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Enjoy reading chapter 21 of my fanfic 'I'm your servant, my immortal'


I shiver slightly as I regain my consiousness...but does that mean I'm not dead?
The ice cold feeling on my cheek, shoulder blades and the back of my head feels weird.
The coldness on my cheek feels like a hand caressing me. I hear a soft humming comming from above me.
When I've completely come to, I can feel that it is indeed a hand caressing my cheek
and that I'm laying in someones lap, my head against a hard stomach.
Am I dreaming before my death or didn't Demise kill me after all?

I shiver again only harder now because of the cold wind going over my body.
I hear a gasp and the hand stops carressing me. "Skychild...?" Is that...? "Skychild are you awake?"
I slowly open my eyes, I have to see if that is... "Ghirahim?" A sigh of relief leaves from dark lips.
"I tried my best to heal you, I'm glad it worked."
I look up at Ghirahim still in a bit of a daze, eventhough I'm fully conscious.
"G-Ghirahim?" the daze is gone and I now stare into two completely white eyes.
When I look better I see he's totally different from what he was before I passed out.
"Yes Skychild?" he says as he bows over me to look at me upside down, his hands on my lower arms,my hands on my stomach.
"Why are you in your final form?" I ask and now I know where the coldness came from, it was Ghirahim's skin.

Although my body heat has warmed it up a bit. "I told you he'd pay for what he did to you, didn't I?"
I look at Ghirahim still and see a small smirk creep on his solid face.
"Uh...yeah." I say but do not know how that explains why he is in his final form.
"Well..." he says and points infront of us, straightening himself again.
When I look at where Ghirahim is pointing at, I am really surprised. "Fi?..."

I stand up from laying in Ghirahim's lap and run to the middle of the Sealed Grounds.
It is night but my Master Sword dug into the centre of the grounds, shines bright. "Fi, you're here?!"
A hand stops me running when I'm close enough to grab my sword. "Fi and I made a promise.
Her end of the promise was to replace the rock that was here all the time and keep Demise locked away forever."
Ghirahim stands behind me with his hand on my shoulder and his gaze locked on my Master Sword.

"And your end of the deal?" I ask and stare at my glowing sword, knowing that I'll never be able to wield it again or talk to Fi ever again.
"I'll tell you that later. All I can say is that I intend to keep it."
I put my hand on the wing of the handle and give it a light pat.
"Don't break your promise... neighter of you." I say, turn around and walk away.


*Some time later, on the way to Faron Woods*

"So Demise just surrenerd because you asked?" I ask bluntly and keep walking to Faron Woods.
"No" Ghirahim says calmly, his now heavy, metallic footsteps still following me.
"Then how did you and Fi get him locked up?" I ask confused.
I stop walking and turn around to face Ghirahim's bright white eyes.
"I'm not in my final form for nothing, Skychild." he says and walks closer to me.

It is only then that I finally notice his broken crystal and cracked skin.
"Wh-what happened?!" I ask and put my hands on the cold skin of his arms, caressing them softly.
"I fought my master...and won." he says and smiles but I can see he's in great pain, physical and mental.
"Well that's good but... you didn't need to go that far for me." I say and my hands slide down to grab Ghirahim's hands.
"I did it because he hurted you." he says and looks away.
"He did but now you are hurt badly and that hurts me even more... I mean look at yourself.
Your crystal is burst and your iron skin is falling off of your body." I say and softly go over the crystal on his chest with one hand,
which causes him to flinch at the contact of my skin.

"I'm sorry..." he whispers and softly pulls my hand away from his crystal but still holds onto it.
"I am very happy that you saved me but be a bit more careful when it comes to your own health.
I wouldn't want to see you die..."
Ghirahim stays silent for a few seconds and then looks up at me with an expression on his face that I can only wonder about what it is.
He looks sad and angry and alot of emotions at the same time are present on his face.
"I'm so sorry, Skychild. I did not want to make you worry about me..." I sigh and smile a little at him.
"It's oke Ghirahim... " he lets go of my hand and we continue to walk into the Faron Woods.

"You think Demise will be locked away forever...?" I ask as we're nearing the giant tree in the middle of the woods.
"I have every trust in Fi.." Ghirahim says casually.
It stays silent for a long time after that, both of us not knowing what to say next.
Ghirahim trusts Fi? When Demise was still around, bossing over him,
he would do anything possible to kill Fi and now he says he trusts her...
He's rather confusing in that matter if you ask me.

We reach a gap in between the roots of the tree and if I look more closely,
I see that it's the same gap where I woke up the first time I tried ending everything.
"Why are you taking me here?" I ask and stop walking.
"Come." is all he says and stops walking as well.


That was apperantly no music to Ghirahim's ears 'cause his expression changes to one that shows clear annoyance.
"Come, Skychild" he says more urgent now and crosses his arms.
"No, I'm going somewhere else... anywhere but here.."
I say and walk in an unknown direction, away from that place, away from Ghirahim...
"And how do you think you'll do that?" Ghirahim's voice pierces my ears but it doesn't stop my feet.

"Skychild! You'll die out there! You've got no shield, no potions. No sword! You're an afternoon snack for the monsters out there!"
I stop walking but keep my back turned to him. "Then come along with me.."
A soft sigh adds to the air in Faron Woods.
"Listen Skychild, I can't always be around to protect you, you need a sword if you want to survive here on the surface."
I turn around to face him and walk back to him.
"Liar. You can always be around to help me, you're immortal." I say and look him straight in his dark eyes.
"That's not what I mean. I can't always be right next to you.
When either of us goes to get something, a monster could attack and then I'm not right there to protect you..."
Ghirahim says and softly strokes the side of my face.

"Well..Fi uses the Master Sword to keep Demise locked away and there is no other sword here on the Surface.
What do you want me to use? A stick?" the demon lord sighs again and looks away.
"There is another sword on the Surface..." I look up at Ghirahim in surprise.
"There is?!" "Yes..." he looks back at me with a look in his eyes that I can't really place right now.
"But it is...tainted..." he continues his sentence.
"Well, I don't care. I need something to defend myself with, you said so yourself! So let's go get it!"

I'm happy to have found a sword but I don't know why Ghirahim does so mysterious about it.
"Listen Link.." he starts and takes my hand in his. Oh gosh, he used my name... did I do something wrong?

"I do not want you to wield that sword."

"Why not? If you don't want me to use it, then why bring it up in the first place?!"
"I'm sorry..." he lets go of my hand and looks me straight in my eyes.
"It's not a sword for someone like you... the evil of that sword will bite you and it might even burn your skin..."

I look confused at the iron clad man infront of me.
"Demise is gone, so all the evil should be gone, right? I mean his sword is locked in the Master Sword as wel...right?"
Ghirahim shake his head. "He had a sword spirit as well.
You can't lock the sword of a sword spirit, inside another sword.." he explains and sighs softly.
"Let's go find that sword..." "But just a moment ago you said -..." "Come along Skychild!"
Ghirahim walks ahead and I have to run after him to keep up.
For a heavy. iron skinned man he's pretty darn fast...

*Some time later*

"Here we are..." I mutter below my breath and turn to look at the Skychild who of course recognizes the sword.
"Demise's sword was...you're his..." I nod and quietly watch the Skychild walk closer to my sword.
"I am Demise's sword spirit...the evil half of your Master Sword's sword spirit, Fi."
I can see wonder and confusion in those blue depths as he stands infront of the most evil sword on the Surface.
"But you've been so nice to me...how could your sword hurt me?" he asks confused and looks at me.
I shake my head and walk closer to him. My cold arms wrapped around his fragile body and I can feel a shiver run down his spine.
"I've changed...my 'home' hasn't. It's still pure evil and you're pure good. It would burn your skin within a split second..."

Link brushes me off and pushes me away. "I've beaten you more than once, I've beaten Demise, your sword alone is no match!"
The sadness in my eyes seem to hold no meaning for him as I see him reaching for the handle.
"Skychild, please...be careful..." "When am I not..?" A small smile creeps on my face as I hear that ever so sweet chuckle of his.

His hand going closer to the handle, my breath bated, his look determined.
Seconds seem to go by like hours as I prepare for the worst.
I may not have a lot of strength left but if he gets hurt I'll do anything to try and heal him.
I close my eyes and hope for the best but when I hear my Skychild's agonising scream, my eyes snap open.


I see him fly backwards by the power of my sword that repelled him.
He lands hard on the ground and I don't know how quickly to run towards him.
I fall on my knees beside him and pull his head upon my lap.

"Skychild, are you alright? Talk to me Skychild..."