Hello! This is my second Pucca story. I kind of got the idea a when I finished My Crazy Lover, but never wrote it down until now. I wanted to make a Pucca Pov fanfiction since I did I Garu Pov for My Crazy Lover! I had just a thrilling ride with My Crazy Lover! I hope this story is also one! lol. Oh to my fellow readers who read My Crazy Lover. I am working on the bonus story for it. It should be out soon!XD This chapter short, sorry. Next will be longer.

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Chapter 1. It was love at first sight

I let the wind pass through me, my hair, and my face. Giggling to myself I hop around from place to place. One, two, and- Ding Dong!

" Special Delivery!" I pop out a sign and give the box of noddles a quick flip in front of me.

" Pucca!" Ching (a.k.a) my best friend in the whole world, caught the box of noddles.

" I'm so glad you're here Pucca! There's something I have to tell you-," she grabbed my hand already begging me to follow. I did, curious. That's when the alarm went off. A loud vibration that instantly caught my attention. Huh? Alarms? Since when is there alarms in Sooga. I had been out for a two months and don't remember ever there being alarms. I step back and see every one I know rushing inside.


" Oh they're her again,let's go inside" Ching said.

I shook my head. They? Who's they?

" It's the Ninjas Pucca. Highly train onces, we don't want to get involved..Pucca!"

Too late to stop me now. I started running to where I heard the noises coming from. Ching ran behind me. She can't catch up. When I run I'm the fastest thing in two feet. Whatever is going on if someone plans to mess with Sooga beware of me. I won't let that happen. The noise suddenly becomes quiet...eerily quiet. I stop running all together.



" Aha!" a ninja boy dress in blue with an X on his forehead appear in front of me. I step back completely taken by surprised.

" Oh..wait? You're not Garu," the Blue Ninja groaned pulling his sword away.

So this is the head ninja messing with Sooga huh. I clench my fist ready to attack and finish him off when he pops out. A shadow knock down the ninja in front of me. That's when I saw him.


I gasped. My whole inside must've convulsed. A warmth fill my heart. Butterflies swarmed. Birds chirps. He glanced up. Our eyes locked. Deep black eyes. Never have I felt such a thing. He...He..I-I

I WANT HIM! I ran towards him-no scratch that out, I tackled him down. I needed to see him better. His eyes expand and he looks completely confused. So confused, I loved the look in him. I grip him up and him in. Is he real? Am I dreaming. My heart beating loudly. Who is he? My mind raced. Who could it possible be. He looked uncomfortable, embarrassed. A bubble crept on the side of his face. A giggle escaped me. He was soooooo cute! I started to bend down,playfully. I hesitated only a second before my lips touch his cheek. The warmest feeling sizzled on my lips. that's when he moved so abruptly I fell on my face.

Hey!...I glance up. He was backing away already. Terror spread on his eyes. I stood up. He moved back. Was he...scare? Of me? A smirk played on my lips. I ran close to him. He started moving more and more back. I almost caught up with him when I hear-

" Garu! Come on let's go!" I glanced back.

Abyo called he glanced at me brieftly, then back at Garu.

" If you don't get out. Tobe will keep looking here, you have to hide," he told him.

I froze in place. Abyo knows him?..He nodded to Abyo in the same moment disappearing by jumping up. I watched amazed. He's the one! I mean The ONE. ..He..I slightly remembered what Abyo and the blue ninja called him...Garu.

.Garu. Garu, Garu, Garu, Garu,Garu ( heart) His name was like pure melody to my ears.

" Pucca!" CHing catched up, huffing. I looked at her with eyes bright...

" Garu," I spoke.

Ching took a step back. Shock crossing her face. I giggled. My whole world changed by the one word, one name, one person. Garu. He..was my life now...my one and only and..I'm keen to keep looking for him.

" P-Pucca. You just spoke! Garu? Whose that," Ching eyes became bright too.

The only word she has heard me speak since knowing me. Now I can't keep my mouth shut.

" Garu, Garu, Garu, Garu. Did you see him?," I hop up and down.

My ponytails swinging from side to side.

" I wish I did! I only saw Abyo! Oh Pucca I love your voice!" Ching giggled with me.

I try collecting my thoughts. Abyo knows him. I must see him again! I have to! Even if he disappears. There's no way he can anymore, I'll search him and you can hell of bet I'll find him.


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