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Dells POV

"Nerd!". Someone shoved me against a row of lockers. My impact caused the locks to clatter against the metal door surface.

"Your even named after a computer company! Geeky parents much?", insults one by one came flying out of their mouths, and slowly, I feel the need to breakdown.

Right when the tears were about to cascade down my face, my saviour stepped in. "Hey! Leave him alone.". It wasn't my older sister Haku but, however it was a tall very pretty blonde. She didn't seem familiar to me, but than again, I didn't know much girls besides Haku and my mother.

"Ay! Its the school's queen bee, Lily Akita! We're so sorry your highness!", my attackers facial expression turned apologetic. My hero turned her gaze towards me before opening her mouth again, "I want you neanderthals to leave, NOW! I don't want to see you picking on this poor boy anymore!". She turned and glared at the guys.

"O-of course! We'll be leaving now." the bullies all scattered away.

There was a moment of silence before Lily, who I assume, approached me slowly. Her footsteps echoing throughout the almost empty hallway. "I saw what those guys did to you, are you ok?", her stunning blue eyes twinkled with pity. The blue, it wasn't like any ordinary shade of blue I ever seen. It was bright,luminous and full of life. Not to mention everything about her appearance was perfect. Her golden mane of hair looked thick and luscious, she looked like she came from a well mannered family.

"I- yes, I am fine. I get slammed into lockers and get called insults everyday. Its almost practically routine now.", facing down at my shoes, I wondered why I never saw Lily before. The guys did say she was the school's "queen bee".

"They should know better! Doesn't it hurt you? The physical and emotional pain?" Her face contoured into concern.

"It does hurt, but what can I do? I am weak, defenseless, spineless..the list could go on. Its not their fault I am a vulnerable target."

"Shame on them and you!" my head snapped up when those words came out of her mouth. I thought she was on my side?

"How could you think so poorly of yourself? I am sure your a strong,amazing and fantastic person on the inside, you just need someone to be by your side and bring it out of you." there was a pause before another wave of words were spoken, "And I will be that someone." her face broke out into a smile.

"I never had a friend before..I was always a outcast."

"Well, My name is Lily Akita, whats yours?"

"Dell. Dell Honne"

Its been a couple of months now ever since Lily became my friend. The bullies stopped targeting me simply because I had the schools most loved and adored girl on my side. I don't know if its just physical attraction but I am really falling for her. She never mentioned that she had a boyfriend and that brought hope to me. Imagine me, dating Lily Akita. Some might say its impossible, but I think the opposite. Lily's so sweet towards me, always walking home with me and spending most of her free time with me.

I waited patiently outside the schools entrance. We were about to walk home when she texted me that she had a "surprise" for me.

A few more minutes past before the doors bursts open, nearly giving me a heart attack. I wasn't expecting the sudden movement.

"Dell! I have someone for you to meet!" Lily's cheerful voice made the waiting worth for.

I was about to say something back when I noticed a boy behind her. I am straight and everything but, I have to admit, the guy was really attractive. His eyes, they were dark, blackish even. He possessed such a handsome face, it was angular and chiseled. The jet black colored mop of hair on his head matched his eyes. Jealousy soon bubbled inside me.

"This is my boyfriend Ren Haine! We've been dating for a year now and lately I've been finding the perfect time for you guys to meet. I thought, Hey! Why don't they meet today since Ren is on his break and visiting me." Lily's smile was so wide that is was almost scary, which is saying something because her smiles were always perfect and beautiful. She didn't need lipstick or mascara, her smile was her makeup.

"Nice to finally meet you Dell. Lily's told me so much about you." Ren smiled, his voice was deep and almost husky.

"Wait, what do you mean that he is on his break..?" I said, mentally glaring at him, I didn't want to seem rude. On the outside, I kept a neutral expression.

"Ren's in college, his a freshman and just finished his exams." Lily clung onto his arm like she owned him. Ren smiled even wider and placed his arm around her shoulders.

College? I never knew she was into older guys, but than again, we're on our senior year and Ren was just a freshman in college.

"Oh I see. Well I am very happy for you guys." I fake smiled. I know how these things play out in the end since Haku makes me watch with her romantic TV shows. The girl has a douchey boyfriend and he later cheats or breaks her heart and in the end, her friend who was there for her who also has feelings for her gets to go out with her because she finally realizes she was so stupid and confused with her feelings that she couldn't see love straight. I am just saying that I am the friend who will be there for her.

"I am so glad to hear that! But now, since Ren is in town for awhile, I won't be hanging out with you much." Lily said sadly.

"Oh that's fine, I have other friends now so I won't be alone if your worrying about that." the fake smile now was seriously making my facial muscles sore.

"That is great Dell! Anyways, Ren and I are going to go to the Cafe down the street and catch up on things, so sorry I cant walk home with you today."

"Ok, well you two have fun. I'm fine walking home alone."


Nope. "Yup. Now go, I don't want to be a third wheel."

3 years later.

We go to the same college as Ren and the fact that she is still with him is slowly lowering my sanity level. Also it is torturous to watch them be all lovey dovey and showing PDA's every second they have together. I am still waiting for him to cheat on her, hope will not be lost now. Besides, Ren is graduating from college this year, there is no way for them to keep a long distance relationship without issues. Lily told me that when she was still in high school, she and Ren had problems in their relationship, Ren practically had girls swarming at his feet all the time while he was in college.

I was heading down to the cafeteria when I heard a shriek from a girl. I heard that shriek before...

"DELL! DELL! OH MY GOSH, I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVERRR!" Lily came running beside me.

"Really?" Well obviously Ren didn't break up with her because she was all happy and excited. And she said she had the "best" news ever, and Lily loves Ren to death and always says that Ren was the only person who loved her more than anything. Or so she thinks.

"YUP! REN, HE PROPOSED!" Lily erupted in a squeals.

My jaw dropped. I couldn't find the strength to lift it back up. This is absolutely outrageous! But I have to keep my cool and stay sane. I know how this is going to play out in the end. I just know.

Slowly, I faked a wide smile. "That is amazing Lily!." my mouth opened again and more words came pouring out, "I hope your not making a mistake. Are you sure you REALLY love him that you want to marry him? What happens if there is someone else? Someone who cares for you more than he ever will?" It took me a second to realize what I said, before I could say anything else, Lily looked at me oddly.

"What are you talking about? Of course I love him. And Ren loves me more than anything. He says that he loves me everyday and he means it. There isn't someone else, Ren is right for me."

"Sorry, just testing how strong your relationship is, haha" I laughed nervously.

Her face soon broke into a smile.

"Well, if we ever have marriage problems, I now know I can always come to you." she winked.

"Haha right..anyways I gotta go. See you later." I rushed towards the other direction and head towards my dorm. I surely did lost my appetite.

2 years later.

Things totally didn't go how I planned. I forgot that I graduate a year earlier than Lily and so now, I can't keep a eye on her 24/7, AND I am moving to a different city for this job I just applied to. Ren at lease still lives in the same city as Lily.

Packing things into my suitcase, I heard a knock at my door. "Come in."

It was no surprise at all that it was Lily. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. I blushed at the friendly gesture. "I am going to miss you Dell!"

"Me too Lily, but this is for my future."

"I promise that we wont lose contact of each other"

I smiled. If only I knew that promise was just a lie.

Another 2 years later...:D

Lily lied. The first week I got to this new city, I gotten zero phone calls,texts, and emails from her. I called her once, and luckily she picked up. She explained that she's been really busy and promised that she will contact me often when her break comes up. But that was just another lie. Now, she doesn't even have the decency to pick up my calls,or reply to my texts.

I decided to call her mom.

My sanity was fine until she mentioned Lily has a child now.

That's when it finally snapped.

Some might say that it was major jealousy that got to me when I drove all the way to the Haine's new house and gave Ren and Lily a piece of my mind.


That's not the truth.

Well not until I fired a pistol bullet into her.

After all those years of lying, fake smiling and bottling my feelings, insanity finally took over me.

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