AN- I do not own any of the books or the characters; they all belong to the author Ally Condie. This is my first fanfic. I really hope you like my story. It was a pleasure creating them for your eyes. I am open to comments, opinions, and maybe even some suggestions. Enjoy!


Chapter 1

"Ky!" I yell as the fiery demons chased me. They smell of coal and soot, and they were right on my trail. I franticly look around for a haven in the cool woods. These were the woods that Ky and I own. I was not about to let the demons take me from Ky. Ky is my everything.

Still running from the demons, I quickly look to my left and see a cave that I can hide in. I make a sharp turn and I'm in. I hold my breath for a moment and I feel a hot hand grab my ankle. I scream so loud that all the commotion of the surrounding woods stops. It's as if time just stopped and the world is laughing at me. Then I hear a whisper. It's so faint that it's like the wind is talking to me. It tells me to look into the demons' faces. They are not demons. They are human. They are the Officials, and they have Ky.