He promised. He promised he would get him somewhere safe. Take him on adventures. He said they would travel the stars in that spaceship of his. Get away from his parents. But he didn't live up to his promise. He lied. He lied to him. A dirty little lie that he believed in. Moriarty believed in very little things. One thing he believed in was this mediocre promise. This promise was made by the Doctor, this wonderful man with a spaceship. He told him so many fantastic things, even if the Doctor didn't go into details about it. The Doctor's voice alone spoke all the extravagant things that he proposed. And he lied. Lied all about it. He lied to James Moriarty. A tiny promise that sparked hope in a 10-year-old child. It ended in disappointment, anger, and a lust for revenge.

What hurt the most was that the Doctor didn't come back for him. It was like he had forgotten all about his promise. All about him.

A bunch of other feelings overcame Moriarty. He never felt so much anger for someone. Not his mom, not his dad, hell, not even that older kid that stole his lunch all during primary school. He never felt so abandoned. So lonely. And so depressed.

If the Doctor didn't remember him, then Moriarty will make him remember. The Doctor will remember James Moriarty. Then he'll see. He'll see what leaving someone had caused them to become. It's not little Jimmy anymore. That title dropped long ago. It's James Moriarty, consulting criminal. Only one in the world.

And the Doctor will not only remember Moriarty, but he will learn to fear him. Just as Moriarty learned to hate the Doctor. He'll weep for the loss of innocence in little Jimmy, he'll be in awe at the darkness in Jim's heart, and most of all, the Doctor will experience fright when he hears James' name. He will run and hide in fear that Moriarty will track him down. And that's what Moriarty wanted. He wanted to see the Doctor become inferior to him. Become a squirming little maggot. And all this stemmed from hate. That hate branched out from love. But love and admiration for the Doctor was gone. Long gone. Hate and vain occupied Moriarty's body. It ran through his veins, it pumped his heart. It gave him life.

Moriarty would not rest until he confronted the Doctor. He would not die until he saw him again.

He needed to do something to get closer to the Doctor. So he made a plan. Moriarty placed hidden cameras all over London. In the streets, in buildings, everywhere. All this, in search for the Doctor. Then, in 2005, he found him. He found his beloved alien friend. But not as the man he had met years ago, he had a different face. Of course, the Doctor had told him that he was an alien with a blue box, and Moriarty wasn't surprised to witness this. In fact, he was interested. Completely intrigued with the biology of the Doctor and his kind.

It had to be started. It just had to. The Doctor wouldn't, so Moriarty took the first move. The Doctor had taken a young girl as his companion. If Moriarty couldn't be his companion, then he might as well disturb the Time Lord's friend's perspective. Shift it from wanting to visit other planets and galaxies to fearing the Doctor and eventually have him arrested. Or better yet, murdered.

Yes. That was his plan. Corrupt his friends. Then him. Even if the Doctor would change his face and his traveling buddies, Moriarty wouldn't give up. He refused to. He'll make the Doctor's companions be afraid of him. Then he'll go for the kill. He'll come looking for him, get him, and entangle the Doctor in his web, just as he did with so many other people.

The game between the Doctor and James Moriarty was on.