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"I'm happy for her," I tell Elven. It almost feels as if I were trying to convince myself, too. I see the way he glances at me as to tell me that I do not need to pretend anymore, but I still feel like I need to. I wish that I could be happy for her. I really do, but … somewhere, deep inside, it will never be entirely true. I will never be entirely happy for her. There will always be that part of me that won't wish her any good, but it is fine like that. That part of me doesn't consume me. It's just there, and it's easy to live with it. It doesn't obsess me, and Elven is aware of that fact.

It's been years now. It has been years since I died, since Elven died, since Liam died. I haven't aged at all while I've seen Piper go through her twenties, her thirties, her forties, and now her late seventies. I've seen her children going through many many Reaping. I've seen them get through each one of them, and I have been there to witness them get lucky every single year. They never got Reaped. And I've seen their children, too. I've witnessed Piper becoming a grandmother. I've seen her hoping that they wouldn't get Reaped, either. I've heard her praying. She mentioned my name in almost every of them along as Elven and Liam. She thinks I'm a guardian angel to her children and to their very own kids. I don't think I can ever be such thing. Not for her, actually. Elven might be. I think he is. Maybe Liam is, too, but I'm not an angel. I didn't pray for her children to be saved. I didn't pray for them to be Reaped either. I just stood still, watching the whole scene, keeping my mouth shut because I knew how much it would hurt Elven if I only dared to say one single word. That is maybe the one subject that we keep fighting and arguing about. His sister. And everything about her. We're not even alive, in her world, and she can still make us fight.

"You don't need to lie," Elven quietly says.

I sigh. "I thought I was getting better with time," I try to joke, but Elven doesn't laugh. He just gives me a sad smile before looking away.

It's Reaping day. I don't even know how many of them I witnessed. Too many to count them. It's kind of sad, but I kind of got used to it. I know the speeches by heart. I know exactly what will happen, and when. There are no surprises anymore, and I do miss that.

In today's Reaping, Jessyka's children are eligible. Elven's youngest turned nineteen the year before, so they're safe. Liam, not my brother, but Piper's son, doesn't have child yet. I don't know if he wants to have some, but he's a little old, now.

There is something about Jessyka's children that intrigues me. One girl, two boys. I don't remember how old they are, but it doesn't really matter. In the eldest, I can't help but see Elven in him. He has that spirit, that strength, that … something that just almost makes me want to believe in him.

Elven grabs my fingers, and I turn my head to look at him. "You comin'?" he says.

I nod my head, and I follow him. He makes it a duty to sit by his sister even though she can't even see him, and sometimes people sit on him, or in him. It doesn't physically bother us, but I know it annoys him a little. What's worse, I think, is that he didn't grow up, when she got old. She's really close to finally see her brother again, and I really don't know what I'll do when that day will come. I don't want to spend eternity alone or just haunted by her. It's quite enough with her in Elven's every single thought.

We sit down next to her, and luckily, this time, no one sits on us.

"It's going to be okay," I reassure Elven. He's always acting so weird whenever it's Reaping day. It's like he's the one being Reaped every time. But that's just so wrong! We were Reaped too many years ago to even matter. I'm sure that they all remember us, though, because the Capitol makes it its personal duty to show the whole world of Panem every year what happened to those who tried to overthrow them. They died. Either because they were killed, or they died of sadness. I'm ready to bet that half of the people there would be willing to try to lead a revolution like Katniss once did if they didn't have a family. Then, they'd have nothing to lose. But hurting the children must be the worst collateral damage ever. No one's going to lift a single finger for that. Or at least, that's what I think.

Elven presses the palm of my hand harder, and I look up. Oh, they're done with the speech. I hadn't even noticed. I can feel his entire body stiffening as he's waiting with everyone else to know who's the lucky one.

"Ladies first," I mouth.

One name is picked. Everyone's holding their breath, but me. Why should I? I already know what's going to happen.

"Katerina..." I don't even bother paying attention longer to the name being said. Katerina. I was wondering when you'd be called.

"No," Elven murmurs beside me. "No." Then, louder, "No!" He gets up, letting go of my hand, as I watch him powerlessly trying to hold the girl back. I let him do so, but it breaks my heart to see him in such pain.

I look up, and that's when I spot her. Katerina. Jessyka's younger daughter. Her cheeks are all red, and I can see that she's this close to tears. But there's something that I see in her eyes. It's determination. She's not going to give in. She won't let anyone see her cry. She's so young. She's barely sixteen, I'd say. Her mother braided her short dark-brown hair. She's wearing a painfully familiar dress. A sea-green dress. My Reaping dress. It fits her perfectly, although I'm pretty sure that she's way too young to wear such clothing. I can almost see her bones when she walks to the stage, the chin up, without showing any fear, although I can hear her heartbeat racing.

I see the way both her older brothers are being held back, to prevent them from being killed if they try something. They're yelling for their baby sister. They don't even care about what they've been told. The emotion is so intense; I can see tears streaming down both their faces, and I can only try to understand how they feel. I don't need to be in their shoes to know that the only thing they'd want to yell would be, "I volunteer!" but they cannot because she's a girl, and no one else is going to stand up for her.

I can see the way Piper can't even get up on her feet because she's just crushed. I look to my left, and I see Jessyka. She doesn't even shed one single tear. It hits me when I see her like that. She's exactly what I think I would have been. I wouldn't have cried. I wouldn't have yelled. I would have stood still, watching the whole scene, and it's what Piper's daughter is doing. But she's close to tears. She's close to just get up on the stage and try to kill them all. I can feel her anger. I can feel her despair, her sadness, her worry, everything. But she's not going to protest. If she did, she would break into tears.

But Katerina manages to go to the stage, without looking back, and she's now standing in front of her entire District. Oh, how long did the world of Panem waited for you, Katerina?

She's the one everyone's been waiting for. She'll learn from Katniss' mistakes. She'll learn from my mistakes, from Elven's, from Piper's, from everyone's. She'll be prepared.

She is the real Mockingjay.

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