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Everything was gone. Looking around, Naruto could see nothing but endless light and color. He couldn't see Sasuke, couldn't see anything but the lights around him, burning his eyes. He felt short of breath, and gripped his chest, feeling the great hole that had been punched there from Sasuke's Chidori, feeling it healing even as he felt it and the pain that shot through it at the single touch.

"What's happening?" he wheezed, barely even managing to speak the words. "Am I dead? Where am I?" Nobody answered. He never expected anyone to. He was alone. All alone. Nobody to hear him. Nobody to answer him. Nobody to help him.

"Sasuke!" he shouted. "Are you there?" Still, there was nobody. He was floating in a sea of nothingness. He tried to remember how he got there. Tried to remember anything. He remembered the mission. He was supposed to bring Sasuke back to the village after the boy defected. He remembered a valley. He remembered a fight. He remembered pain, and he remembered light. The very light that surrounded him, threatening to consume his very being if he allowed it.

As another wave of pain erupted from his wounded chest, and he hunched up in pain. "Someone..." he whispered. "Please help me..." His vision began to blur, but as if in answer to his plea, a new light appeared, shaped like a cross, with a loop at the top. A figure appeared before him, before all was dark.

Waking with a start, Naruto was thankful that the lights were gone. The room was dimly lit with a few candles, and he found himself in a very comfortable bed, though the room was about as far from a hospital room as anyone could get. Sitting up, he still noticed some pain still in his chest, and he looked down, finding much of his body covered in bandages. They looked clean, like they had only just been changed, and he looked around, finally noticing the woman next to the bed.

"You're awake," she said. "That's good. But you still need to rest. We let your body's unnatural abilities heal you, but you aren't fully back to normal yet." Naruto looked at her, taking in her appearance. She was human, that much he could tell. She had long, black hair which was tied back, tan skin, and green eyes. She wore a pair of greenish-blue pants, and a yellow shirt, embroidered with a small red gem around the collar. In her ears, Naruto recognized the shape of her earrings as that of the strange light that had appeared among the others before he passed out.

"I'll be fine, but thank you," he said, sitting up further and propping himself up with pillows. "Where you the one who saved me?" The woman shook her head.

"That was my husband," she said. "When he found you, you were close to death. He brought you here and we've both been keeping watch on you while you recovered. "My name is Inza."

"How long was I out?" asked Naruto, rubbing his sore chest.

"Nearly four days," replied Inza, a look of concern crossing her face for a moment. "Whatever happened must have taken a lot out of you. I think it best if my husband explains the rest to you. Closing her eyes, Naruto quirked an eyebrow as she seemed to talk to herself.

"Kent, our guest is awake." After a moment of silence, she opened her eyes to continue speaking. "He'll be with us in a moment. Care for something to eat?" As she spoke, she revealed a cart next to her, and causing a fire to enter Naruto's eyes as he saw the many bowls of ramen. Not even giving thought to how they seemed to know how much he enjoyed the noodle dish, Naruto eagerly accepted the offer, plowing into one of the bowls. Inza actually covered her mouth to suppress a laugh at how quickly he ate.

Both of their attentions were grabbed though, when a light appeared, in the same shape as before, and a figure once more appeared from it. He wore all blue, in what appeared to be a one-piece suit. It had a gold belt and cape, the latter of which flared up into a collar, and connected in front to a gold amulet. He wore a pair of golden gloves as well. But what really captured his attention was the helmet. It covered the man's entire head. Rather than eyes being visible through the eye-holes of the helmet, there was only glowing voids of white.

"I hope you find yourself well rested, my young friend," said the man. "You may call me, Doctor Fate. You've already met my wife, Inza." Naruto swallowed his great mouthful of noodles at the man, before placing the bowl down and clapping his hands together, giving the best bow he could in his awkward position.

"I thank you for your hospitality, and for saving my life," he said, seriously. "My name is-"

"Naruto, yes I know," said Doctor Fate, holding up his hand. "Please forgive the intrusion, but after bringing you here, I entered your mind to try to find out what had happened. And also, to find out how you were healing on your own, and so quickly."

"So then you must know about the Fox," said Naruto dejectedly, getting a nod from Fate.

"Indeed. While inside your mind, I came across the Kyuubi. I must say, the seal holding him back is very impressive. If it wasn't for the beast and the seal, you would have surly died in the fight against your friend." Naruto growled angrily at not only being reminded of his 'friend' but also the hidden implication.

"If it wasn't for the Fox and seal, I would have been treated better in the village, wouldn't have such terrible chakra control, and would have been trained properly. If it wasn't for the Fox and seal, I very likely could have won the fight," he said. Fate seemed to think it over for a moment.

"Perhaps," he said. "But the facts remain that you did not have proper training, and you did have the fox. Either way, you are lucky to be alive." Naruto grunted in irritation and pain, but conceded the point.

"What happened to me anyway?" he asked. "One minute, we were fighting, the next, I was alone in the light."

"The Dark energies you bother were using to fight with empowered your attacks to the point, that colliding together, it created a rift in the delicate fabric of space and time. I cannot say for certain what became of your friend, but I can tell you that you were flung to a place outside of your reality. How a twelve year old managed to survive an experience like that, fox or no fox, is nothing short of amazing," said Doctor Fate.

"It was probably just luck," said Naruto. "I've always been extremely lucky."

"I do not think so," replied Fate with a shake of his head. "I don't believe that your survival was mere luck. Somehow, you managed to call out to me, which is how I found you. That, my friend, was not mere luck or coincidence."

"Then what was it?" asked Naruto, confused.

"Fate," replied the man with the golden helmet. "It was fate that you survived and are in such good health. Fate that called me to you."

"That's crazy," said Naruto. "Why would 'fate' lead me anywhere but back where I belong?"

"Perhaps because where you belong is not where you will find your purpose in life," said Inza, and Fate nodded.

"I could teach you much," said Fate. "Help you find just what your purpose in life is."

"Why?" asked Naruto. "I've never done anything for you? So why would you do all this for me?"

"Call it, my purpose," said Fate, before teleporting away, Inza following behind. Even without being in the room, Fate's voice still echoed as though he were standing next to the blonde shinobi. "The choice is yours and yours alone. Consider my offer, and give your answer when you are ready." Naruto just sighed, placing his hand on his head as he went back to eating the bowl of ramen sitting on his lap.

Going through the few other bowls on the cart, he fell back to sleep on a full stomach. However, while his body rested, his mind was compelled to seek out the Fox. The being may be full of hate and demonic power, but Naruto knew that the Kyuubi had far more years under his belt than even the oldest ninja, and would probably be able to give him at least a bit of advice on the subject.

Walking up to the bars of the cage that housed the massive demon, who gazed down at his jailer in amusement and curiosity. "I was wondering when you'd come to me," he said, his voice calm and deep as ever. "You wish to know if what this 'Doctor Fate' said was true?" Naruto nodded, and the fox smirked.

"Every word of it," he announced. "So what are you going to do? Go back home to once more be shunned and humiliated?" Naruto growled in frustration.

"What the hell do you mean?" he shouted up at the giant monstrosity. "I wouldn't be shunned or humiliated."

"Oh, but I guarantee you would," said the fox, pressing itself up to the bars of the cage. "It was your mission to bring back that bastard spawn of an Uchiha to the village. Not only did you fail that mission, and in so doing, failed your pink-haired female, but with the time having been passed, you've probably already being labeled either MIA or KIA, or if the council of that pathetic village has its way, a missing-nin. Going back to that place will do you no good. And let's not forget about the other Uchiha and his pet fish, who for reasons I have yet to gather, seem to be hunting you." Naruto's eyes widened at all the things Kyuubi said. He was surprised at not only the fox practically telling him to stay, but that the giant demon was actually making some valid points.

"Ah, it appears you are able to comprehend reason after all," announced the fox. "Good. I was beginning to believe that my host truly was the dim-wit everyone claimed him to be."

"Hey!" shouted Naruto, not taking too kindly to being insulted. "Don't insult me!"

"Should I pity you instead?" asked the fox, making Naruto clench his fists in frustration. "Prove them wrong about you then. This man, Doctor Fate, is powerful, I can tell. And you are being offered the chance to learn from him, to become just as, if not more powerful, and you are actually debating not taking it?"

The Fox said no more, and Naruto faded from the mindscape, falling into an uneasy sleep.

He awoke next to find Inza replacing his bandages. She was in the process of re-bandaging him and he could see the wicked scar across his chest that still lingered from his fight with Sasuke.

"I'm sorry," announced the woman, never looking away from her work. "Did I wake you?"

"No," replied Naruto. "I'm honestly surprised you didn't accidentally wake me sooner. How you stripped me of the old bandages without me waking, I'll never know."

"Have you considered my husband's offer?" asked Inza, still focusing on the task at hand.

"I have," he replied. "I'm still unsure of what to do though. I mean, the village is my home, but I feel as though I could learn so much here...like I'm needed. Like my purpose lies here, and not the place of my birth."

"Take your time in making your decision," said Inza, replacing the last of the bandages. "In time, you will know what it is you are meant to do." With a wave of the woman's hand, the supplies disappeared, making Naruto's eyes widen.

"I think I know how you removed my bandages," he said, looking at the work, before throwing his feet over the side of the bed, attempting to stand. "But why didn't you just put new ones on the same way?"

"Some things are better to do by hand," replied Inza, helping Naruto up and giving him support until he could grab something to hold on to. Moving to a cabinet, which when opened was far larger inside than it appeared outside, she pulled out walking stick and brought it to Naruto, who used it as support as he walked. Before they left the room, Naruto made a sudden realization, and grabbed the remains of his clothes, pulling the pants on over his boxers, which was all he had been wearing, and pulling on his black t-shirt. Feeling he was at least acceptable-looking, he followed Inza, who teleported the both of them out of the room.

Chapter end.

I made this as sort of a companion piece to my story 'The Evils of the Past' Rather than an evil, or 'dark grey' version of Naruto, I felt I had to balance it out a little, and let Naruto be a good guy in the DCAU. Couple notes, as this is almost strictly DCAU, the Teen Titans will have no place here, as the Teen Titans universe technically is not part of the DCAU. In Static shock, Batman may mention 'the Titans' but is referring to a different version of the titans. This will be almost strictly Justice League, and the DCAU. May have a bit of comic continuity, but other than that, just the main stuff.

Also, pairing wise, this is going to be a strictly singular pairing between Naruto and Supergirl. No harem, no ifs and or buts.

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