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Summary: When Grimmjow first meets Ichigo he's nothing more than strange brat with spiky orange hair that just moved in next -door…but as time passes things change.


Part one (Young Grimm and Ichi)

Part Two (Older Grimm and Ichi)

2nd part will be posted on the day of Ane-chan's B-DAY. LOOK FOR IT!


UnderAGE Stalker

I was 13 when the Kurosaki family moved in next door.

There was nothing particularly special about them, a mother, father, two twin girls and last but certainly not least, Ichigo.

Of course I didn't know the brats name at the time. Didn't think much of him either other than he looked nothing like his parents. Stuck out like a sore thumb amongst of sea of gold and black with his spiky orange hair.

Couldn't be no more than 5 or 6 years of age at best-not that I cared. I had no interest in sniffling brats-it was just an observation and nothing more.

So don't you go getting any funny ideas in your head about me being some kind of sick pervert because it couldn't be further from the truth!

Hell I wouldn't have even noticed the new faces in town if I hadn't stepped outside of my own house for a smoke.

Yeah a smoke-don't roll your eyes at me! Half the guys my age were already well on their way to being chain smokers or alcoholics-it was just how things were done in Karakura Town.

I was pulled from my absent minded thoughts when I felt a tug on my pants. I looked down and big brown eyes stared up at me. Whether it was in awe or in just plain curiosity hell if I knew!

And then the brat spoke "I'm Ichigo. I just moved here."

He seemed proud of this simple statement. My left brow twitched and I sneered at him "So what you want me to say brat congrats here's a cookie?"

It was sarcasm in the purest form. Ichigo didn't understand of course-the kid was clueless and only blinked up at me childishly.

I felt the space between my brows begin to throb-less than 5 minutes and this strange looking kid was giving me a damn headache.

"What's your deal brat? You some kinda dumbass or something?"

He scowled which at that age looked more like a pout.

I couldn't help it I laughed and received a kick in the shin for my actions.

"Ow! You little shit what the hell did you do that for?"

Sure looking back on the whole thing now my outburst seems ridiculous and over the top. I mean I was one month away from entering high school and here I was having some type of one-sided shouting match with a brat who could barely see across the kitchen table.

It was Ichigo's turn to laugh-well not laugh exactly but he did crack a grin.

"Don't you know that it's impolite to not introduce yourself?"

Wow such big words coming out of such a small brat-I was damn near impressed-it's not like I had been some kind of dumbass when I was that age but…

"You can call me Jou and we'll leave it at that."

Ichigo scrunched up his face-seemed he didn't like the sound of Jou. I bit back a laugh and shrugged. Like I was going to waste my breath telling the squirt my real name.

"You don't look like a Jou."

Smart kid. Too smart. I stuck a finger in my ear-damn buzzards this is why I hated springtime.

Ichigo tugged on my pant leg again. I stomped on my cigarette with the heel of my shoe and glared down at him.

"What brat? What do you want now?"

He handed me a set of lime green headphones with cartoon-frogs painted on them "You can have these and then the buzzards won't get you anymore."

I held the headphones in my hand for about a milli-second and then tossed it back at Ichigo. Poor kid was a lousy catch! The headphones slipped and fell from his chubby fingers, bounced on to the dewy grass, rolled on to the side walk right when a girl on a bike was passing by-crack went the headphones-splitting straight down the middle-completely useless now.

She kept on peddling, completely oblivious to what she had just done.

I turned back to the brat and mentally counted to three in my head fully expecting overdramatic screaming and crying to come-but it never did.

"Heh, strange brat."


No guy wanted to enter high school as a virgin-or at least not most guys including yours truly. Which is why I took my half cousin's (Nnoitra) up on his advice and threw a pool party in my uncles' back yard 2 weeks before school was officially back in session."

"Ya wanna know why chicks wear bikinis Grimm?" a pause and a lecherous grin crossed Nnoitra's face "Easy access. You see if the bitch came out and said 'fuck me like the lil' slut I am' you'd think she was a cheap whore right?"

The question was rhetorical but I nodded anyway.

"You'll soon realize that chicks are only good for one thing and one thing only."

Nnoitra had a foul mouth-fouler than mine but he was right-girls were only good for one thing and really what kind of punk ass puss would I be if I let such an opportunity pass me by?

To avoid looking like a total spaz I invited some senior girls in addition to the girls in my class-had my eye on one in particular-she was part Dutch or something-(Halibel) though she went by Hali-chan-didn't speak much but her poison green eyes said it all.


Fucking in the water instead of on a bed meant you were a true stud or so the saying went back then-it was like a right of passage or some such shit and like every other hormonal bastard I wanted a piece.

Hali-chan was no virgin. Virgins were overrated anyway-the idea of wiping cum and blood off my own dick after I popped some twits cherry held no appeal whatsoever.

I told myself if I was going to go through with this then I was going to it with an experienced slut.

Wait! Stop there! I know what you're thinking-losing track of the story right?

You couldn't be more wrong!

You see once Hali-chan stopped bouncing up and down on my cock like a puppy would a fire hydrant and finally let me take the reigns and steer her like an obedient horse at a county fair I happened to look over her bronze toned shoulder at that exact moment and noticed that we had company.

Ichigo, being the overly curious and nosy brat he was had peeked his orange spiky head through the single hole in the fence and caught me in the act of becoming a man.

His big cinnamon brown eyes widened in shock-his mouth hung open like a fish. He looked horrified, ill and scarred for life all at once.

I went soft and pushed Hali away-probably not the brightest choice since we were both still naked and all. But I looked at it like this.

If I was going to corrupt the brat any further than it would be a lot less damaging to his young mind if he sees a naked female body rather than that of another male-cuz as I said before I wasn't some kind of sick pervert!

Halibel threw me a nasty glare but quickly gathered her shit and left. And as for me? I fished at the bottom of the pool for my swimming trunks, slipped them back on, climbed out of the pool and told everyone with in hearing range to

"Get the fuck out and don't come back!"

The party was over. I had something else to take care of. Several girls whined while the bolder ones called me 'asshole' and a variety of other colorful insults.

I didn't even lift a brow-didn't give two shits. Let Nnoi and the guys handle them-especially Nnoi since he loved being in the spotlight.

So the way I saw it I was doing him a favor. Nnoitra slipped me a bottle of tequila sunshine (probably stole it from his old' mans' mini bar) and slapped me non the shoulder-it was his way of saying "congrats"

"Drink up Grimm, ya've earned it!"

Then he left. Least that's the way I remember it.

Anyway back to me and the brat. So I reached the obvious conclusion real fast. I would have to haul my happy ass next door and convince Ichigo to keep what he witnessed a few minutes ago a secret assuming he hadn't already run off and told his parents already that is.

I was getting a headache just thinking about it.

I'd seen the massive gun collection mounted on the walls inside their garage-heard through the grapevine that Ichigo's old man Isshin used to work in the secret service-an agent-a bodyguard-wouldn't put it past the goat for a minute-put one bullet right between my eyes.

Not a comforting thought. But ironically the lesser of two evils.

Nature tells us women are fiercely protective over there young. Hellfire and brimstone. The act is instinctive. "Don't fuck with her cub!"

I couldn't risk it. I had to move faster. Needed to convince the brat to play dumb-how I would go about doing this I wasn't sure.


I heard voices coming from the other side of the door and right when I was starting to have second thoughts it happened…

The door opened and I mentally prepared myself for the worst. Raising my arms up in some kind of surrender-the words "don't shoot!" almost slipping from my lips.

Felt a rib or two crack as I was crushed into a bear hug followed by

"You must be Grimmjow! It's so great to finally put a face to the name we've been hearing so much about. Your uncle Kariya and I go way back-champions of 2013 we were and I hear you're not too bad out on the field-what position do you play?"

Well that was…not quite the greeting I had been expecting but eh wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth or however the saying went.

"Isshin, stop hounding the poor boy and let him breathe." Came the soft but firm reprimand from Kurosaki's mother, woman was a real looker.

Not that this has anything to do with the story but if I had been a few years older-let's just say yeah I so woulda hit that!

She stuck her hand out and introduced herself, "I'm Masaki, welcome to our home. What brings you over?"

I couldn't tell her the truth so I made something up.

"Uh I don't know if my uncle mentioned it to you or not but there's a hole in the fence out in the yard and you might want to close it up before you let this little squirt ((I motioned to Ichigo would was curled up on tatami mat over in the corner reading) outside."

He looked up and over at me at that moment-I'm telling you the kid was too smart for his own good-knew I was talking about him. Dropped his book and raced across the room and barreled straight into me-clinging to my legs once again.

Grin brighter than freaking sun itself-knew right then and then he'd be a royal heartbreaker one day.

"Ichigo stop that!"

I couldn't let my irritation show-woulda ruined any chance I had at convincing the brat to keep his yap shut so I hurried to say "It's fine Masaki-san (always be one your best behavior when you're around mothers) I love kids-even baby sit on weekends when I have some free time."

A lie obviously but no one had to know that.

Mission accomplished. Both of Ichigo's parents bought it.

In fact they loved the idea of me baby sitting so much Masaki asked me to watch over Ichigo and his twin sisters on the weekend.

Course I never bothered showing up-sent this girl in my class instead-she didn't agree to do it for free-everyone had a price.

Hiyori's was a life-time supply of jawbreakers and my undying gratitude.


I wouldn't really call it vandalizing property when the skate park was practically screaming for a new paint job-then again one could never be to careful which is why I insisted on wearing a hoodie-that way the 5 0 couldn't pin the crime on me.

I know what you're thinking-not the most productive way to spend a Saturday afternoon right? Nah it wasn't but I didn't give two shits about being productive anyway.

Any asshole can play around with a spray can – it doesn't exactly requite any great skill or effort.

"Pretty good but I can do better."

Enter the challenger standing at 4' 4 with blonde pigtails and a fang front tooth, it was none other than Hiyori-minus the brat and his sisters.

I narrowed my electric blues at her "Hiyori what are you doing here?"

She waved away my question and sat down on one of the curved benches. "So this is how you spend your free time, huh? Seems like such a waste especially since no ones even around here on weekends."

I'm not one to hit girls but I kind of wanted to hit her.

"Hiyori we had an deal-now what the hell did you do with the brats?"

"Oh that? I left them on the other side of park. Ichi agreed to watch over his sisters while I chatted with you."

It shouldn't have bothered me but it did. Brat or no they were still too young to be left on their own. There were all kinds of creeps and nut-jobs out there.

I wouldn't be able to rest easy with out at least checking up on them. So I did the only thing I could do given no other choice-I followed Hiyori over to the other side of the hill.


Ichigo was calmly sitting in the sandbox while his sisters created a moat around him-it was rather impressive considering the duo weren't even out of their diapers yet.

"Cute aren't they?"

I snorted and waited for the brat to acknowledge me. Didn't take long-as if the brat had some type supper sonic high energy sensor or something in order to detect my appearance-Ichigo shot up out of the sand like cork from a wine bottle and barreled straight into my legs.

I bet anything the brat would develop some type of fetish when he matured some where down the line.

He glared up at me. I couldn't help it I laughed.

In retaliation Ichigo pounded at my legs with his chubby little fists-little bugger packed some real power in those punches. I was damn near impressed til' I recalled what his old man did for a living.

"You lied to me," Ichigo's tone was accusatory "You lied to Kaa-chan you're nothing but a big fat liar and now," here he grinned but the grin wasn't like all his previous grins-no this grin sent chills up my spine "You're gonna pay the price."

I raised a brow. 'Sure kid.' I thought 'Do your worst.'

"Heh, what do ya know? He actually likes you. Who knew you were such a softie Grimm."

I'd forgotten Hiyori was even there. Ichigo had the tendency to distract me.

"Give me a break Hiyori-it's nothing like that. Brats like him just like to pester guys like me and since I'm a nice guy I don't bother telling him to stop."

Hiyori looked doubtful but let it drop and decided to join Ichigo's sisters in the sandbox.

So now it was just me and the brat again and Ichigo was still glaring at me.

"If you don't want me to tell Kaa-chan about the bad thing you did you're going to have to do something nice for me."

Nice? That could mean just about anything.


A sleepover party? With a bunch of brats? Well no not a bunch just Ichigo-didn't trust me near his sisters or so he said-I think it was more about him not wanting to share me with the twins then anything. But either way it all worked out alright I guess-Hiyori crashed with twin girls downstairs and I camped out in Ichigo's den/bedroom up stairs.

I learned once again that Ichigo wasn't like most 6 year olds.


I half expected to trip over a bunch of games, toys and various stuffed animals when I walked into his room but it was neat and tidy and every toy or plush had its own special shelf.

And rather than being blinded with garish colors like neon orange and dino green the room was decorated in different shades of blue and gold.

Instead of sleeping with a night light Ichigo had glow in the dark stars on his bedroom ceiling. I teased him for it of course.

"Stars? You sure you're not a girl, brat?"

He scowled and threw a pillow at me. He was better at throwing than he had been at catching-I gave him that much.

Grabbing hold of my hand the brat pulled me towards the bathroom.


My brow twitched when I saw that the tub was filled to the brim with bubbles. Ichigo wasn't expecting me to bathe him was he?

"Look kid, shouldn't you wait for your parents to come home and give you a bath I mean I'm not really cut out for-

Ichigo cut me off "The bath isn't for me. It's for you."

I clenched and unclenched my jaw. What exactly was this brat trying to imply?

"Are you saying I stink or something?"

Ichigo shook his head and turned his attention to the medicine cabinet where he pulled out his toothbrush and a tube of tooth- paste. And began brushing.

He wasn't going to do that while I was in the tub was he? Not that I was going to get into the tub-I'd stopped taking baths like 3 years ago-showers were the only way to go.

That wasn't the point.

Shouldn't the brat be settling in for his bedtime story or something? I looked towards the door-my only escape from whatever he might be planning. He wasn't fooling me for a minute-I had a theory that any one with cheeks as pink as his had to have an ulterior motive.

Ichigo spit into the sink and turned back to me "Well are you going to get into the bath or not?"

"Look brat I'll just shower in the morning."

He cocked his head to the side curiously and then let out a reluctant (or maybe it was annoyed-hard to hell really) sort of sigh "Why are you being so difficult? Kaa-chan says good boys always clean behind their ears."

I made a mental note to myself just then. Deciding that I would have to ween this kid from his mother-save him from a world of humiliation before he reached his teen years-teach him how to think and act for himself.

"I don't care what your Kaa-chan said. She's not the boss of me. No one is-you should take a good hard look brat because I'm the best role model you'll ever have."

Ichigo furrowed his brows together, then rolled his eyes "You're hopeless," and walked out of the bathroom.

I stood there looking and feeling like a dumb ass for a good 5-10 minutes.


I heard music coming from behind the closed door a short while late while I was drying my hair with a towel. Yeah, yeah so I wound up bathing after all-don't go broadcasting across the nation-it was a one time deal.

Back to the music-I was surprised that the brat was still up but an even greater surprise to me was the kind of music Ichigo had selected.

It wasn't some kiddie sing along song with 3 verses being 'Yeah Yeah Yeah" but actual rock music.

Ichigo was jumping up and down on his bed playing air guitar. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself. I almost felt like joining him but I didn't.

Instead I reached for the light switch and darkened the room.


The first real cry of protest-he sounded like his actual age for once.

I chuckled in amusement. "Pipe down brat, some people are trying to sleep."

He didn't say anything. I watched as his small shadow crossed the room and lowered the volume on the stereo.

Gave my self a pat on the back. That was showing em' whose boss. After all I was the oldest one here so what I say goes.


Big cinnamon brown eyes was the first thing to greet me the following morning.

"Gah! What the hell are you doi-

"You remind me of a cat when you sleep."

Let the record show that I am not one to blush-not one to sputter-not one to-

"Who the hell you callin' a cat brat?"

I couldn't bring myself to actually harming the runt so I settled for a timeless classic-uber noogie. He shrieked and laughed and begged for mercy all at once but I didn't let up until he apologized for the cat comment.

Not like I was really offended or anything-it was just another way to assert my authority over him.

It was all in good fun, Horsing around. Boys being boys. Only a little different I never had any brothers or sisters so this situation was kind of new to me.

Little by little I was developing a bond with this brat with spiky orange hair.

Kinda sucked that our weekend was coming to a close.


"Psst Grimmjow, psst!"


I know Mondays could be unpredictable from time to time but this…

At first I thought I was hearing things cuz there was just no way that brat could have tracked me down when my school was located half way across town.

Wasn't like he could board a bus or a train at his age and even though the Kurosaki's weren't strapped for cash they didn't have a personal driver or anything so how the hell had he-

"Brat what are you-how the hell did you get here."

Ichigo shrugged and asked me a question of his own as he perched himself on the lower window sill "What are you doing?"

"I'm in class. What's it look like?"

He rolled his eyes "Duh! I mean which one?"

I took note of how high he had climbed up

Once again I shouldn't have been all that impressed I mean any kid could tree climb but then again scaling a brick building was something else entirely.

"How did you even get up there?" I asked ignoring his previous question. What did it matter what class I was in? Shouldn't he be at his own school or at the supermarket with his mother or something?

"It's called tree surfing. I saw it in a movie once."

"Tree surfing?"

"Ahem, I'm sorry if my lecture is boring you Grimmjow-kun but could you at least pretend like you're paying attention instead of staring out the window day dreaming."

A slap of a ruler upon an oak desk pulled me away from the window and I glared at the front of the room where Nanao-sensei stood with her hands on her hips waiting for some type of response or whatever.

For the first time in forever I really wasn't just spacing out in the middle of her boring ass lecture my attention had been drawn to the window because Ichigo had shown up once again.

Okay, okay so maybe a small part of me was happy to see him.

Still I kind of had a reputation to up hold and being seen with a snot-nosed brat would cramp my style. I'd have to find a way to get him to go away with out hurting his feelings.

Nanao-sensei tapped the heel of her wooden shoe, still waiting for an explanation.

"I'm not daydreaming sensei, there's this uh kid you see he moved in next door a few months ago and he kind of has this habit of stalking me."

A few brows were raised as well as a few eye rolls...I never liked my fellow classmates much but at that moment I flat out hated them.

My irritation increased ten-fold when Nanao-sensei clucked her tongue and walked over to the window and looked out and saw Ichigo looking as innocent as a freakin' angel in spring-time.

"Good morning!" He greeted her with a blinding bright smile.

She smiled at him and returned the greeting.

Then in a complete 180 her sharp turquoise eyes narrowed as she turned back to me and said, "How ridiculous Grimmjow-kun, there's no such thing as an underage stalker."

Hah! Dumb bitch! What the hell did she know anyway?


I met up with brat after the final bell tolled. Ichigo had given up on the tree and I found him waiting in the courtyard underneath the single weeping willow tree that stood out amongst the pink, red and gold ones.

He was counting the buttons on his shirt or doing some other kind of stupid and pointless thing that children do to amuse themselves.

"Oi Brat, stand up and follow me. We need to talk."


No real destination in mind my feet had led us towards a park.


I hated lectures. I told myself I would never bring myself to lecturing another person-swore it even.

"Look brat-

When Ichigo didn't give me his complete attention I addressed him by his name-it felt more natural then I cared to admit,

"Listen Ichigo this has to stop. It isn't normal. You're only a kid so you should be hanging around kids your age or being a good little boy and obeying your Kaa-chan. I bet she's worried sick right now.

Normal? Pfft! As if I gave a damn about what was considered normal. Never knew either of my parents-my hair color was the kind of shade one would only expect to see in cartoons and sometimes in the privacy of my own thoughts I had reason to believe that I was a cat in a past life.

Ichigo licked his ice cream cone and nodded.

I realized it was pointless-me talking/rambling/lecturing or whatever but continued anyway.

"And I get it-your old man is kind of an idiot but at least you have one- I cut myself off and cleared my throat.

Dumb ass! Now is not the time to bring up your own personal bullshit.

"Point I'm trying to make here Ichigo is I never knew either of my parents-not that I missed out on much-according to Kariya (the man called himself uncle but I didn't really view him as such) I'm better off with out them-hell I'm better off with out anyone."

I hadn't realized that the tone in my voice had dropped until Ichigo settled his smaller hands on top of mine (I ignored the slight stickiness from the icecream for the moment)-hell I couldn't even recall when we stopped walking and sat down.

"It'll be okay Grimm-nii."

I blinked and I'm sure to anyone else who wasn't in my shoes it would have been considered comical-but it was just weird and yeah…

"What are you babbling about brat-what's with the brother thing all of a sudden? I'm not your brother."

"No but you could be."

He sounded so sure of himself. Like he had already decided on it before saying it out loud.

"Grimm-nii it sounds good right?"

"Er listen ichigo I'm not," I rubbed the back of my neck-shit now what- "I'm not big brother material I mean-

"Yes you are," Ichigo cut me off-silencing me with those big cinnamon brown eyes. His tone was definite-leaving no room for questioning or arguments.

I let out an aggravated sigh and loosened one of my hands in order to card my fingers through my hair.

The brat decided that he won-curling up to my side-hugging me was his victory prize. I didn't know what it was-this odd feeling coming over me suddenly but I couldn't let it continue-couldn't let Ichigo grow more attached.

"Brat, get off!"

Ichigo only tightened his grip-my left brow twitched-

"Enough! Get off you're not a girl are you?"

He scowled up at me "No I'm not!"

I bit back a chuckle-good it was working. "Then stop clinging to me like I'm some kinda large over stuffed teddy bear. It's lame and more to the point you're gonna be 7 next year so you need to start acting like a man."

The words sounded dumb to my own ears-there was only a few years of difference in age between us-my voice hadn't even dropped yet-what the hell did I know about being a man?

On the plus side it seemed to be working.

Ichigo let go of the hold he had on me and scooted a few inches away.

Much better.

I chuckled as the brat tried to mirror the way I was currently sitting-shoulders slumped-legs sprawled-perfectly lazy lounge-course his feet couldn't touch the ground but-

"Can we go to the arcade before we head home, Grimm-nii?"

I fished around in my pocket for some spare change-figured sure what the hell why not?

"Just this once brat, next time you're buying!"


I had barely even opened my eyes-the sun hadn't even shown its face when the brat burst into my bedroom (he had climbed through my bedroom window (served me right for leaving it open in the first place) screaming and crying at the top of his lungs


Had the brat gotten into some type of fight with his parents? Even if he had why had he come to me?



I heard a slam. Sounded like the window being shut. Light pattering of foot steps-stopped right at the foot of the bed-

And then it started again…

"NO! NO! I WON'T GO! THEY CAN'T MAKE ME GO!" Ichigo stomped his feet and roared "I WON'T! I WON'T! I WON'T!"

This was a first. The brat was throwing a temper tantrum-and just when I thought he wasn't like other kids.

I pushed my covers off and sat up lazily. My electric blues zeroed in on his blubbering and red-faced form. "Take it down a notch would ya brat? It's too early for this." I fished around on my nightstand for a cigarette and a lighter and waited for him to calm down.

Ichigo dropped to his knees and pounded on the carpeted floor with his small fists roaring at the 'injustice of it all'-I had no idea what he was talking about-what injustice?

I found out what had upset him 15 minutes and 5 cigarettes later…


"Kaa-chan says we're moving tomorrow."


Shoulda guessed it. No kid (no matter the age) took the idea of moving well. I figured it musta sucked double time for Ichigo since he'd only been in Karakura Town for a couple of months and now he and his family were packing up and leaving again.

Still what did he expect me to do about it?

"Yeah she says it won't be forever just a couple of years b-but I don't wanna leave!"

I didn't say anything when Ichigo clung to me like a girl again-didn't even make fun at him for making my shirt all wet with his tears-he was clearly upset and I wasn't a total ass.

"Can't I stay here with you, Grimm-nii?"

Riiiight. Sure. That would go over real well. Although Kariya wouldn't be opposed to having another mouth to feed-I don't think Masaki or Isshin would want to separate themselves from their only son and…yeah it would never work.

"No you can't. A runt like you would only cramp my style."

It was a lie. We both knew it. But it was the only way.

He wiped his nose on the sleeve of my shirt and I shot him a glare.

Ichigo gulped nervously and mumbled out an apology "Sorry."

I grinned at him nastily "Not as sorry as you're gonna be you little brat-!"

Chasing Ichigo around the house and mock fighting him might not be the most effective way to teach him not to blow his snot on me but it served a better purpose-not only helped him calm down and accept the inevitable but also just lifted his spirits-heh lifted my spirits too-not that I was all depressed at the idea of him leaving and all but-okay so I was, sue me.


I was 17 when I next saw Ichigo.


2ND part coming on April 29th….see you there!