3rd Person

It's the summer after Alisa and Charlie first met on Alisa's quest to discover more about her heritage. They're both on summer break spending time in Gloucester. Alisa is staying with her Uncle Sam and Charlie with his dad. Alisa has just finished her sophomore year in high school and Charlie, who graduated high school early at the age of 17, has finished his first year in college. The two are excited to see each other again.

Evelyn, Alisa's grandmother, is hosting dinner. Alisa, Sam, Charlie, Ruth, and Bridgid are all attending. Evelyn is at the head of the table with Ruth to her right, and Bridgid to Ruth's right, Sam is to Evelyn's left, Alisa to his left, and Charlie to her left. Charlie is sitting directly across from Bridgid, who continuously shoots him dirty looks throughout the entire dinner. All is quiet until Alisa breaks the silence a good ways into the dinner.

"So, I've begun experimenting with magick, and it turns out my defeating the dark wave wasn't a fluke and I really am powerful. Lita, a friend of mine suggested that I bind my mother's tools to me, so I did and now they feel just right," Alisa says using the name she calls her grandmother. Now she and Charlie are holding hands under the table and Bridgid gives Alisa a particularly hateful look. Does Bridgid know that we're holding hands? Alisa wonders to herself.

"That's wonderful Alisa!" Evelyn tells her.

"Charlie, how is college going?" Ruth asks in a kind voice, considering Charlie broke her daughter's heart.

"Oh, it's going quite well, actually! There happen to be some other blood witches at my college and we've started a coven named Withàn. There are 9 members, including me. My friend Josh leads our circles," he says.

"Oh, how exciting!" Ruth exclaims.


It's Alisa and Charlie's second day back in Gloucester and they've decided to have a day to themselves.

"So, where should we go today?" Alisa asks Charlie when he comes to pick her up at her Uncle Sam's house, where she's staying.

"Well, I was thinking, could we go grab a bite at Rocconi's Pizzeria on Middle Street?" he suggests.

"Yeah, sounds perfect!" Alisa responds. In fact, to Alisa it sounds more than perfect, a whole day with Charlie, just her and him.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get to Rocconi's. The pizza was served in less than twenty minutes, which gave them time to catch up on each other's lives since Spring break.

"Do you know what a mùirn beatha dàn is?" Charlie asks Alisa.

"Yes, I told you I've been studying Wicca! Wait, why?" is her response.

"I think we might be mùirn beatha dàns," he states.

"That would be way cool! I mean, people go their whole lives without ever finding their mùirn beatha dàn, and to find mine when I'm only 15 would be incredible!" Alisa exclaims.

"Do I even have one? Or is it just a full blood witch thing?" she asks.

"Everyone has one, full blood witches, half-witches, non-witches, everyone," he tells her.

"Oh, then maybe we are. I hope so!" Alisa says sincerely.

"Evelyn seems to be warming up to you," Charlie says, changing the subject.

"Yeah. I'm so happy she gave me my mother's tools!" Alisa says.

"Hey, do you want to learn some magick?" Charlie asks.

"Sure! Like what?" Alisa responds.

Charlie says, "How to send a witch message."

"That sounds really cool! You've got to teach me!" Alisa exclaims.

"First I'll show you what it's like to receive one," says Charlie. So, he sends Alisa a message saying 'I missed seeing you after you left.'

"That's amazing! So how do I respond?" she says.

"Just think really hard about who you're trying to send it to. Picturing them in your mind helps. Try it!" Charlie tells her.

Alisa tries sending the message 'I missed you, too.'

"Did you get it?" she asks Charlie.

"Yes," he says.

They sit there conversing through witch messages for the next forty-five minutes.