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Summary: After Arthur loses his job after the worst day at work he just knows 'things can only get better right?' If only he knew just how right he was.

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Arthur was running, trying his hardest not to bump into people he passed in the street, apologising to those he did as he did his tie up as he ran to his destination, he couldn't be late for work, he couldn't afford to be late for work.

Although technically, he wasn't due in until this afternoon, but his boss phoned him asking him if he can come in this morning and do a double shift, the morning one plus his own one as someone called in sick.

Arthur who needed the money to keep up with the bills, put his name down and told the manager of the restaurant where he worked as a waiter that he could call on him should he need someone to cover a shift.

His manager called him, wanting him there within thirty minutes, that means he had ten minutes to get ready and get to the bus stop. As Arthur was running to the bus stop it sped past which was the reason why Arthur was now running.

Arthur got to the restaurant with five minutes to spare in which he used to freshen up before starting what was to now be a ten hour shift, working eleven to four, have thirty minute break before starting his shift four thirty until nine thirty. Arthur sighed, it was going to be a long day.

Merlin was having a great day and it had only just started. Merlin had had breakfast with his father that morning who told him that he was to sign over one the restaurants to him.

Merlin, to say the least, was stunned as his father never warned him or hinted anything to him beforehand, sure he helped his father out when he could and ran the restaurants when his father was abroad. "Really father?"

"Yes Merlin. You are to have your own restaurant I have sorted it all out and signed the papers and all you have to do is sign and it is all yours."

"All mine to do what I like?"


"So I can shut it down and redecorate it and have it changed and take on more staff?"

"Whatever you want to do Merlin."

"Where has all this come from?"

"Well son, one day when I am gone you will take on the businesses and I thought that if I gave you one of the restaurants and you got used on how you run it then within six months or a year, depending on when I know you are ready I will sign another one over to you. Eventually you will own them all and I can retire and relax. I started out with one restaurant and built them up over the years. I have had my turn in doing what I love. It's your turn now son."

"Which restaurant am I having?"


"Really? I thought you would give me Merlin's."

"Because it is the smallest one?"

"Well yeah."

"No Merlin. If I am honest son, Cenred only has a small chain of restaurants and it is growing, he is determined to put us out of business. You are young, fresh and will have new ideas, I know you won't let me down son."

"But Kilgharrah's is right across the road from Cenred's palace."

"I know son. I trust in you to do what you believe is right and get our customers back."

Merlin had signed the papers, Kilgharrah's was now his, giving his father, Balinor a hug and his mother a kiss on the cheek, Merlin ran from the house, picking his car keys up on the way out.

Outside, Merlin unlocked and got into his blue Jaguar convertible and drove off to his restaurant, he had plans to make and no time like the present.

Arthur had silently counted to three to calm himself and put on his best smile as he made his way over to a group of giggling girls, this day had gone from bad to worse.

"Arthur there you are, you have been avoiding us."

"I have been busy ma'am. What would you like to order?" Arthur hated this group of six girls, it wasn't often they came to eat here but when they did they latched on to him. He lost count how many times they had thrown themselves at him and kept trying despite him knocking them back.

"It's Vivian silly. When are you going to stop that nonsense and go on a date with me. I can assure you you won't be disappointed by the time the night is over."

Arthur resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He really couldn't be doing with this right now. The morning shift was awful, in his thirty minute break he ended up running back to the flat to change his shirt as a customer who ordered red wine changed her mind after Arthur had poured it saying she wanted white.

"But you said red."

"Well I have changed my mind."

Arthur was at the end of his tether. "Well what am I now to do with this open bottle?"

"Bend over and I will show you." she replied. "And take this with you." she ordered as she thrust the glass of red wine at Arthur, turning his white shirt now red. "You clumsy oaf, that could have gone on me. Where is your manager?"

That was Arthur's second warning, not being able to believe it with the story the infuriating woman told his boss. "One more warning and you are gone Pendragon."

The first warning was issued a week before with this Vivian and her friends, so he now had to be careful, one more warning and he was gone.

Thankfully Percival came to his rescue, "go on outside and get five minutes fresh air, I will take their order."

"Thank you Percival, you are a lifesaver."

"You owe me Arthur."

"Anything you want. Thank you."

Arthur walked outside and leaned against the wall, loosening his tie a little and did a heavy sigh. Just two more hours and then he can go home. He looked across the road from where he was and saw that the restaurant Kilgharrah's was in darkness. He frowned, they normally closed the same time as Cenred's.

Just then the door opened and Arthur saw a young bloke about his age walk out and lock up, he had short black hair and light blue jeans that hung snugly on his narrow hips, tight white t-shirt on. The bloke turned and saw Arthur who kept staring, keeping eye contact, the dark haired man bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement and smiled, flashing Arthur nothing but white teeth as he put his ray bans on and got into his car and drove off. 'Some guys have all the luck,' Arthur thought.

"How was your day son?" Balinor asked when he Merlin walk in.

"Fantastic dad, I called in a meeting, gathered all of the staff together explained I now own the restaurant, assured them that their job is safe, although there will be some changes made and the restaurant will be closed for three weeks whilst it is all being remodelled."

"And what did they say?"

"They weren't happy as they would be out of work for three weeks and they needed the money. But I told them that will still be getting paid."

"They will? Why?"

"Father, the waiters and waitresses and chefs and bar staff know people who know people, they talk, 'our boss has closed the restaurant for three weeks but we are not losing out as he is still paying us.' Then when I reopen the restaurant and need staff, as the word has got around people will come to me looking for work."

Balinor smiled at his son, "I knew giving you the restaurant would be the best idea I came up with."

"Thank you dad. I am gonna shower and change and head out for a couple of drinks." Merlin was just walking out of the room when his father called out to him. "Merlin son? Just what changes are you making to the restaurant?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course."

"Then you will have to wait and see when it is finished and all done, trust me father, this will not only get our customers back, but bring in more people as well."

Arthur looked at the clock, half past nine, he was finished he was just clocking off and putting his coat on when the manager called him into his office.

"You wanted to see me?" Arthur asked, closing the door behind him.

His boss Cenred held up a small, thick envelope. "This is yours Arthur."

"What is it?"

"The last of your wages."

"Last of my wages? You're sacking me?"

"Yes Arthur, you are a good waiter but I told you this afternoon when I gave you your second warning that one more stunt and you are gone."

"But I haven't done anything."

"I have been told otherwise, and it isn't your word against theirs because there are six of them."

"You mean those girls?"

"They said you have done nothing but try and impress them all night, flirting with them and coming on to them even stronger when they rejected your advances."

"That is a lie. I wouldn't look twice at them."

"A strapping lad like you Arthur. I refuse to believe that."

"Believe it, I didn't come on to them, they came on to me and that is all they have been doing since they started to come here weeks ago. I gently let them down and carried on working but they wouldn't accept the fact that I am not interested."

"Arthur you know how this works, the customer is always right, I have spoken to each of the girls separately and they have all said the same thing."

"There is no way I would even flirt with those girls or any other in fact as I am gay."

"It's all falling into place now Arthur, they told me you would say that you was gay if need be if they complained."

"Oh come on, this is bollocks. Why would I jeopardise my job like that when I need this job to pay rent. Why do you think I cover everyone else's shift and jump at any overtime going. Because I need the money."

His boss shook his head. "Sorry Arthur, but you had your first and second warning, I told you anymore than you would go."

"And I understand that but I have done nothing wrong."

"Now Arthur just calm down, wouldn't it be best if you left now instead of being chucked out because of how you are acting."

Arthur opened the door and turned back to his now ex boss. "Fuck you very much," he said and slammed the door shut.

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