he could about it; and oh, was he eager to learn! Part of him felt a bit guilty about how he abused her willingness to serve his 'every need', but a much larger part seriously enjoyed the way she submitted to his wishes; as well as how much her mood had improved.

When he wasn't in class, or training, he was thinking about brown eyes, red hair, and how much fun it was to bend her over a desk … or a chair … or on a table in the common room .. or up against the glass of greenhouse three, facing the Forbidden Forest, where anyone could see her if they decided to go the long way back to the castle.

"Maggot!" Eustus shouted at him; Harry paused in the down position.

"Yes, Sir!"

"Did you get an erection because of my verbal abuse? What a sicko!"

"W-What?" He asked in confusion; eyes going wide as he looked up at the tent in his shorts. "NO, SIR!"

"Then is it because you were thinking about my daughter?" Eustus inquired; a bit more conciliatory and in a perverted tone of voice.

"NO, SIR!" Harry replied; horrified at the very thought of her father seeing him with an erection because of her.

"Why NOT!? Is my daughter not good enough for you to fantasize about?"

Harry's arms gave out and he collapsed to the floor in a pile. "No, sir!"

"She's not good enough for you!?"

"No, Sir. I mean ... Yes, Sir. I mean …" He began; confusion setting in as the blood rushed out of his head after being upside down so long.

Sia and Gabby walked into the common room just as a red faced Harry fell onto his back, cock standing proudly like a flagpole. Both of the girls were too shocked to speak, as a blush began to suffuse the first, and a grin spread across the second. The younger dragged the older over to a couch where they were out of the way, but with a great view of the shirtless and sweaty wizard.

Eustus laughed, "Do your stretches maggot, we're done for today. You have that club starting in a while, you probably want to get a shower in because you stink!"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, sir!"

Eustus shook his head and smiled down at the boy, offering him a hand up. "What's with this sir business. I told you to call me Daddy!"

Harry just rolled his eyes.

"Don't forget your stretches, and then take that shower. You really do smell a bit ripe … then again, some women like that in a man."

Harry began his cool down, and stretching routine, as the God left the room; winking at his blushing daughter.

The fledgling soul reaper paid the girls little mind as he began to stretch, attention already wandering back to images of Gin in the most provocative positions. To be fair, he thought about those things during training, a well as classes, and the greenhouse had been earlier that day after her Herbology class ... the desk in an abandoned classroom in the charms wing a few hours ago. He couldn't get enough of the girl, and she couldn't get enough of him. It was Heaven on Earth for both of them and he was nearly ready to call the whole thing off with Sia and Nerine. If only she weren't so hung up on those three little words …

Nothing he read, or had heard, could have prepared him to be the one who was falling for a girl, and for her to not want him to say it ... it was frustrating! Yes, the girl had issues, but he LIKED her issues. Her kinks suited him just fine and he'd be perfectly happy to spend the rest of his life exploring them.

At least, he was pretty sure he would be happy to …

Don't kid yourself, you know having sex has only made you think More about the others.

He finished stretching out his arms and shoulders, and proceeded to reach down for his toes; incidentally giving the girls in the corner a great view of his bum in tight shorts. Standing, he picked up his staff and sat it across his shoulders; wrapping his arms around it and twisting his back a few degrees in each direction until he felt some of the tension begin to ease.

There was still a part of him that really liked the idea of Sia and Rina; separately or even at the same time. That part had cuddled with Sia happily; without the need to push the physical relationship at all. That same part was still … uncomfortable … with anyone else paying attention to Rina. He knew he shouldn't think of her as "his" when she had asked to take a break in their courtship, but he couldn't help the urge to growl and snap at anyone who might be looking at her; let alone touching her. He knew it was wrong, so he resisted, but the urge remained.

Speak of the devil and she shall appear.

Rina stopped and stared at him for a few long moments as she entered the room. His eyes met hers and his brain locked up. A halo of blue hair framed her face beautifully and a bare hint of makeup adorned her features in just the right ways to accent her already perfect face. He enjoyed her blush, not realizing he was sporting his own, and as she walked past him to sit on the couch with Sia and Gabby he belatedly realized his erection was still standing out proudly from his exercise shorts. He forced himself not to be embarrassed; at this point there was nobody in the tower that hadn't seen him in just about every state, nor any lack of dress. There was still something erotic and embarrassing about being caught in the common room though. That was part of where the thrill came from; taking Gin over the arm of the very couch the girls were sitting on.

His mind wandered again, as he lazily poured a glass of ice water and summoned it to him from the other side of the room.

Hermione was simply frustrating; she'd done all she could to get him comfortable with her body so that it wouldn't be awkward … and then she'd gotten awkward! She barely even wanted to cuddle with him during her night, and she'd insisted on shirts and pants to sleep in. She'd even worn panties and a bra underneath her shirt and boxers! He had no clue what was going on in his sisters head, but he'd be annoyed if it weren't for Ginny and Gabrielle keeping him entertained.

Not that Gabby entertained him the same way Ginny did! He wouldn't let that happen, especially now that he saw how Hermione was reacting to boundaries being removed. The little blonde seemed happy enough with their current level of intimacy, but he would NOT be pushing those boundaries any time soon. Little sisters might be fun to look at, but Hermione had demonstrated why being too familiar was a bad thing. Siblings were just not meant to have that kind of relationship; Gabby especially, considering her fragile psyche. All Harry needed was to make a wrong step and have her climb back into her shell again. He knew how much she hated him thinking of her as a 'little girl', and he realized it wasn't even true any longer, but part of him feared that the changes he saw in her were as much wishful thinking on his part as being noticeable to everyone else. Apart from being like a sister to him, he never wanted to be accused of liking 'little girls' in that way ever again.

Don't be an idiot, have you seen the rack on her? Her boobs are bigger than Gin's now!

'Yes, but she is still so tiny everywhere else ...'

That just means she's fun sized, think of all the ways you could flip her around, and the positions you could get into! Not to mention tiny and tight go together ...

Harrys eyes bugged out a bit and he shook his head forcefully to clear it of images he'd rather not think about ... for the sake of his sanity.

Ha Ha, Sanity! Good One!

"What is everyone still doing here? DA starts in five minutes!" Hermione asked from the tower entrance; where she had been transfixed by the sight of him for the past minute.

He spluttered halfway through chugging the last half of his glass of water, "What?! I still have to shower!"

Hermione hit him with a quick drying charm, followed by an air freshening charm, "That will do for now; go get dressed!"

He grumbled on the way up to Gin's room where he knew she had set his clothes out; like always. Still feeling sticky from his workout, but thankful she had freshened him up just in case; he tended to get in close with lots of people during coaching sessions.

As he passed Luna's room the door flew open and a disheveled looking Neville stumbled out; looking to be in a daze. His hair was mussed, boxers on backwards, and not a stitch else. He had a bite mark on his shoulder and angry looking scratches down his chest. He also appeared to be holding a … riding crop?

"Harry, Help! She's gone wild!" He cried out in distress.

Harry tried not to laugh, "Well, I bet there are a lot of blokes who would kill to be in your situation mate."

"But five times in an hour?! Help!"

"I dunno, I can get five in before breakfast on a good day."

Whatever reply he was going to make was cut off as he was magically summoned back into the room and the door closed in Harry's face.

"DA in five!" He called through the door before rushing to get dressed.

Poor bastard.


For some reason the voice in his head was laughing maniacally.

-~Hogwarts Shuffle!~-

"So does everyone understand the purpose of this drill? ... We're working on speed and power for those casting the shields; as well as speed and accuracy for those casting stinging hexes. Eventually, I think we can all get to Point-casting, but for the moment we are only trying to minimize the wand movements to the point that the spell still works as intended. It is better to get the correct spell effect slowly, than the wrong one or even no spell effect, but quickly. Remember, Shields are not to be cast until you see or hear the spell from your opponent so that you get used to reacting without thinking."

Harry began walking around the Room of Requirement, observing the pairs of mock-dueling students; idly casting shields to stop errant stinging hexes when he spotted them. Where all of the students were consciously working on their shields, his were almost unconscious; at least twice he didn't remember casting a shield that saved his backside from getting a zap.

He noticed Cho seemed to be struggling with her aim and slid up behind her quietly, "Cho ..."

"Harry!" She jumped in surprise.

He smiled disarmingly at her, and she seemed to almost melt a bit, "You need to concentrate on your aim more than your power. Right now you are missing wide to the right, it doesn't matter how powerful or fast your spellwork is if you can't hit what you are aiming at."

She seemed to swallow rather hard before nodding, then turning back to her opponent with determination. He continued along the outside wall to where he could see Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott paired off. Susan was rather good with her offensive spells, as expected from someone related to the head of the DMLE, but Hannah seemed to be having trouble getting her shield up fast enough to block. He nodded to Susan, as he walked up behind Hannah and put a hand on her shoulder lightly to let her know he was there. "Hannah, I know what I said about slow being better than wrong, but you are overthinking the shield charm."

He could not see the blush spread across her face, as he slid up behind her as usual to help direct her wand arm, but Susan could. "Now, feel this along with me," He set his chin on her shoulder and spoke softly into her ear, "You are trying too hard to get the half circle correct, when what you should worry more about is where you are starting, and where you end up."

He pointed her wand down and then snapped it upwards sharply, "Willowy wands are good for charms work, but for defense a strong wand is better. That's because with defense it is more important to focus on what the … idea of the movement is; than the intricate movements you need for charms work. You could even do a full circle instead of a half circle, as long as it is still in the correct shape. Inversely, if you get it down right, you can lessen your movements to almost none by moving the fulcrum of your arc closer to the tip; rather than using the entire wand. Do you understand what I mean?"

Hannah was panting rather badly and he silently thanked Eustus for getting him into shape; he would hate to go up against an opponent, then be out of breath after casting only a few shields. Once again, his wrist directed hers and he pushed a bit of magic through her wand to snap the shield into place. "Now you try."

He nodded to Susan, who fired another stinging hex at her best friend, and as soon as the light appeared at the tip of the wand Hannah snapped her wrist sharply and the shield sprang up to stop the spell. She turned and smiled at him, face red and eyes dancing merrily; before she could say anything though, Susan butted into the conversation.

"Now me, Harry! I need help with my shields too!"

Hannah's head snapped around and she frowned at the other girl, "Back off, he was helping me!"

Susan arched an eyebrow at her friend, who frowned and tilted her head slightly. The redhead nodded slightly and tilted her head the opposite direction; causing Hannah to grin. "You can help both of us, Harry! Together! We'd be very happy if you would show us your wandwork!"

"Yes, Harry, please show us your wandwork. Maybe we should have a tutoring session later; just the three of us."

The confused teen shook his head, "Sorry, ladies, my schedule has gotten pretty full lately, but I'm happy to help you with your shield right now. Show me what you've got Susie."

As he took his place behind her, she shot a look of triumph to her annoyed blonde friend and tried to snap a shield in place as fast as she could to impress him. She was both dismayed and thrilled when he stepped into her personal space; proceeding to speak into her ear, even as his hand traveled down her arm.

"You seem to have the opposite problem from hers, you aren't moving your wand hardly at all, which is great, but that shield wouldn't stop much beyond a tickling hex." His hot breath on her ear caused her blood pressure to spike, and she found herself panting much as Hannah had been.

"W- what do I need to do to fix it?" She asked; licking her lips as she turned to look at his profile.

His hand wrapped around hers and she nearly dropped her wand, "For starters, you need to hold on to your wand a little tighter, anyone could summon it with a low powered charm, or disarm you, but the part I was talking about is how your wand tip isn't moving. You are moving the wand around a single point in space; what you should be doing is keeping your wrist still and move just the tip …"

"Just the … tip?" She asked him breathily.

Harry nodded, "Like this, see?"

"Oh ... Okay." She sounded disappointed for some reason he couldn't fathom, but he let go and watched her try again. A stronger shield popped into being and he nodded to her with a grin. "See, not hard at all. The small things matter as much as the big things."

"Big things … got it." She said dreamily as he stepped away to help someone else; removing himself from his position pressed against her back.

He felt another pull on his magic, as a shield sprung up behind him ... that was the fifth time in as many minutes and he traced the angle it seemed to hit him from to find the Weasley Twins looking entirely too innocent. He made note of where they were in the room and headed toward where he could see Hermione helping Neville and Luna; much the same way he was helping everyone else. Luna seemed to wince each time her knees came together, and Neville was still looking a bit more frayed than usual, but Harry was happy for them.

The boy had plenty of power in his spells, and a good strong shield, but his aim left something to be desired. As he watched, Hermione corrected how the nervous boy was holding his wand; now more like a pencil or chopsticks rather than a sword. He understood what she was doing, trying to give him a bit more finesse in his casting, rather than the brute force method he had learned channeling through a wand that had never chosen him.

As he passed the three, Luna leaned in toward him, and he bent his ear in her direction.

"I see you finally got rid of that wrackspurt, mutual orgasms are usually the best cure. It's odd though …"

"What's odd?" he asked her; surprised he wasn't blushing at the mention of orgasms.

"Normally wrackspurts disappear back to wherever they came from, but this one … I can taste its magic still on you … it's in your aura now." Her eyes became slightly hooded as she breathed in deeply.

"The wrackspurt is in my aura?" He asked in confusion.

She shook her head, "No, just its magic. Very strange … it's very … stimulating" She took another deep breath and seemed to zone out.

Sensing the end of the conversation, he turned back to the other students. Further into the room he saw Rina had paired off with Lavender, which shouldn't have been a problem, however, he saw Ron mimicking his teaching method. Pressed up against her and speaking into her ear. His blood began boiling, as he wanted nothing more than to club the beta male over the head and drag his prize away to do naughty things with. He quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts, however, and was happy to see Lavender's aim was extremely accurate; stinging Ron right in the ear and causing him to back off. She said something, trading places with him to help Rina herself, and Harry could see how much more relaxed the princess was in the girls arms instead of her boyfriend.

Nothing to worry about there; I can stop now.

'I dunno, look closer …'

At what? Lav is just helping her with her shield charm. She did say she wasn't very good at defending; just offense.

'Well, she needs more lessons in defense then, because Lavender has her shields completely down at the moment'

That was ludicrous, Rina wasn't into girls and even if she were, he doubted she'd be into one with a boyfriend. Then again she WAS looking a bit too relaxed …

His thoughts were distracted, as another shield popped up behind him, sending the hex back at the caster and getting a yelp out of Gred, while the other twin pretended he hadn't seen anything.

"Harry! How did you do that?" Hermione called as she walked up to him.

"Do what?" He asked in confusion.

"Send that curse back at him of course! You can't do that!"

He shook his head, "I dunno, a shaped shield ... I think. Why?"

She stomped her foot almost petulantly, "You can't do that! Shaped shield, honestly!"

"But … I just did?"

She studied him for a moment, "Then how did you make a shaped shield?"

He shrugged, "Magic?"

Her eyes narrowed, "I'm getting very tired of that answer, Harry Potter."

He smiled cockily at her, "Then maybe you should stop asking me questions you know I can't answer."

"I'll get you for that one of these days."

He resisted the urge to laugh evilly, choosing simply to smile, "I. Dare. You." Enjoying the sudden flush on her cheeks, as her mind descended into the gutter; right where he knew it would go.

He turned to walk toward Sia, who was now working with Nerine, as Lavender had dragged Ron off to the opposite corner. He heard Hermione growl just before the same shield from before sprung up behind him, and the brunette began laughing hysterically. Turning back, he walked in her direction with a tomcat-like swagger; taking slow, measured steps.

"H-HA HAHA - Harry … Stop! Stop this!" She tried to plead through her laughter.

"Why should I do that, you just tried to hex me in the back."

Her eyes narrowed, even though she was turning red and short of breath from the laughter; others were turning to laugh along with her. "You. HAHAHA. Dared me to …" She replied.

"And do you do anything I dare you to? No matter what?" He asked her quietly; eyes still sparkling as he knelt next to her.

Her eyes widened, and he noticed the pupils dilating, along with the flush that was reaching her chest; and panicked! He knew what those signs meant and quickly cancelled the spell. Not before she let out a long low moan and her body shook with a small orgasm. He looked around to make sure nobody else knew what had just happened, but luckily they all appeared to think it was just her catching her breath after being subjected to the tickling hex.

"I am ... So getting you for this." She panted finally.

He grinned, "Oh, I dunno, I still don't think we're even. I'm adding this little incident to my list of 'Reasons to get Hermione back' ."

"Prat." She spit out, but without any venom. He offered her a hand and helped her to her feet, still laughing internally, as she left for the loo to put herself back together.

Harry began searching the room once again, having lost track of Sia and Rina in the Hermione Incident. He noted Gin and Gabby working together in the corner, with the redhead speed casting hexes, as expected. He was surprised though as Gabrielle was effortlessly intercepting them with a shield that reminded him a lot of his own. That surprise jumped another level, when he saw a look of concentration cross her face and Gin's own spell go spiraling back over her shoulder; forcing the girl to duck.

He began making his way toward the pair, in order to both congratulate the blonde, and to ask if she had any clue how she'd done it. Hermione did have a point after all, it would be a useful skill to teach; if he could figure it out. He was thankful once again that he was no longer in Snape's class, or he'd have yet another paper to write.

That is if Hermione didn't force him to write a paper on it anyway …

His attention was drawn off to the side where he located Sia and Rina going at it once again. Sia looked unexpectedly vicious and Rina appeared to be barely keeping up. Whatever silent argument they were having, he decided he should intervene before it got out of hand. He first approached Sia and placed his hand on her shoulder; feeling her shoulders immediately relax as she recognized his touch.

"How is everything going over here?"

"It's fine, Harry." Sia said evasively.

He slid into position behind her, out of habit and to mask the small embrace he gave her. "It didn't look fine, you looked a bit perturbed, to be honest."

She turned her face slightly toward his; resisting the urge to kiss him; "I was just having a discussion with Rina about …" The bluenette shook her head slightly and her eyes widened a fraction; causing Sia to slump slightly, " … about how my speed was improving, but my power wasn't. I was upset with myself for the hangup."

He nodded, "Show me again, okay?"

She cast the spell and Rina quickly snapped her shield in place, but it shattered after one hit.

"Looks good to me, now." Harry commented, "Maybe you just needed a breather?"

Sia nodded and rubbed her cheek against his shoulder, almost imperceptibly, "Thank you, Harry."

"You, however, need work on your shield. That wouldn't have stopped a stunner, and I expect there is much worse that we might be dealing with if this civil war goes on any longer."

He stepped behind the blushing girl and tried to ignore his own hormones surging at being this close to her after so long apart. The connection he'd felt forming with her before was still there, and it felt almost like coming home. He wanted to lose himself in that closeness, but knew he had a job to do for now.

"You can snap your shield into place rather quickly, which is good, but you need to work on adding power to it; as well as being able to hold that power when it gets hit. It isn't usually going to work to just cast it and forget about it." He whispered into her ear; enjoying the way she shivered against him. "When you twist your wand, make sure you are holding it straight up toward the ceiling. It helps to imagine that it is the handle which is holding the shield, and you should be able to feel the hex splash against the barrier. When that happens, try to push a bit of magic back into the shield to keep it from weakening. Got it?"

She nodded and Harry looked to Sia, who snapped off a stinging hex. When Rina's shield sprang back into place it was much more solid, and he felt her muscles give way just slightly in order to help absorb the blow; however minor it had been.

Looking down, he took a moment to enjoy the view of her neck and collarbone; he had a thing for necks apparently. Enjoying the sounds that his girls made when he would kiss or caress them there. The best part was he could almost do it in public, without appearing to be indecent. However, as he observed, he noted a small bruise which had only recently been formed. It was too new to have been caused by him, but it looked suspiciously like a love bite.

To buy time, he nodded to Sia, who snapped another spell at the girl in his arms; and the shield once again snapped almost instantly into place.

Who the HELL was sucking on HIS Nerine's Neck?! What vampire thought he had any right to touch one of HIS girls?!

He remembered Ron, how his hands were all over her … how he'd been speaking softly into the girls long delicate ear … he felt rage beginning to bubble up inside him, and bit the inside of his cheek in order to remind himself to calm down; concentrating on the slight pain and the taste of blood, rather than the images that were brought to mind.

He breathed in.

Nerine did not look comfortable enough around Ron, or any other bloke really, to have been at all physical with them. As much as he hated the idea, and knew she did not belong to him, he could take comfort in the fact that she didn't appear to be courting with any of the male students.

He breathed out.

Which left him with a few possibilities … one of the girls in the tower, but the only one he knew might be into other women was Gin; who he'd barely let out of his sight. That left the girls he knew she had been hanging out with. Namely Lavender and Parvati …

He breathed in.

But would she really be into other GIRLS? There was nothing wrong with that, of course! He'd be a hypocrite if he enjoyed watching Gin and Gabby, but would begrudge other women. It was just … different ... if she were with him rather than off somewhere else in the castle … doing those type of … THINGS!

Nerine was breathing heavier by the minute, and he could almost hear her heart beating. He could feel it in his chest, and see her ears jump with each pulse. He knew she could feel his arousal poking her in the back, but wasn't sure if he cared at this point. Almost of their own accord, he found his lips drifting to just below her ear. He'd be damned if he let someone else mark HIS girl without answering back! She nearly collapsed in his arms as he grazed her neck with his teeth, followed by sharply applying suction to the soft skin, just above the previous mark; where it would be easier to see.

He was nearly to the point of turning her in his arms, and kissing her quite soundly, when Hermione called a stop due to curfew.

The spell seemed broken, and a blushing Nerine thanked him quickly; before nearly running away toward the door. He looked helplessly at Sia, who simply shrugged.

-~Hogwarts Shuffle!~-

Fire burned low in the brazier, as the Council of Three entered the room from the shadows.

"Report!" Grey barked out in annoyance.

"The creature was dealt with much too easily, and without the desired results. We must escalate if we wish our plans to see fruition." Black stated.

"Harry Potter is quite the annoyance," Stated White. "He continues to evade our plans, and throws new twists into known elements within our plans. We must find a way to push him closer to our goal."

"What of the Princesses?"

Black inclined his head, "Princess Nerine appears to have distanced herself from the boy; while Lisianthus appears to have stalled in her pursuit of him. At this rate, they may be rid of him soon."

"We can't have that! Those three are central to our plans … If they do not get together then we cannot move forward with the coup." White complained.

Grey nodded, though he raised a hand, "Do not despair, the plan is still moving along; despite our setbacks. I believe plans are in the works to get them into Heaven over the Christmas Holiday?"

White nodded, "Indeed, those plans are nearly cemented."

"Then we may have to take a more direct approach to this problem; rather than sending minions to do the job." Grey stated.

"But what if they become aware of our purpose?" Black asked.

"Soon it will be of little consequence, I have seen into the future, and Harry shall have his brides; at which time we shall shake the foundations of Heaven and Hell to their very heart."

"We'll show the maggot who is the real power behind the throne." White said with glee, "And he will see just how evil a God can be."

Black nodded, the white of his grin flashing from the shadow of his hood, "As well as how benevolent a Devil."

Grey began laughing; a sharp barking sound that echoed off the walls of the meeting chamber, "Harry Potter won't know what hit him!"

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