Hey, there^^ This is my first GhiraLink story. I hope you'll enjoy reading it anyways =)

The inspiration for this story came when I was watching a fan made vid about Link and Ghirahim.

Well enjoy! =D

Though it is obvious, I want to say that I do not own
Link,Ghirahim and all the other characters of the legend of Zelda that might appear here in this story,they belong to Nintendo.


Finally, after the defeat of Demise, I'm back in Skyloft.
I lay on the wooden platform near the plaza
and stare down into the green light shines just as bright as it did when I first went through it.

"Link!" I turn my head to see Zelda running towards me. She stops just behind me.
"There you are. Where have you been all this time? I hardly ever see you."
I turn my head back to the clouds.

"What, you mean before or after I distroyed Demise,
killed Ghirahim and safed you, the surface and Skyloft from falling into darkness and dispair."
I turn to see she looks at me with a hurt expression. I sigh.
"I'm sorry Zelda, that wasn't nice of me to say. You haven't had a great time either.
I mean being swept away by a tornado, abducted by a demon lord
and then being told by an old, young woman that you are the godess herself.
That doesn't really sound like a vacation to me either..."
I lay my head down and hear Zelda walking closer to me.

Her small boots can be heard clearly with my head so close to the ground.
She stops centimeters away from me and sits on her knees right next to me.
She lays her hand on my shoulder and rubs it gently.
"It's not your fault Link, I understand that after all you've been through you must be tired."
she raises up to her feet and walks away from me.
I sigh once again, lift my head up and continue to stare into the clouds.