I'm not going to finish this fic - I'm officially putting it up for adoption!

This is basically what I envisioned would follow but whoever chooses to adopt this fic does not need to keep the events the same

Kyoko devours the script Ren left behind on the counter. Ren is relieved to find her still at home but he walks in and watches her reading the script out loud and acting it out. He is amazed by her raw talent and takes her to see Lory and get her started in the industry.

Kyoko accepts the job gratefully and does her makeover. She does his music video, he hits on her, not recognizing she's Kyoko. She tells him that he's pretentious and is a loser and she skyrockets to fame instead of the slow build. She gets projects like Box R and Dark Moon right away. Ren is just falling deeper in love with her and her strength while having this internal struggle like he doesn't deserve her because of Rick and Tina.

She falls in love with him too while they're working on a movie together, a Japanese remake of The Notebook or something. He helps her overcome her image & trust issues and he confides in her about Rick and what happened to him as a child. They fall asleep just holding each other on the living room couch, comforting one another, not wanting to be alone, silent in their growing feelings for the other.

Kyoko and Ren are seen by paparazzi going to his house and Lory tells them to just go along with it - as publicity. Him and Yashiro know that they love each other and are idiots though.

In this pretend relationship, their real feelings are making themselves more apparent because of all the couple-y stuff they have to do in public together. It pains each of them to think the other only has friendly feelings until Ren says he can't do it anymore and wants to break it off. Kyoko is hurt, but Ren start talking about how it's too painful to have it, but not. He wants something real with her, and she kisses him! YAY! Happy Ending!

Epliogue: They're Japan's most favorite couple and after a few years of dating, they've got a cute house and a bun in the oven ya know ;)