If there was one thing Shizuo had learned over his years was that, in Ikebukuro, there was a fine line between love and hate. After all, passion was passion, however one chose to express it. Yet, he supposed, there had to be some sort of transition between the two. They couldn't be considered the same emotion, could they?

Shizuo was not one to analyze his own feelings, and this new train of thought was already making him uncomfortable. He turned back to the baffling letter that had caused this inner turmoil.

It was a simple piece of white lined paper, crumpled around the edges from Shizuo clenching it so hard. The neat, cursive writing that adorned its surface was painfully familiar to him.

'Hey Shizu-chan,' it read,

'Can you guess what day it is? I wouldn't expect you to know, but it's Valentine's Day. I bet you don't even have a date. How pathetic. I guess not even your good looks can cover up your horrible personality.

'It's no wonder I hate you so much. I've hated you from the moment I met you. You could even say it was hate at first sight. I utterly despise everything about you from your silky golden hair to your nicely toned body. But your eyes are truly what I hate the most. The way you glare at me drives me insane with intense longing - longing to drive my knife into your skull, of course. In fact, I loathe you so much that I could spend all night making sweet hate to you.

'If you're interested, drop by my apartment sometime.

'Without love,

'Izaya Orihara'

Perhaps it was morbid curiosity, or some sort of twisted desire to take Izaya up on his offer, but Shizuo just couldn't bring himself to throw the letter into the garbage where it belonged. It was probably the flea's sick idea of a joke, but it got him thinking… At what point did hate become obsession, obsession become lust, and lust become…



A/N: When fangirls attack, that's when! And yes, this was originally written for Valentine's Day, but I got distracted by a pretty butterfly and didn't post it until now.

Fun fact: the first draft of this fic originally had the line, 'You could even bring your brother along' at the end of Izaya's letter. Did I take it out for better or for worse? Review, please!