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Chapter 9. Indecisive Spinner

My heart begins racing so rapidly I'm almost terrified that it will burst out of my heart. I can't even react properly. Could I possibly be dead? What if I actually fell down the cliff and all of this is just an illusion, a very good illusion because obviously I can't be alive. It was the most amazing feeling on earth! If I weren't so shock I think I might've enjoyed it more. Garu abruptly pulls away, making a face while he glances away.

" N-N-Never done that before," he replies shakily as if because of what he did, he was going to die.

My mouth was hanging wide open. I know I must look insane, with tears still sprawled all over my cheek. Garu doesn't even glance at me, but even with his back towards me I knew he was blushing. I swear my heart almost stopped when he kissed me. All of a sudden I burst out laughing. This is completely CRAZY! I HAD JUST BEEN KISSED BY GARU! GARU! MY GOD! If a person can grow into loving another person even more I think I have. I'm still confuse about the kiss, but right now I don't want to ruin the image in my head so I just say.." Thank you," as wholeheartedly as I could. Garu turns back at me. Our eyes locked with each other. Garu lets out a heavy sigh, crossing his arms, he looked like he wanted to say more but decides against it. I smile at him. Maybe my guidelines are working better than expected. Wiping away the remaining tears, I begin to stand up. Wobbly at first. The side effects from the drink still on me.

" Where are you going?" Garu asks, the first thing he said since I said thank you. I push the sleeves from his hoodie up.

" Those guys got away…-that won't happen twice," I shoot him a grin, as I crack my knuckles. Garu arches his eyebrows, momentarily looking surprise.

" Pucca…," there's a hint of warning in his voice.

" We're going to hunt them down and make them pay. Are you with me?" I ask him, words so important to me. Garu looked taken aback for a moment, but then his lips twitched into a smile.

" Yes," he says with a new sense of eagerness.

I nod, then burst into a run. For a moment I imagine asking the question differently. Will you be with me forever?…So badly did I want to ask about the kiss, but I couldn't believe it quite yet. All this seems like a dream. Garu runs close behind me.

I come to a halt. I notice from a distance a small town There's no other region close by, so they must be somewhere here. I'm just barge my way through every house when Garu stops me.

" Hold up. Are you sure we should go like this?"

I turn to him with a frown. " What do you mean?" just as I say this I know exactly what he means. Even with Garu's hoodie, my dress was still ripped. I didn't mind the fact that it was ripped anymore, but if I'm going after those guys I rather wear something more comfortable. Garu glances away from me.

" I've seen them before- Muji and his zombie minions-…they're not very early risers. We can surprise them in the morning," he suggests.

I let out a disappointed sigh, he's right, besides I'm still a bit dizzy from the drink.

" So then…-," I start, to say when I glance towards the town until I see a hotel. Hotel….It's too far to go back to the ship…Fantasies swirled in my head suddenly as I glance at the hotel. Garu alone with me?!

" ACKGH!" I squeal, covering my face.

Garu pulls out his sword in a sudden motion, alarmed. " Is something wrong?" he asks, once again looking around nervously.

" No. It's just…," my wild imagination thinking of things that I shouldn't " Where are we going to stay the night?" I ask instead, a hint of eagerness getting across from my voice. Garu frowns, putting his sword behind his back. He began looking around, when suddenly his eyes stopped at the hotel.

" Oh," he suddenly took a step back. As if he understood where my squeal came from. " NO! Definitely not!" Garu says as if reading my mind.

" It's just one night, we can't go back to the ship-"

" We can sleep out here- I mean a hotel and you-," Garu stops abruptly.

Me? " What about me?" again I felt a thumping in my heart. He stays silent and turns away. I glance down at his hoodie….maybe this is just too much for him. What has happened recently is probably too much for him to handle. I remember Number 69: TAKING THINGS SLOW. Thunder brew above us, we definitely won't he staying out here. Garu's face was mortifying, he looked terrified at the single idea of sharing a room, completely alone. I smile gently, it's not like we haven't shared a room. We did sort of sleep together in the ship.

" I won't bite Garu," I took his hand, remembering how warm it was from under his gloves. Garu gave me a look that meant somewhere around the lines of yeah right and hard to believe. " Trust me," I ignore the shudder revolting throughout him. When we get there I order a two bedroom room, knowing that for sure Garu will never handle the one-room thing. Once inside I start locating the extra set of clothes. Garu didn't say anything while I order food and manage to find suitable clothes to wear for tomorrow. I kept my mind occupied, but my mind keeps returning to the events of tonight. He even admitted that he was jealous-but did he truly mean it, or was he just trying to comfort me? Hmm…

I take a shower first, partly because Garu was too paranoid with having me here. He didn't want to take the chance that I might sneak in while he's taking a shower. Like I would do that! Jeez I am not a pervert…-well okay I would actually be thrilled to see Garu naked.. AAACRK! (squeal!)-but I won't. Garu has already done enough for me tonight- I will let him take a shower in peace. As I remove Garu hoddie I hug it close to me, cherishing the person it belonged to. Could you be falling in love with me.-

I wait as Garu takes his shower, meanwhile forcing my brain to not think certain things. I pull out a piece of paper, wondering to myself what to add to the list when I see Garu come out. Some part of my mind wanted a sexy bare-chested wearing only a towel Garu, dripping wet- I shake myself out of the images and focus on Garu, who is wearing a black shirt, hair still wet, and his usual black pants. He purposely avoids looking at me, the blush still evident in his face. The room turns awkward- I scribble on the paper- this tension is weird. After I while I realize I scribbled hearts and Garu's name all over the paper. I put the paper away and grab the hoodie.

" Um. Here you go. Thanks for letting me borrow it," I decide to break the tension by handing him his hoodie back.

Garu nods, taking his hoodie back without a word. The silence echoes through.. Garu looks away, frowning. I sat up from my bed and walk to his. He stiffen immediately, another blush creeping in his cheeks again.

" Why did you kiss me?" I ask, unable to hold in the question anymore. I needed to know. Garu cheeks reddened.

" I don't know…impulse," he mumble nervously.

" But you said you were jealous-were you really or did you just say that to cheer me up?" I watch his expression carefully.

" I wish I knew-…look it was a sudden thing- I-," he blushes furiously, bolting up from the bed. He seemed so confuse that I couldn't help a but smile. " It was an impulse something overcame me at the moment you looked-,"

The way I looked? A plan formed in my lips. Maybe I could have some fun with this. " So…you think I'm pretty?" I grin.

" Um."

" You were acting on impulse, because of the way I looked?"

" Um."

" Or did the whole night made your heart open up to me more. Made you more attractive to me?" I sneak in closer to him.

" Um…," he backs away.

Now I know I said I wouldn't go crazy on him, but just a little fun wouldn't exactly hurt now would it. " That would explain why you kissed me and admitted to being jealous-you are attractive to me aren't you!" I step closer.

He moved back, looking as if he were trapped. Oh Garu. He was just too much fun to tease.

" Are you attracted to me now?" I am face to face with him. His eyes were desperately seeking for a way out. " Will you kiss me again?" I lean closer inches from his face. Garu froze for only an instant before abruptly moving away.

" You said you wouldn't-," Garu started, but I interrupted him by pouncing on him, just a like a cat would pounce on it's prey. That made Garu tumble down, bringing me along with him. I start covering him in short kisses all over his face.

" P-Pucca! What are you doing?!" Garu's eyes widen completely caught by utter surprise, while his face turned different shades of color. I continue to cover him in kisses, pinning him down below me.

" Relax I'm only having a little fun," I tease with a giggle.

" Little fun? Urgh.-Pucca," Garu gulps.

I kiss one cheek, then the next, then the space between his eyebrows, then his forehead, etc- Garu tried pushing me away, but I didn't let him get away. I was just having too much fun.

" Stop" Garu hands suddenly locked on my wrist, twirling around so he can pin me to the floor. I froze below him, he also froze as our eyes locked. Garu was on top of me…pinning me down..-he wasn't moving away…I lean forward to kiss him when-

" Good evening! Room service- the sign said unoccupied so-," a service lady walks in, stopping when she saw Garu on top of me, pinning down and grasping both my wrist to the ground.

" Oh my-I'm so sorry! Excuse me! I didn't mean to interrupt," The woman blushes as she walks away.

Garu immediately gets off from on top of me, blushing still another shade of red. I burst out laughing. That poor lady thought something else was happening. Garu ran a hand through his hair, nervously. Bummer, I wonder what might've happen if that room service lady hadn't walked in on us. I steal a glance at Garu. I crawl my way towards him.

" Hey? Are you okay?" maybe I had teased him too much.

Garu looked pale. Oh-Oh. I reach to touch his forehead, but he stops my hand before I could touch it.

" That's enough," he replies, hand still locked on my wrist.

" I'm sorry Garu- I'll behave now…although you have to admit that was pretty funny," I smile at him.

He doesn't smile, he lets go of my hand, crossing his arms in front of him. Suddenly I remember Number 63 Showing Delicate Affection, maybe I should try to calm down a bit. I came close to him. He went rigid at my proximity.

" Garu today was one of the best days of my life, thank you! I truly couldn't love someone better. I really love you," I say, giving him one small peck in the cheeks, before pulling slightly apart. I grab his arm next. Garu was ready to leave, until I turn around and grabbed his next hand.

" Er. Now what are you doing," Garu voice was full of alarm.

I wrapped his arms around me so that it seemed I was cuddled in his arms.

" I'm only getting myself comfortable," I whisper leaning back, his breath came through the side of my cheek. I snuggle his arms tightly around me, closing my eyes. With my eyes close I whispered. " I love you Garu-never forget that! I won't lose you," he was just too valuable to loose. Garu remained quiet, his posture still tense.

" Do you love me now?" I asked meekly because I was already too sleepy to wait for an answer. A moment I thought I felt his hands wrap around me…or was that just me?

When I woke up I was in the bed instead of in Garu's arms. I bolt up and wonder where Garu was. I finally see him on the opposite bed. I yawn. Ah! What a great night! I notice the clock ticking 5:30 A.M Instead of heading back to sleep I crawl next to Garu, who was still sleeping. I grin staring at his sleeping form when he suddenly bolted in his sleep. I thought it was because of me-but soon I realize he was having a bad dream.

" Mom-don't go-don't leave," he mumbled.

My attention was caught at that…hmm…

" I won't…Father! NOO! I will bring honor! I will- I won't let you down," Garu mumbled twisting around from place to place, until he bumps into me. His eyes open. He frowns when he saw me. " Pucca what are you doing in my drea-," he suddenly sprang up. " What the-since when are you-."

I wonder what happened to Garu's family. Maybe something so horrible that's why he is seeking honor, he never talked about his parents.

" I got cold," I answer, my excuse to why I was next to him.

Garu stayed silent wiping sweat forming in the top of his forehead.

" You're cute when you sleep," I mumble, getting up from the bed.

Garu gave me a look.

" Mm..I'm starving let's go eat then we can go kick some zombies asses!" I felt enthusiastic. Maybe fate was letting the doors to Garu's heart open up to me because from the corner of my eyes I thought I saw Garu smile. The doors were definitely opening.

( 3rd person POV)

" Pucca that's her name. She's our most valuable key-," Tobe murmured early the next morning. " If I plan on getting Garu out of the way, I need to use her.. Garu is just an idiot. Doesn't he know that having a girlfriend no matter how strong she is, will always end in tragedy for a ninja-," Tobe thought, absently touching his scar.


It took only 10 minutes for us to track the groups of zombies. I got to say when it came to beating up certain jerks, both Garu and I were too thrilled. So I handled the few 8 and the rest. Knocking one after another like pints. Up until I came to mustache man, Muji.

I narrow my eyes at him, threatening. " Please do anything to me but don't harm the mustache please!" Muji begs as I grip his shirt. " You were about to kill me!" I yell at him. " Maybe I should shave your mustache permanently then-,"

" NOO! Anything but that! We were just following orders! Not my mustache!"

" Orders?" Garu and I ask at the same time.

" Yeah. They were only orders, that the only reason we attacked you-"

" By who?" Garu ask.

" You should know Garu," Muji smirks at him.

Garu's eyes narrow, he move in front of him. " What did Tobe order you to do?" he ask angrily.

I was actually surprised to see him this angry.

" So it's true then-," Muji glance over at me.

" We're not together," Garu replied, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

I frown, staring between them.

" Tobe thinks so-besides after yesterday I doubt you can say otherwise Garu. I saw you kiss her,"

Garu face became really serious. " What did Tobe tell you," Garu demands.

" That you better watch out, he's coming after you, especially now that he knows your weakness." Muji turns to me.

My hands clench. I am no one's weakness! Tobe should know that by now.

" He's hell bent on getting some sort of revenge,"

Garu pulls back. " Where is Tobe?" he demands, something in his voice making the atmosphere heavy.

" How will I know?" Muji replies stroking his mustache.

I glare at him. I'm seriously about to rip that mustache from his face when Garu starts heading out the door. " Let's go-," his voice suddenly sounds different.

My eyes lock with Muji. Not yet. With one quick move I kicked him out. " Don't you dare mess with Garu and me again!" I warn before running quickly down the stairs to catch up with Garu. I rush down too quickly. I almost fell. Garu manages to hold me before I fell. A slight hesitation occurs before he let's go immediately, a frown stretching on his perfect lips.

" We need to hurry and find the others" he mumble avoiding me.


" Garu…-What's wrong?" What had changed? Why was he acting this way? So distant. I walk faster to grip his hand, but he walked quickly away avoiding all possible hand contact. Hmmm~

" WHAT NO WAY!" Ching hands flew up as I told her about what had happen. " I can't believe you! Gosh! That's so romantic, all I did was stay here! I tried convincing Abyo to go shopping with me, be he said shopping was for girls-pfft as if! He is the one that takes the longest every time we go shopping."

I smile sympathetically. " Maybe we can go shopping." I suggest.

" That sounds great!..oh! But what about Garu?"

I let out a sigh. " Garu has been acting pretty strange lately. He is sort of acting distant, besides since yesterday whenever we accidentally touch or brush against each other he just- well I don't know he's acting strange,"

" You didn't try another spell right?" Ching asks.

I shook my head. " Either way! I will love to go shopping!" I think back of what may happen if Garu kisses me again. " I'll try my guidelines later tonight." I promised.

" Yay!'' Ching hugs me in which I hug back.

(BONUS * Garu's POV! ~~~~xD)

" Tobe must be around here somewhere- he must be following me," I peel a piece of meat from my plate and hand it to Mio.

" Why are you worried about Tobe? Since when are you worried about Tobe?! You always beat him," Abyo put a plateful of food in his mouth.

I keep my gaze on Mio, who was clawing for another piece.

" Don't tell me you're afraid of him,"

I glare at my best friend. " I am not afraid of Tobe,"

"Then what are you afraid of?" Abyo frowns confused.

I turn away, deciding not to answer that. How can I? When I don't even know exactly..-

" Oh..I see," A smirk begins spreading on his lips.

See what? What is there to see.

" It's Pucca isn't it-,"

" What does she have to do with this!" I practically yell back.

" Whoa whoa! I little to defensive Garu," the smirk spread wider.


" Of course it's Pucca. Wow Garu you are truly becoming a man now," Abyo pretends to wipe tears away.

I roll my eyes, my hands clenching. Pucca this, Pucca that did she have to be in everything.

" It's okay to feel concern about your girlfriend's safety you know," Abyo murmurs.

" She can handle herself fine without me-," I think back to the Zombie attack. So vulnerable-I've never seen her so fragile. So much that I felt like holding her…I shake my head before realizing I made a mistake-

Abyo grin widely. " Did I just hear you not object to-"

" She's not my girlfriend!" I quickly say, trying to correct my mistake. The hell! How had I let that slip!

" Denial!"

" She has a crazy crush on me I don't-"

" Denial!"

" I don't like-"

" Denial!"

" Can't you say something else other than denial!" I groan, glaring at him.

" Opposition" Abyo suggest with a grin.

Ugh! That's it! I knock him down, he grins from the ground.

" Oh so not it's up to uncontrolled love rage huh?"

I frown, just as Abyo takes his shirt off, quickly darting to punch me back. Of course we're only messing around. After a while we began laughing. I extend my hand to help Abyo up when down the hall we hear Ching and Pucca. My shoulders tense automatically, a natural reaction.

" Haha so by the time Ring Ring realize who she was kissing it was too late! Dada was the happiest man alive the whole next day," Ching told Pucca, who giggles in return.

A giggle I've come to know too well.

" Dada isn't so bad-," Pucca murmurs. " I mean in a strange way he is a tinsy bitsy cute,"

A shiver ran down my spine involuntarily. Cute..the first time I heard her say that without referring to me.

" In a way yes. Not really in appearance though. Are you ready to go?"

" Yeah I'm ready let's go!"

Wait..where were they going?

" Hey where do you think they're going? Maybe we should follow them,"

" Why?" I frown, but something was making me want to go check.

" Come on! Wouldn't they have told us if it was non important. They must be up to something,"

I look towards the door. " They'll be fine," I reply forcefully.

" Oh yeah? Remember last time they left-the whole crazy things that happen after!"

My eyes widen. He has a point there. I shiver, remembering the spell…ugh. That's going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

" So are you following them or not?"

I remain silent, unsure.

" Okay…what if Pucca and Ching are attack? You said Tobe was near."

A jolt came to my body suddenly. " Pucca can handle Tobe," I reply, but my tone is different now.

" Well I'm going. You can come if you want," Abyo went to retrieve a new shirt.

I stay in the kitchen for a while. Mio jumped up to the chair. " Mrow" he gave me a stare down, as if he is asking me why I haven't already left.

" Pucca will be fine," I say crossing my arms.

Why should I worry anyway? She's not my girlfriend, she's just a girl, who is actually quite great, but possessive, who is actually pretty but- ARGH~ What am I thinking? I frown deeper. Am I sick? What's wrong with me lately? It's as if my body is acting on impulse. I really need to start mediating more. Recently I have found that holding Pucca isn't so bad-kissing her was definitely not as gross as I thought I'd be…-

" I am DEFINITELY sick!" I gasp, while I swear Mio rolled his feline eyes at me.

Suddenly I think back to Tobe. Whether Pucca was my girlfriend or not. Tobe will be after her now, now that he knows how close she is to me. Pucca is smart, but something like what happen with Muji could happen again. I don't want to see her hurt because of me. I want to protect her..but why? It's only been months since I met her…why is everything feeling stranger. Why is she affecting me so much? Everything is changing, all because of her…-…why?-

" Okay I'm going," Abyo called from the hallway. I sigh, not even thinking twice. " Hold up I'm going," I call out..


Shopping…(twitch) They went shopping? I glare at Abyo. We came all the way here just because they went shopping.

" Well I guess we have nothing to worry about," Abyo laughs.

I was still glaring at him.

" Hey, but since we're here…OH! LOOK! Leather jackets are on sale!" Abyo left.

I sigh, irritated. My eyes travel back to Pucca. A smile stretching in her face. When she smiles so naturally like that, she looks radiant…argh! I force myself to look at Abyo, who apparently couldn't find his usual rip shirts.

Why am I noticing her smile or her laugh? Or the way she looks?

A couple guys walk beside me murmuring. " Hey look at those cuties over there! The one with that chicken in her hair and the one in red!"

I stiffen. Why was I even feeling jealous? Wait was it jealousy? I don't like her that way. The guys went over to Ching and Pucca. My hands clench as they began flirting. She's just a girl- I don't like her- I don't-"

" Hey Garu! Do you think this fits me? It's not that easy to rip off it though,"

" Why do I care?!" I snap more to myself than Abyo.

" Okay..jeez. What is your problem, got something against leather shirts?"

I ignore him, realizing Pucca had just punch one of them to the ground. " Sorry but I'm taken," she snapped at the dude.

I rose an eyebrow amused, a laugh wanting to escape for no reason at all.

" You do?"

" Yup! I already have someone I love and he can't be replaced," Pucca smiles, suddenly noticing me. " Actually he's right over there!" she skipped her way over to me.

I should've run away, why was I still standing? She linked her arms with mine. Out of all things to felt actually nice- Ugh! I quickly take my arm back, ignoring the look of hurt cross her face.

" What are you doing here?" she ask quick to hide it with a smile.

Oh crap! I didn't want to tell her I followed her…

" Abyo wanted to go shopping," I blurt.

" Oh really?" Ching crosses her arms, glaring at Abyo.

Abyo was too busy trying new shirts to even care. Pucca gently smiles.

" See you later then"

" You're leaving?" I almost gasp.

Once Pucca was this close to me, she never left so suddenly. It was weird. Then again why should I care? Pucca looks surprise for a moment, then grins, she lean forward to kiss me on the cheek, before leaving with Ching, who by the way couldn't stop saying aww. A blush emerged in my cheeks.

I AM A NINJA! Why is this happening to me? Am I starting to like her that way?..I gulp. No-Hell No! That'can't happen! I have an honor to achieve! I can't focus on her! NO WAY.

" Oops-,"

My head jerks up to see an oddly dress person with 3 Xs mark on it's forehead. Tobe's ninjas. I narrow my eyes ready to attack when a piece of clothing lands on top of me. What the hell? I remove it.

" Yup! This is the shirt! Babes will totally go crazy for me" Abyo grin.

" Abyo!" I groan, noticing the ninja already gone.

" Huh? You want this shirt too?"

I sigh irritated.


Tobe has to be close. If I saw one of the ninjas. So it is true. He's after Pucca..- All because he think she's my girlfriend. I think of this as Abyo and I head back to the ship.

" Hey Garu I've been meaning to ask you something for a while," Abyo says seriously.

I gawk at my best friend. I've never heard him sound this serious before-

" I've known you for years. Pucca has only known you for months and you're completely changing"

" What!" Preposterous! I stuff my glove hands on my hoodie.

"Think about it. No girl has ever had such a strong hold as her. She even broke your vow of silence. Every girl who has come your way leaves you alone, she hasn't."

" That's because she's persistent," I mumble, but he is right. Most girls who developed crushes on me sort of went their own way. Pucca hasn't…

" Why don't you just go out with her? You kissed her already didn't you?"


No one but Pucca was supposed to know about that. Muji and now Abyo. Ugh.

" Ching told me," Abyo snicker.

I blush furiously.

" In my life Garu I really never thought you would kiss a girl,"

" I was not- I- um-I," I stammer, remembering the kiss. I am not even sure how it happen. One moment I'm just offering her my hoddie the next, I lean in to her and kiss her? Insanity I tell you! I'm getting sick.

Abyo laughs.

I felt like covering my face and punching Abyo as well

" Look I've known Pucca a long time too. She's my friend . You're making her suffer, just agree to be her slave of a boyfriend already,"

" What if I don't want to be!" I reply unable to cover the blush in my face.

Damn it Abyo.

" Come on dude. You clearly like her"

"WHAT!" I yell.

" If I were you I would try it out. I mean everyone pretty much considers you two a couple already, even Tobe. So it makes no difference, to everyone else if you two are going out."

I frown. What have I gotten myself into.

" On the other hand..if you go all lovey dovey again-urgh no don't ever get a girlfriend,"

Do I like Pucca? Is the feelings stirring across because I'm developing feelings for her. Am I falling in love with her.

" Garu!"

I turn just as she swings her arms around me. Her lips touch my cheek, to dangerously close to my mouth. I notice sheets of paper on her other hand. Her love guidelines. Pucca is actually someone very unique. Even with her clinginess. I do think she's amazing.

" I'm trying Number 68 tonight!" she grins.

I sigh, but for some odd reason a smile pulls up.

" You never quit do you?" I murmur.

" Never will," she confirms, lips locking on my own. Instead of the usual UGH! Thought another thought came to me instead what if I let her be my girlfriend?…? No, No, No , No! I swear something is wrong with me! I have to do something about this?

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