"Jessie, are you here?" Ethan calls as he enters Jessie's house.

"In the kitchen Ethan." Jessie calls back. Her hands are all covered in flour at the moment.

"You're always in the kitchen when I come over. What are you making this time?" Ethan asks as he wraps his arms around Jessie's waist.

"I'm making strawberry rhubarb pies. They're your favourite, aren't they?" Jessie says wiping her hands on her apron. She turns in Ethan's arms and puts her arms around Ethan's shoulders.

"If it's your pie it doesn't matter what is in them just as long as they're your pies." Ethan says kissing Jessie's forehead.

"Well, you are sweet. Now out of the kitchen so I can finish these pies." Jessie teases Ethan and kisses his cheek.

"But I want to have something to drink. Besides I love watching you bake. Can I stay?" Ethan's eyes twinkle at Jessie.

"Oh, all right, you can stay, but you need to keep out of my way. I need to finish these pies. One of them is for Amos. He's having company and he wanted one of my "legendary" pies for dessert. So I decided to make a batch of four pies." Jessie says as she opens the refrigerator and pulls the rhubarb out.

"I love rhubarb in anything, but it's especially good in your fantastic pies." Ethan says as he pours himself a glass of lemonade from a pitcher in the fridge.

Jessica smiles as she rolls out pie dough for the four pie crusts. She begins to hum as she rolls the crusts. Ethan smiles; he loves seeing Jessie so happy and relaxed. He loves watching her cook. She is so in her element in the kitchen. "Can you do me a favour Ethan?" Jessie asks as she unfurls wax paper over each of the pie crusts.

"Sure Jessie, what can I do to help?" Ethan asks turning towards Jessie.

"Can you cut the rhubarb for me and then put it in that large pot half full of water." Jessie requests. "Just remember to cut the bottoms off the rhubarb and discard them."

"Sure, I can do that. I know that about rhubarb. You didn't need to tell me." Ethan's a bit put out by the fact that Jessie didn't think he knew how to deal with rhubarb.

"Just thought I'd remind you. That part of the rhubarb can be very bitter. Don't be angry with me."Jessie smiles over at Ethan.

"I'm not angry." Ethan replies gently controlling his anger which tends to snap quickly.