JR almost fell out of his wheelchair when Jock announced that he shot JR. "What did you say?" asked JR.

"I shot you," said Jock as he pointed a finger towards JR. "And don't you try to press charges."

"Well," sighed Kristen. "Hasn't this been a productive day."

"Yes it has," said Sue Ellen. "JR has finally screwed up! Now Kristen is pregnant, with your baby, JR!"

"But I thought that I used protection!" shouted JR as he turned to Kristen. "Weren't you on birth control?"

"No," said Kristen. "I blew all of my money on something else."

"Weren't you a secretary at Ewing Oil?" asked Sue Ellen. "So shouldn't you have known the pin number to the company bank account?"

"I had just left whenever this happened," said Kristen. "Uncle Jock changes the pin number after a secretary leaves, don't you?" Kristen turned to Jock.

"I never changed the pin number," said Jock. "Maybe you should ask JR?"

"Daddy," said JR as he rolled over to Jock. "I changed it because I didn't trust Kristen enough when she left. I could so see her stealing Ewing funds."

"What?" shouted Kristen. She walked over and slapped JR across the face. "You asshole. You really believe that?"

"Kristen," said JR. "I believe that you would do anything, just so you can be entertained."

"Uncle Jock," shouted Kristen as she turned to face Jock. "Where's your gun? I would like to pump some lead into JR!"

"Nobody else is going to shoot JR!" shouted Jock.

"Thank you, Daddy!" said JR as he rolled over to Jock. "Now, Daddy, I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't tell Mamma about Kristen and I." JR turned to face Sue Ellen and he said, "You too Sue Ellen."

"Sure," said Sue Ellen. "I won't tell anybody.

"Thank you, Sue Ellen," said JR before turning to Jock. "What about you, Daddy? Please don't tell Mamma."

"Your mamma shall never know of Kristen's baby," said Jock. "Becauseā€¦"

"Uncle Jock," interrupted Kristen. "Don't!"

"No, Kristen! It has to come out in the open," said Jock.

"What, Daddy?" JR said as he rolled away from Jock.

"JR," said Jock. "Kristen's baby isn't yours, it's mine!"