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Me: Take a fandom (in my case Yumeiro Patissiere) and make your own future for the characters. I've been spending my time creating... Kashigo's Children.

Ichigo: ... Kashigo's Children?

Me: It's my future universe... I uhhh, created your children.

Kashino: You what?

Me: I created characters, Michael, Lynne and Dylan. Your 3 kids.

Kashino: ... You didn't.

Me: But I did.

Ichigo: Aw! That's adorable.

Me: Learn more about these cute 3 on my profile for full biographies on them. Enjoy this! I hope this will be of interest to people! I don't own Yumeiro Patissiere!

Not So Picture Perfect

Michael: 8

Lynne: 3

Dylan: 6 months


Ichigo awoke with a groan. This was the third time Dylan had woke her up with his cries, she figured she would be used to it now, a grown woman with 3 kids, but apparently not. She went to get up before Kashino woke up, but as usual, Kashino was even more sensitive to their babies' cries than she was. "I'll get him," He soothed her, letting his wife rest for once in her life.

Running his fingers through his blond hair, Kashino gave a tired sigh, of course he loved his children, but sometimes he wondered why they couldn't just sleep through the night.

Tip-toeing past his older children's room, he opened the door to the nursery. The opened door seemed to alert the baby even more, causing them to wail out for their parent.

Kashino sighed, peering into the crib. Dylan, his now 6 month old baby, stared back up at him, his face red and streaked with tears. Kashino felt like his heart could be ripped in two, he hated seeing his kids upset. Picking up the young child, he cooed softly, his big caramel eyes on his father's tired face.

"Hey Dylan," Kashino whispered softly, "What's wrong?" Unlike Ichigo, Kashino wouldn't call his kids with gushy nicknames. To Ichigo, Michael was 'Mikee', Lynne was 'Lynnie' and Dylan... She hadn't come up with one for him yet.

Dylan gurgled incoherently in reply, grasping Kashino's shirt with his small little fist. Obviously, he had just wanted the attention of his parents; he always did, even at 4:00am on a Monday. The little boy didn't care if his parents woke up early to go to work, or that his mother was still on maternity leave and was with him all day, he wanted attention, and he wanted it now.

"Just want company?" Kashino asked him, raising his eyebrows.

When Dylan tilted his head to position himself in sleep position in Kashino's arms, Kashino giggled, his son was a boy who always wanted his parents.


At 7 in the morning, Ichigo admitted, if she didn't have her kids, she wouldn't be up. She was still recovering from pregnancy, constantly tired and just trying to adjust again. Yet, she still had her children to take care of. Right now, her oldest child Michael wouldn't get up to get ready for school.

"Michael?" She knocked on the door, "Are you up yet?"

"Mm!" He groaned in response.

"Up now!" Ichigo insisted, "Before I come in there!"

"Yes mom," He muttered back tiredly. Ichigo sighed; Michael had inherited her sleeping patterns, the inability to wake up in the mornings.

"I'm going to check on Lynne, I expect you to be up when I come back!"

"Yes mom," He replied again, almost as if he was just saying it to make his mom go away.

Sighing, Ichigo left her oldest son and walked into her daughter's room. The little girl has managed to kick everything off her bed, the blanket, her pillow, even her stuffed animals. The only thing left was he dear teddy bear that Kashino had given her when she was born. The poor thing was being gripped by the ear, mercilessly dangling on the edge of the bed.

"Lynnie!~" Ichigo grinned, "It's morning."

The little girl squeezed her eyes tightly together before yawning and sitting up in her bed, "Mornin' Mama!" She smiled, rubbing her eyes.

At least Lynne can wake up at 7, Ichigo thought to herself, Unlike her older brother.

"Morning Lynnie!" Ichigo held out her arms and the toddler jumped onto her mother.

Resting her head on her mom's shoulder, Lynne whispered, "Mama, where Daddy?"

"With Dylan," She replied, "But I've got you!" She jokingly poked her daughter's nose, "How does Lucky Charms cereal sound for breakfast?"

Lynne frowned, "Mama, why does Dylan always get Daddy?"

Ichigo sighed, it was because Kashino had more patience in the morning, Ichigo couldn't handle a stubborn child first thing in the morning, "Because, Dylan loves for Daddy to take care of him in the morning."

"I do too! Why does Dylan get everythin'?"

"That's not true Lynnie! Does Dylan get to eat your special Lucky Charms cereal?"

"...No," Her stomach gave a little growl, "Can I eat now Mama?"

"Of course," Ichigo smiled, bringing down her daughter, she sat her at the table and gave the young girl her beloved Lucky Charms, "I'm going to get your brother okay?"

"Okay," Lynne replied slowly, already focused on picking apart the marshmallows from her cereal.

"Mikee!" Ichigo called up the stairs, "Are you up?"

"YEAH MOM!" He answered, Ichigo could tell he was in the bathroom.

"What do you want for breakfast?" She yelled up.

"... Toast!" He called, as the faucet started running.

Ichigo went back to the kitchen and popped a piece of bread into the toaster, "Lynne?" She watched her daughter as she continued taking out her marshmallows, "What are you doing with your Lucky Charms?"

"I wanna save 'em," She said, furrowing her eyebrows, "Shh Mama, I busy."

Ichigo turned away, not wanting Lynne to see her amused smile. Minutes later, Michael came down, sporting his favourite blue baseball hat at the table. "Remember Mikee, no hats at the table," Ichigo reminded him firmly as she placed his toast in front of him.

Michael took it off, "Stop calling me that Mom, it's embarrassing."

"What? Calling you Mikee?" She frowned.

"Yeah, my name's Michael remember? You named me!"

"I know that," Ichigo said, "but I call you Mikee because it's a cute name for a cute little boy!" She ruffled his hair and he groaned.

"DAD! Mom's embarrassing me!" He pouted.

Kashino came into the kitchen with baby Dylan in his arms, "What's she doing now?" He asked, an amused smile on his face. Ichigo could feel her cheeks warm.

"She told me I'm a cute little boy," He crossed his arms, "Tell her I'm not a little boy anymore!"

Kashino laughed, "You may be grown up, but you'll always be our little boy."

This answer didn't please Michael, "Just get her to stop calling me Mikee, you never call me that anyway."

"Ichigo..." Kashino warned, "You need to stop with the gushy nicknames."

"What? But they're adorable!" She turned to her daughter, "Right Lynnie?"

The little girl looked up from her marshmallows that she was lining up in colour order, "Yes Mama!"

Ichigo was going to say, "See I told you so!" Before Dylan interrupted her.

"Goo!" He babbled from Kashino's arms, reaching a small hand for Ichigo.

"I think he wants you," Kashino smirked.

"Don't they all?" Ichigo grinned, "Hello baby!" She took Dylan from Kashino and playfully tickled him, "How are you today?" Dylan shrieked happily in response.

"Mom! You never agreed to stop calling me Mikee!" Michael reminded her.

"Oh shush," Ichigo told him, cradling her youngest son, "How about I just don't call you Mikee in front of your friends?"

Michael frowned, "Fine."

Kashino patted him on the back, "Come on, we've got to get going, you're going to be late, and so am I."

"Yeah, I know."

Lynne began nibbling on the pink Lucky Charms, "Why doesn't Mama work with you no more Daddy?"

"Because," Ichigo answered for her husband, "Mama's on break, I just had a baby!"

"Oh." Lynne looked confused, but she didn't say so, "Mama, what we gonna do today?"

"I'll tell you later, finish your breakfast first."

"Well, Michael and I have to go now," Kashino looked at his watch, "Ready Michael?"

"Yeah dad," The young boy put on his hat again, with one huge bite he finished his toast and ran after his father who had headed for the door already, "See ya later Mom!" He called with his mouth full.

"Bye! Have a good day at school!" With a bang of the door, she heard Michael scamper off towards the car, before him and his father drove away.


Once she realized her father and brother would be gone for the rest of the day, Lynne looked up from her food, "Mama... What we gonna do today?"

"How about we paint a picture for Daddy when he comes home?" Ichigo suggested.

Her little girl squealed, "Yeah! An..."

"Goo ah!" Dylan interrupted firmly, tugging on his mother's shirt, "Goo!"

Ichigo laughed, "Looks like your brother wants to help!" She turned to Lynne who was frowning, "What's wrong Lynnie?"

"Dylan can't help," She said stubbornly, crossing her arms, "No way, no way!"

"Why not Lynnie?" Ichigo gestured to her youngest child, "He can help!"

"No Mama!" Lynne yelled, "I wanna do it, and Dylan can't help me!"

"Lynne Ichigo Kashino, what has gotten into you?" Ichigo asked firmly, using the blonde's full name.

Lynne stared at the ground, "It's always Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. What about me Mama?"

"WAH!" Dylan yelled from Ichigo's arms, he didn't like hearing his sister upset, "Goo ah!"

Ichigo rocked him gently, "There there sweet-heart, Mama's got you."

"See! You ignoring me!" Lynne cried incredulously, "Mama!"

Ichigo sighed exasperated, "Lynne, I love you just as much as I love Dylan, why can't you see that?"

Lynne looked up at her mother with tears in her eyes, "Because it don't feel like it!" Without another word she dashed up the stairs and into her room.

"Oh ah wah!" Dylan wailed miserably. Ichigo tried to shush the poor boy so she could talk to Lynne, but he wouldn't stop.

Ichigo held back frustrated tears, "Come on sweetie, Mama's got you, it's okay now."

"Ooh ah gah!" He yelled back in response.

"Makoto..." Ichigo mumbled sadly, "I need you."


Ichigo had finally gotten Dylan to calm down and settle for his mid-day nap, so far, Dylan had been the harshest on his mother and father. He was hard to put down for naps, he liked to fidget and grab their clothes, Ichigo loved him just the way he was, but sometimes her patience couldn't handle it.

Lynne had not made any noises since isolating herself to her room and Ichigo didn't know what to do about it either.

Wearily, Ichigo reached for the cordless phone and dialed, "Hello! This is Le Reve Couleur, Lemon speaking, how may I help you?"

"L-Lemon-chan?" Ichigo asked weakly.

"Ichigo-chan?" Lemon answered, "Are you okay? You don't sound too good, are you feeling weak again? Do I need to...?"

"Lemon-chan," Ichigo answered, "It's not that... I just need to talk to Makoto, can you get him for me?"

"Kashino-kun? Right away!" Lemon replied hastily, "Kashino-kun! Ichigo-chan is on the phone for you!"

Ichigo could hear his voice in the background, "What? Is she okay? Give me the phone!"


"M-Makoto," She whispered, sinking back into a kitchen chair.

"What's wrong? Are you dizzy again? Are you seeing straight?"

"Calm down, I'm fine," Ichigo sighed, "It's Lynne."

"What?" Kashino was freaking out, "Tell me Ichigo, what's wrong? Is Lynne hurt? Is she okay? My poor baby girl..."

"Makoto, get out of over-protective parent mode," Ichigo warned, "Come on, I haven't even told you what happened."

"Okay... Fine," He answered, "I'm just worried about you guys, especially after what happened while you were pregnant..."

"I'm okay, Lynne isn't hurt, just let me tell you," Ichigo's patience felt like an elastic band about ready to snap.

"What happened?"

"Lynne thinks we don't love her," Ichigo rubbed her forehead, "She thinks we don't love her now that we have Dylan."

"Where did she get that idea from?" Kashino asked, he sounded stressed.

"I think she wants more attention," Ichigo said slowly, "... From both of us." She felt like crying, "I think she's been trying to tell us, but I wasn't listening..."

"Ichigo, calm down, this is not your fault," Kashino reminded her.

"She asked me why you never wake her up anymore," Ichigo continued, she took a deep breath, "I'm a really bad mother..."

"No Ichigo, you are an amazing mother, please don't think anything else," Kashino sounded worried, "Please don't do this again..."

"I'm an awful mother, I haven't been giving Lynne the attention she wants," A tear fell down her face, "What am I doing Kashino?"

"No Mama!"

Ichigo turned around, Lynne was behind her, hiding around the corner, she ran up to her mother before giving her a hug, "I sorry Mama, I didn't mean to make you sad."

"Lynnie..." Ichigo murmured.

"I sorry!" Lynne cried, burying her face into her mom's shoulder, "No crying Mama!" She hiccupped.

"Oh Lynnie," Ichigo stroked her back, "I'm so sorry."

"No, I sorry," Lynne whispered, "You love me, Dylan and Mikee all the same, I bewieve you now."

"Ichigo?" Kashino said from the phone, "I told you, you're not a bad mother."

"Yeah Mama!" Lynne agreed, "You okay now?"

Ichigo nodded, swiping away tears with the back of her hand, "Yes Lynnie, do you still want to make that painting now? Dylan's sleeping, you and I can do it together."

"Yes Mama!" Lynne's bright smile made Ichigo's heart swell.

"What painting?" Kashino asked.

"Nothin' Daddy!" Lynne reached over, "Bye!" And turned off the phone.

"Lynnie! You just hung up on your Daddy!" Ichigo exclaimed.

She laughed sheepishly, "Oops."

"Come on now, let's make that painting."


"Michael!" Kashino looked around the school grounds, "Michael!" He couldn't find his son anywhere, many children were already walking home and his son was probably lost in a sea of them.

"Dad!" Michael jumped up and waved his arms.

Kashino finally spotted him, behind a bunch of other parents and children. He gestured for Michael to follow him and he did, adjusting the boy's baseball hat Kashino asked him, "How was school?"

"Good," he mumbled. Kashino unlocked the car and Michael went in the back seat, sliding down with his hat tipped down to cover his eyes.

"Tired?" Kashino asked.


"Are you sure?"



"Dad?" He whispered.

"Yes Michael?" Kashino checked the rear-view mirror, his son looked worried, "What's wrong?"

"Is Mama okay?" He asked finally, his lips pursed.

"What do you mean?" Kashino wondered, "Nothing's wrong with Mom."

"I dunno," He said absently, staring at the window, "She just seems sadder."

"She's just tired son, having a baby is tiring," Kashino suggested, exiting the parking lot.

"... I guess so," Michael continued, "I think she needs a surprise Dad."

This interested the chocolatier, "What kind of surprise?"

Michael grinned, "I've got an idea Dad."


"All finish!" Lynne cheered, wiping her forehead and smearing blue paint on it at the same time.

Ichigo laughed and wiped the paint off with a wet cloth, "It looks beautiful Lynnie!"

"What you think Dylan?" Lynne asked.

Dylan had long since woken from his nap and was babbling happily from his high chair, "Goo ah!" He smiled.

"I think he likes it too," Ichigo assured her, "And Daddy will too!"

"I hope so," Lynne said, pressing her lips together.

Ichigo ruffled the little girl's hair, "He'll love it, I promise, no need to worry!"

Lynne grinned, "Okay Mama!"

Ichigo heard the front door open, "Oh, Michael and Daddy are home Lynne! Go greet them for me while I put the paint away."

"Yeah Mama," Lynne agreed, jumping off her chair to greet her brother and father.


"Hi Lynne!" Michael greeted his younger sister as she rounded the corner.

"Mikee!" She smiled, hugging him around the waist.

He blushed at the nickname, "Don't call me that."

Lynne ignored him, "I love you Mikee!"

"Ah, siblings love," Kashino laughed from the door.

"Daddy!" Lynne let go of her brother, "WOAH!"

"Shh," He winked, "It's a surprise for your mother."

The little girl smiled and attempted to wink back, but instead ended up closing both her eyes, "Okay Daddy!"


"Makoto?" Ichigo called from the kitchen, taking Dylan out of the high chair, "What's going on over there?"

Lynne and Michael came into the kitchen grinning boldly, "What's gotten into you two?" Ichigo teased playfully.

"Nothin' Mama," Lynne assured her, tugging on the hem of her shirt she said, "Come on!"

"Where are we going?" Ichigo asked.

Michael smirked, resembling Kashino in a way nothing else could, "You'll see."

Lynne and Michael guided their mother into the foyer, "What's the big deal guys?" Ichigo asked, shifting Dylan to her other arm.


"Makoto?" She looked up and gasped, "Oh!"

Kashino held a huge bouquet of daisies, Ichigo had never been a huge fan of roses or tulips but more wildflowers, "Oh Makoto! You shouldn't have..."

He reached forward and kissed her softly on the cheek, "But I had too." Kashino took Dylan from her and handed her the daisies.

Ichigo ran her fingers along the smooth white petals, "Oh, they're so beautiful."

Kashino smiled, "Almost as beautiful as you."

Ichigo blushed, "Well..."

Michael reached forward and gently took Dylan as he had learned to, "I've got him Dad."

"You guys didn't have to do this..." Ichigo whispered, inhaling the sweet smell of the flowers.

"But we did Mama, you've looked so sad the past few days," Michael said quietly.

"Yeah," Lynne agreed.

"Coo!" Dylan exclaimed as well.

Ichigo felt tears in her eyes, "You guys..."

"Don't cry Mama," Lynne whispered.

Ichigo shook her head, "I'm crying because I'm happy Lynnie, I love you guys so much."

Kashino smiled and took the daisies from his wife and set them on the table, "We love you too, there's no need to be sad."

Ichigo nodded and began to smile, "You guys are the best, my beautiful 3 children and amazing husband."

"We will always love you, no matter what," Kashino reminded her, "Just like I promised."

"M-Makoto," Ichigo whispered.

"I love you," He whispered in her ear, before leaning forward to kiss her.

Michael looked at Lynne as did she to him, "Let's give 'em some privacy," She giggled quietly.

"Agreed," He snickered. Guiding Lynne and holding Dylan in his arms, Michael left his parents to be all gushy and lovey, all he knew was his mom was happy again and that was all that mattered.

"Let's watch My Little Pony!" Lynne cheered.

Michael blinked, the T.V remote mattered too, "No! Give it to me!"


"I can hear the kids fighting over the remote in the family room," Ichigo whispered into Kashino's shoulder.

He hugged her tighter, "I know."

"We should go intervene," Ichigo continued.

Kashino looked her in the eyes, "I know."

"We should make sure Michael is holding Dylan properly."

He smiled, "Did I ever tell you that you look beautiful when you worry about our kids? Man, I love you," He leaned forward to kiss her before she pushed herself away from him.

Kashino blinked in surprise, "I know." Ichigo smirked, "But right now, our kids are more important." She went into the family room, "Guys! No fighting."

Kashino laughed, "Hey Lynne, why don't you show me the painting you made me?" He asked.

Lynne stopped arguing for the remote, "I forgot about that!" She jumped up and grabbed her father's hand, "Come come, I'll show you!"

Ichigo raised her eyebrows, "You're good."

Kashino smirked, "I know."

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