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Summary: After Arthur loses his job after the worst day at work he just knows 'things can only get better right?' If only he knew just how right he was.

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It was ten minutes until they opened and Merlin gave his staff a short speech thanking them all and telling them to just be the best he knows they can be. Arthur knew Merlin was worrying as he was starting to stutter a bit so Arthur squeezed his hand and gave him a small kiss causing the staff to whoop and cheer a little making Merlin blush before he cleared his throat and opened the doors. "Kilgharrah's is now open." he said causing more cheers as Merlin unlocked and opened the doors.

Merlin stepped outside and saw a couple of people waiting in line and two families with children. The two couples smiled at Merlin and walked inside when he welcomed them, Gwaine showing the first couple to one table and Percival showing the other couple to their table.

One family walked in and Tom walked up to them, smiling, "welcome to Kilgharrah's will you be dining alone or with your children?"

"Alone." The man answered and Gwen walked forwards. "I will take your children to the playroom where they can play and eat with other children who are soon to come and enjoy yourselves."

The little girl with long blonde hair smiled shyly and took Gwen's hand after looking at her mother who smiled and nodded at her.

Gwen held out her free hand to the little girl's brother. "Do you want to come? We have all sorts of games you can play and we can have all sorts of fun without parents telling us off."

The boy smiled and took Gwen's hand and she led them both into the children's area followed by James whilst Tom led the parents to a table, explaining to them about the children's room and that they are free to check on them at any time.

The second family seemed a little hesitant about walking inside. "Are you alright?" Arthur asked.

The man of the family of three children looked at Arthur. "We normally go to Cenred' palace. That is, my wife and I do. We are just a bit weary."

"Robert honey why don't we just find a babysitter."

"Might I make a suggestion?" Arthur asked, continuing when the man and woman nodded. "This restaurant has three rooms, one is for adults to eat on their own the other is for adults who wish to eat with their children and the other room is for children to eat and play and be looked after should the parents want a nice quiet meal. Come. Let me show you around and explain it to you."

It was ten minutes later after three more families and two more couples came in and were seated when Merlin saw Arthur seating down the couple who were having doubts whilst Morgana and Derek took their children.

Arthur couldn't believe how busy they were. And on the first night as well. Arthur walked into the office just as Merlin put the phone down. A big smile on his face. "What has you so happy?"

"I thought that was obvious Arthur. Have you seen it out there? It is packed. My father said he drove by slowly and looked in and he said all the while he has had this place he has never seen it so busy. He says he is proud of me."

"I should think he is Merlin. I'm proud of you. I am not skiving, I am on my break."

"I wasn't going to ask." Merlin said as he stood up and led Arthur over to him and pushed him down in the chair and straddled him. "I am only on my break Merlin. I don't want to be lacking on my first day. What would my boss think?" Arthur said trying to sound flirtatious but having it end out leaving his mouth in a moan as Merlin nibbled his ear. His hands moving down Arthur's front, Merlin moved back and smiled at Arthur. "I don't think the boss would mind, but he'd have a problem if you went out and served people with this." Merlin said as he cupped Arthur's hard cock.

"I guess you'll have to do something about it then." Arthur moaned.

Merlin didn't need telling twice as he slid from Arthur's lap and dropped to his knees, giving Arthur a smile as he undone the black trousers, his smile getting wider when he freed his boyfriend's cock.

Arthur felt Merlin close his mouth around his cock and he hissed whilst clenching his fists into Merlin's hair as he felt Merlin move away, lick the underside of his cock before taking him in his mouth again. Arthur was struggling not to thrust up into that delicious mouth of Merlin's. When he felt Merlin start to suck, he couldn't hold it in any longer. "AH." he cried out.

Merlin pulled back and looked up at Arthur. "Good job I had this room soundproofed as well isn't it." Merlin whispered before taking Arthur into his mouth again. Merlin reached up with his hand and started to fondle Arthur's balls, gently tugging them as he sucked harder. "Fuck Merlin." Arthur groaned as he threw his head back and spilled all into Merlin's mouth who swallowed every last drop. Merlin pulled back and licked Arthur's cock clean before tucking him away. Arthur left the office and Gwaine gave him a knowing smile but said nothing.

The rest of the night couldn't have gone more better if Merlin wished it. His first night was a success and everyone had left happy and parting with promises of not only to come again but to tell their friends and family about it. Finally when it was time for the restaurant to be closed, Merlin thanked each of his staff and shared out the tips among them all before wishing them all a goodnight before they left.

Merlin stripped himself of his clothes and got into bed where Arthur copied his movements and got in next to him, covering them both up before Arthur pushed himself up on his elbow and looked down at Merlin. "You're not too tired are you?"

"What do you have in mind?"

Instead of answering, Arthur laid on top of Merlin and thrust his erection against the man under him. "Are you sure Arthur?"

"Yes Merlin. Let me make love to you."

Merlin moved his hands up and buried his fingers in Arthur's golden strands. "Take me Arthur." he whispered.

Arthur kissed him before getting Merlin on his hands and knees and positioned himself behind him and with lubed fingers, he slowly pushed a finger inside the tight ring of muscles, smiling when Merlin groaned and pushed back, begging for more. Arthur added a second finger slowly followed by a third and when he thought Merlin was loose enough, he withdrew his fingers, grabbed hold of Merlin's hips and gently eased his way inside of Merlin. "Oh Arthur." Arthur started thrusting whilst Merlin scrunched the bed sheets in his fists. "Faster Arthur. Harder. Please I need more." Arthur picked up the pace and started slamming into Merlin.

When Merlin felt himself cumming, Arthur pulled out of him making him moan in disappointment but then moaned in pleasure when Arthur flipped him onto his back and entered him once again. Merlin brought Arthur's head down to his and kissed him, wrapping his legs around Arthur's back as Arthur continued to slam in and out of him. "Ah-ah-ah-Arthur. Oh yes Arthur. More." Arthur rolled them over and sat up with his back against the headboard and held on to Merlin who grabbed his shoulders and started to bounce up and down on Arthur.

Merlin threw his head back and came, spilling all on both of their chests. Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and rolled Merlin on his back once again, having yet to cum, he started to thrust into Merlin who gasped and moaned, feeling spent with cumming hard on both of their chests moments ago, but Arthur was yet to come. He leaned down and gently kissed Merlin and started stroking him in time with his thrusts. Merlin felt himself become hard once again. "Harder Arthur." Arthur drove into Merlin harder and Merlin reached up behind him and grabbed the headboard of his bed with both hands, knuckles turning white from gripping it too hard. Arthur started to get faster which caused the bed to rock along with them.

"Ah Merlin. I'm cumming." No sooner had he said it, did he cum with Merlin cumming straight after for the second time that night. Arthur collapsed and dropped on top of Merlin who let go of the headboard and wrapped his arms around Arthur. "Wow." Merlin gasped placing a gentle kiss on Arthur's earlobe. Arthur lifted his head up and looked at Merlin. "I think I love you Merlin." Arthur panted.

Merlin looked into Arthur's eyes and seeing only truth, Merlin smiled. "I think I love you too Arthur." he whispered and brought Arthur's head to his and kissed him.

After they cleaned themselves up, Arthur spooned Merlin and they both fell asleep with a smile on their face.


Six months later.

Merlin couldn't be more happy with his life then he was right now. He had a successful restaurant that had never had a quiet night since he reopened it. He took on a few more people so the staff weren't working everyday and his staff, despite them always having a busy day at work couldn't be more happy.

Two months ago Cenred's palace had closed down due to having no customers. Cenred actually took it out on Merlin and went to attack him one night when he was closing up but he didn't get far as Arthur, Gwaine and Percival were there to protect him and Cenred ended up getting arrested.

As for Arthur. He and Merlin were still happily in love. Merlin had promoted Arthur to assistant manager after two weeks and taught Arthur how to run the restaurant and soon Arthur was promoted to manager and Arthur's worries of how the rest of the staff would take it, worried that it would show favoritism couldn't be more wrong as they all congratulated him and said he deserved it.

Merlin had noticed that his and Arthur's love wasn't the only one showing among the workers in the restaurant. Gwaine and Percival were still happy and in love and going strong. Lancelot had plucked up the courage and asked Gwen out and the had been happy ever since. And two of his bar staff, Marie and Carey seemed close and always went home together with their arms around each other when they finished work.

Balinor seeing how well Merlin was doing signed Merlin's over to him and it was currently undergoing being changed and redecorated.

Arthur walked into work and smiled at everyone he past as he made his way to the office. He sat down in his chair and thanked Marie when she brought him a drink in ten minutes later.

Twenty minutes later after checking the books, Merlin walked in and closed the door behind him. "How are we doing?"

"Amazing Merlin. You are making more and more each night."

Merlin smiled and sat on Arthur's lap as he looked through the books. "I didn't think my idea for changing the restaurant like this would take off so well."

"Well it did Merlin. As I knew it would."

Merlin turned and kissed Arthur. "I couldn't have done it without your support Arthur. I'd be lost without you."

"And I you Merlin. I dread to think where I would be now if I didn't meet you that night. I have an amazing job. I finally have enough money to pay bills and have some left over to buy things. I live in an amazing flat with my gorgeous boyfriend and it is all because of you Merlin that I am now happy with my life."

"You say the sweetest things Arthur. I love you."

"I love you too Merlin." Arthur replied, kissing Merlin once more. He truly meant what he just told Merlin. To him he now had the perfect life and it was all because of Merlin.

The end.

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