Hey, new story. I guess this is what would be called AU? Sorry if I get the quotes wrong. I just went with the flow, and changed what I needed to. Hope you like.

My Own Happy Ending

Chapter 1: Gone

"Who's Kyoko? She's just my live-in maid. I don't give a shit about her."

I stood at the doorway, panting with fury. I hurled the stupid box with the lunch I had brought him at his back. It smashed on his leather jacket and plopped on the floor. He turned around, with a sneer on his face, not even bothering to get off his manager.

'He doesn't give a shit about me?'

"FUCK YOU SHOTARO FUWA! We are fucking DONE, you BASTARD!" I shrieked in rage. "I never, NEVER want to see your stupid fucking face again! You hear me, you ASSHOLE!"

I stormed out, and never stopped running. I reached MY apartment, the one I fucking worked three jobs for, the one I dropped out of high school for, the one I got for US!

I threw the door open, it smashed against the wall and hurled the keys.

"Ahhhhh!" I shrieked, tearing his poster off the wall in the living room. I grabbed the nearest pile of his CDs, snapping each one with my bare hands, throwing each case with all my might against the wall. I stormed into the kitchen and found the stupid mug with the bastard's ugly face on it. I pitched it, and it went flying until it crashed against the wall, with a loud bang, as it shattered into a thousand pieces that clattered into a heap on the floor.

"This whole week, I barely ate, barely slept, and worked my ASS OFF, to the point of fever to buy something nice for you! FUCK YOU! GO! TO! HELL! YOU BASTARD!" I screamed tearing posters off my bedroom walls.

What remained after my first ever tantrum, I sold for thousands of dollars online. I sold everything. Every last poster, CD, the furniture, TV, and even the dishes. I sold all the clothes he left here too.

"After all, which girl wouldn't want something worn by FUWA SHOU?" I spat in disgust.

I packaged everything and told the doorman to send it out right away. The money I had sent to the Daruma-ya. I knew the Taisho and Okami-san would keep it safe for me.

I watched the ripped pieces of his face burn. I burned all of our pictures together. Not that he posed for many with me anyways. How could he ruin his perfect image of a rocker by posing in a picture with his maid?

I took all the money he had here, which wasn't much. Just a couple hundred. But even maids get their pay right?

I packed my meager belongings into a backpack along with all the cash I had, and I stopped to look at the pure carnage around me.

Then, I stepped out not bothering to close the door behind me, and never once looked back.

I do realize that Kyoko would never curse like this, but it's AU, right? Anyway, it was pretty great having her curse Sho out, like I would have. I get to change what I want. I've had the idea for this story for awhile, but as I started writing, the story developed differently than I thought it would. It's definitely multi-chapter.

Love, mE-chan! :3