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Rin's POV

"The latest homicide cases are connected."

I looked towards the teal haired girl as she entered the room. Her name is Miku. Miku Hatsune. Shes a FBI Agent like me.

"The one where the 3 woman all blonde got raped and later on had their throat slashed?" I asked.

"Bingo." She replied.

My name is Rin Haine. Daughter of Ren and Lily Haine who both were murdered by the same man. Apparently, a man began pursuing my poor mother who rejected him. Only to be angered, he attempted to murder her and her small family that included my father Ren and me. I was the only one who survived. It was a miracle that I survived a gunshot in my brain. Did I mention that I lost some memories of my child hood due to that event?

"What makes you think their connected?" Kaito said.

"Well duh, their all blonde, pretty, and murdered the same way baka." Miku rolled her eyes.

Kaito...he wasnt the smartest but you could never hate him. His so childish and has a strange addiction to icecream.

"Oh! By the way, I have some news about a new agent joining our FBI team." Miku said brightly with a smile.

" enlighten us Miku dear~" I joked.

"He just finished his training and he would be joining us tomorrow." she paused before speaking again. "Strangely enough, he looks like a male version of you Rin."

I sighed. Our team was already big enough. We were part of the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). Miku was our unit chief, I was the Senior supervisory special agent, Kaito, Meiko, and Gakupo were the regular supervisory special agent and Luka was our technical analyst's.

"Oh cheer up Rin-Chan~ He is actually hot you know." she winked.

… I am not replying to that.

Deciding on changing the topic, I said, "anyways back on the homicide cases. They may all have blonde hair but their eyes..Neru Akita had amber eyes, SeeU and Lenka had blue eyes."

"But they were both murdered the same ways and Luka just found out they were best friends in high school." Miku mentioned.

"Really? Tell Luka to give us a list of their classmates. It may be long but there's a high chance that this killer known these girls in high school." I started to walk away.

"Where you going?" Miku asked.

"Today's the 24." and with that I disappeared through the door.

I stepped out of the headquarters and got into my black Camry. Starting the car, I drove to a nearby flower shop to pick up 2 bouquet of plumeria's.

You see, November 24 is the day when my parents died. I've been visiting their grave on that specific day eversince.

Each plumeria had a shade of orange,pink and white. Mom once told me that those are her favorite colors and dad always admired the plumeria.

After paying for the bouquet, I got back into the car and drove towards the graveyard.

The graveyard normally had a depressing aura, but it didn't really have one today. The sun shone over it brightning up the green grass and gray headstones. Even a few flowers bloomed near the graves.

Walking towards my parents headstones that sat beside each other, I felt tears prickling in my eyes. No matter how hard I tried, I can not cry when I visit their graves. They died so young, successful...but that bastard killed them due to his uncontrollable jealousy and anger from the rejection.

I stared at the gray stones in front of me.

Lily Haine, beloved mother,daughter,friend and wife. 1990-2012

Ren Haine, beloved father,son,friend and husband. 1889-2012

Tears poured out of my eyes as I said a few words. "Mom,Dad, I hope you guys are doing fine in heaven. I love you guys so much..." after I finished talking, I placed each bouquet of plumerias in front of each grave respectivly.

I contiuned to stare at them with endless flow of tears streaming out of my eyes. "I missed you mom and dad. Aunt Rui was so horrible to me. Why did you guys have to leave?"

Since I was just a child when both my parents died, Aunt Rui who was my dads sister had to take care of me. She was so cold,harsh and treated me like a slave, except she never resulted in physical abuse. But she did use verbal abuse.

"Rin?" a famaliar voice called out.

Haku Honne. The sister of my parents murderer. I don't hate her, even though shes related to my parents killer, in fact I consider her a close friend.

"Haku" I turned around and gave her a small smile.

"I knew you were going to be here, so I brought these." She held up 2 bouquet of Daffodils.

Haku and I became close ever since she found out her brother was a killer. We both grew a hatred towards him and I guess that's how we both bonded.

"I never knew he could do such things. Jealousy gets out the best of people..." Haku said as she placed each bouquet of flowers beside mines.

"I guess so..." I said quietly.

There was a moment of silence before Haku spoke up again, "Your plumerias are really pretty."

"Just like your mother." she added

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