Suddenly there's a knock on the door. "I wonder who that is." Jessie says. "I wasn't expecting anyone today." She wipes her hands on a tea towel as she goes to the door. She slowly opens the front door. "Marshall! What a surprise! I didn't know you were coming out!" Jessie throws herself into her brother's arms.

"I wasn't sure I was coming. I was attending a conference in Boston and I decided to come and visit before I went home." Marshall hugs his sister.

"Come in. I'm making pies in the kitchen. Have you booked a flight home yet?" Jessie asks as she drags her brother into the house.

"No, I haven't booked a flight home. I wanted to see my sister first." Marshall says squeezing his sister's shoulders.

"You should stay for a few days. We could go fishing and catch up a little bit." Jessie smiles at her brother.

"That would be great. Would you mind if I stayed for a few days? It doesn't ruin any plans you had does it? I'd love to spend some time catching up with you." Marshall enters the kitchen behind Jessie.