Mysterious Hope


Summary: Sookie meets Godric and Eric under different circumstances when she is first introduced to the supernatural world around her. Will Godric be lost to the darkness, or finally find salvation after his many years of internal struggle? Will Eric be able to regain the last vestiges of his humanity that have slowly been slipping away, and will Sookie finally accept that being normal isn't necessarily what is best for her? Can they find hope for the future in each other, or will their lives fall apart from the chaos that is threatening to consume them? Not pro Bill. G/S/E

Disclaimer: All errors are my own. This is my first fan fiction please be gentle on me.

The characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and Allan Ball the plot and story are all my own imaginings. I am grateful to play with their toys in my sandbox and return them slightly used.


Over the last century I had found myself falling farther and farther into the darkness that encompassed my soul. Faced with the decision of ending my life or making a change, I decided to visit my child to get some perspective. My beautiful child, Eric, always full of vibrancy, truly he was my greatest accomplishment.

It had been several decades since I had seen my beloved child, and even longer since I had released him and he had first gone on his way. Due to the centuries, and our distance, the strength of our bond has weakened until I had only a dull sense of the magic that connected us. As the distance lessened on my way toward him I felt the strength of our bond grow. I should have, of course, known that Eric would immediately recognize my despondency, once he felt our bond open. Upon seeing me, he fell to his knees bowing at my feet and wept bloody tears of sorrow to feel the ennui that had swallowed my being.

"Master I feel such emptiness coming from you and I sense there is much you have not told me." Eric stated.

"Eric I have not required you to bow at my feet or call me master in some time. Rise we are equals and you are your own master. Rise my child." I then explained my reason for coming and told him that I felt my time to walk this earth was at a close.

He pleaded with me to stay with him until I was able to overcome this hopelessness. How could I bear to cause my beloved child such grief? The answer, of course, is that I could not and promptly began making preparations necessary to retire my position, arranging the paperwork to transfer my title to my second and relocating to my child's territory.

Having recently retired from my previous position as Sheriff of area 6 in Dallas, and relocated to my child's area I had nothing to fill my time, but to sit ponder my malaise. For the first several weeks, Eric was adamant that he remain by my side at all times. Although I found this humorous at first, I was only willing to allow this to go so far long. I understood that my child is fearful that I will end myself but I have found nothing to help me escape the abyss that seems to relentlessly pursue my waking moments. My waking hours were often spent at my child's bar, as his duties as Sheriff of area 5 in North Louisiana required his time and attention.

On this night, like so many others, I was bored and sick of the 'vermin' as my child and grandchild, Pamela, called the humans that patronage his club. It was still early in the evening, and I had decided to venture out to the areas past Shreveport to get away from the crowded populace. Eric was sitting on his throne entertaining the 'vermin' when he saw me approaching from his booth. The humans parted before me, sensing the strength of my power emanating from my core, allowing me to reach Eric unmolested.

"My child, I find I need some air this evening." I stated "I will return to the safe house by morning."

As I was talking a ridiculously dressed fangbanger dared to come up to my child and stroke his leg. Her severely malnourished body was stuffed in a red PVC dress with her fake breasts pouring out the top like some overstuffed sausage. The stench of her polluted blood and bottle dyed black hair repulsed me. Before she could lay the kiss she was desperately striving to give to my child, I snatched her wrist away from him and snapped it as my disgust had snapped the last bit of my self control.

"Ahhhh !" She screamed, falling to the floor, and promptly passed out.

Pamela my grandchild rapidly appeared and gathered up the human woman. She glanced at me with curiosity and humor glinting in her clear blue eyes. Her blond hair fell in a straight sheet of spun gold trailing down her shoulders. She was dressed in a black leather studded one shoulder mini dress with black skull heels, which she told me earlier were Alexander McQueen.

"Master, Grandsire, I will take care of this bloodbag." Pamela stated a smirk sitting on her lips and zipped away.

"Eric, I apologize…." I started.

"Godric, there is no reason to apologize," he interrupted "that bloodbag was disrupting and had no right to touch me. Perhaps it is best that we…."

"No Eric," I stopped him before he could continue. "At first it was amusing, this constant babysitting, but this cannot continue. You seem to forget, my child, and I am partly to blame for allowing it to continue because I know of your intentions. I am not some fledgling vampire as we have allowed those around us to believe and I will not continue on in this manner."

"Forgive me master. I meant no disrespect." He bowed his head to me in deference.

"And that is partly why I have allowed this to go on as it has been, my child. I am not angry with you Eric. But if I am to continue on I must find something to fill my time and give purpose to my existence. I cannot go on as such, and this charade tires me. I do regret my lack of control tonight Eric and do hope it will not affect your profits this evening."

At hearing this, my child gave a hearty guffaw and pointed out to the crowd standing at a distance from us now. The fear clearly evident on all their faces was overshadowed by the lust radiating from the eyes of each human milling around us male and female alike. With a shake of my head at the depravity I saw in the faces of these beings I turned away and saw the most radiant creature I have ever had the pleasure of resting my eyes upon enter the bar.

She was immediately followed by a loathsome vampire, one William Compton, who had only this week relocated to my child's territory. She was facing away from me heading towards the bar with Compton clutching her elbow. She looked stunning with her petite curvaceous form wrapped in a figure hugging red flowered white sundress that displayed the tops of her full luscious breasts and skimmed down her slim waist only to flare out at her full hips and float to stop just above the knees of her shapely legs. Her tanned skin glowed with life and vitality. Her blonde hair was trailing down her back like waves of corn silk. Her petite feet encased in red patent heels were raising her short stature to just inches below mine. How I wished she would turn and face me.

At that moment as if the gods had heard my prayers she turned and locked eyes with me. The burn that lit my body as I saw the blush that flushed her face was as if the sun had shined upon me. In that moment I felt as if the encroaching darkness was pierced and light dispersed throughout my being. She was a candle in a coal mine. Sensing that her attention was otherwise engaged, Compton harshly yanked her arm to redirect her attention. The short yelp that escaped her slender throat and full crimson lips spurred me to action.

I quickly advanced on them and grabbed Compton's wrist pulverizing the bones as I squeezed causing him to release her instantly. The abrupt release threw her slightly off balance making her stumble into my body. The blush staining her cheeks as she peered up at me was even more stunning up close.

The scent that encased me as I stood next to her was mouth watering, and only increased with the rising color of her face. It took all my will power to keep my fangs from descending so as not to startle her. Surely this was the scent of the mythical ambrosia the gods partook of.

The heat emanating from her luscious body combined with her heavenly scent had blood rushing to my groin. I had never reacted as such to an individual before, neither human nor vampire. It took a moment to realize that I was still holding her tightly to my body. She had moved slightly so that I was now between their two bodies, unconsciously seeking my protection. She looked at me innocently with interest and confusion in her eyes.

"My apologies miss..." My words hesitated as I waited for her to supply me a name.

"Sookie, I'm Sookie Stackhouse, and this is my neighbor Bill Compton and you are?" Her lyrical drawl entreated me.

"Sookie is mine!" Compton's nasally overdone accent resounded as he lurched toward her with a sneer on his face. My clutch on his arm was the only thing to keep him from reaching her.

Sookie looked uncertainly between the two of us. Her brow creased slightly in her agitation as she gently rubbed where he had recently manhandled her.

"Bill you are making a scene. I don't know why you are acting this way, but I don't care. We are here only so that we can find out information to clear my brother's name." She quietly hissed then turned to me pink tingeing her cheeks with embarrassment. "I'm sorry I don't know what got into him and I'm sorry we interrupted your evening…"

My eyebrow rose slightly at the information she had just relayed. But Compton's words came back to me and I had to know.

"Are you?" I interrupted with a slight growl in my voice. I needed to get better control of myself.

"Am I what?" She asked breathlessly

"Are you his?"

"I don't even know what that means." She huffed slightly.

"But I don't belong to anyone but myself. I am my own person not a piece of property to be owned." Her voice rose as she finished her speech.

Once she realized that all the vampires in the club had turned to face this spectacle within their midst with fangs down, her cheeks pinked that lovely shade again and she edged further into my body. At this time my child and grandchild arrived. I tore my eyes away from the tempting morsel still leaning into my body and sneered over at Compton dropping his damaged wrist from my grasp.

"Godric, perhaps you and your acquaintance would like to come into my office to discuss matters." Eric stated drolly as he looked around at the crowd we had gathered from our comotion.

"Compton, since you have proven yourself unreliable as a companion this evening you are dismissed." Eric ordered, brooking no arguments.

"Sookie you can't trust them. I am only trying to protect you!" Compton snarled at his dismissal.

"They…" He waved his hand in our general direction. "will only bring harm to you and your family, you must come with me!" As he spoke his intent to snatch her back became clear. I swiftly side stepped and pulled Sookie's body behind mine to keep him from grabbing her just as he lurched forward.

"Bill Compton you better just stay away from me." She yelled, her voice fierce with her ire.

"You hurt me tonight Bill. I don't know what your problem is, but you need to get away from me and stay away from my Gran too!" Sookie glared at him with ice in her eyes. The imbecile was obviously too stupid to understand her words because he just stood there with his mouth gaping open.

"You will regret this decision Miss Stackhouse." Bill declared venomously.

"Are you threatening me Bill?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

My Sookie sure was a spitfire. Wait, my Sookie? Yes, by all that was holy I would make her mine. This realization filled me with awe. Within mere moments this petite southern beauty had captivated me and given me reason to exist once more.

"Merely stating a fact Miss Stackhouse" At that Compton turned around and sped away

"Cheese and rice!" Sookie gasped beside me. "I don't have any way to get home, Bill drove me here!"

Growling slightly at the mention of that miscreant's name, I looked down at the slight girl beside me ready to offer her my aid "If I may, Miss Stackhouse, please allow me to offer my services."

"Oh please, call me Sookie. Godric, right?" I nodded in response to her query.

"I sure would appreciate it, but I don't want to be any bother. Are you sure it won't be an inconvenience?" She looked up at me half hopeful and half something I couldn't identify.

"Well aren't you sweet." Pam added with her usual snarky flair.

"Not particularly." Sookie responds tartly.

"Miss…Sookie" I began.

"I can assure you it is no bother. I would be delighted to accompany you home." At this statement, she blushed prettily and her scent became impossibly more enticing as her slight arousal combined with the already heady scent of her blood.

"We should go to the office before creampuff here incites a riot." Pamela's voice broke through my thoughts.

I looked around and could see that Pam's assessment was not far off. Most of the vampires within close proximity to us had faces glazed over in lust and hunger. Sookie's hand clenched tightly on my arm, attracting my attention once more. She was looking worriedly at the vampires around us, but as I looked closer I noticed that her eyes were looking desperately around as if she is searching for something.

"We have to go, now!" She stated clearly distressed.

"I will allow none to harm you." I avowed, grasping her arm gently as I lead her quickly through the back of the club towards the employee parking lot with Eric and Pam following shortly behind.

"It's not that" She stated, shaking her head.

"What then?" I asked, my curiosity peaked.

"There is going to be a raid. The police are on the way." She declared slightly panicked.

With that Eric lurched forward. I blocked him before he could lay so much as a finger on my beauty. She stared at him alarmed. "Are you an undercover cop?" he growled at her.

"Me? No! No I'm not …the man back in there by the bar is though... he's dressed as a tourist with a hat on. He already called them on his radio" She said. How could she have heard this without me hearing it as well? There was a mystery about her.

"We don't do anything illegal here" Pam said peevishly.

"Yeah, you might not, but there's a vampire sucking on a fangbanger's neck in the lavatory as we speak" She said, turning to face Pam.

"How do you know this?" Eric questioned her.

She looked pensively at us and stated "I read the policeman's mind." Eric turned his head sharply to stare at her intently.

"Hmm, a telepath…interesting. I had a psychic once. She was incredible." Eric smirked.

"Did the psychic think so?" She sassed back at him.

I could not stop the deep laugh that rolled out of mouth this time. My existence would be so much more rewarding with her by my side. Eric and Pam were staring at me in shock. Oh yes, it will be satisfying indeed.

"Don't!" Sookie instructed softly, as she scrutinized Eric.

"It doesn't work on me." I twitched as I realize that Eric has attempted to glamour my beauty.

When it occurred to me that I had not even tried to glamour her, I could not help the chuckle that escaped me. Eric's brow quirks in question and the barest hint of a smirk graces his lips.

"Eric, tar jag Sookie hem och möter dig vid gömställe. Vi har mycket att diskutera när jag kommer tillbaka. Kanske Pamela ska stanna hos oss tror. Jag att det finns mer att Compton än vi är medvetna om." (Eric, I will take Sookie home and meet you at the safe house. We have much to discuss when I return. Perhaps Pamela should remain with us. I believe that there is more to Compton than we are aware of.) I stated as we walked to our cars. Eric nodded his head in confirmation. I stopped at the passenger door of my Bugatti and opened it for Sookie. She looked at me with startled eyes.

"This is your car!" She squeaked, her voice barely audible.

I nodded my head in confirmation as she slid into the plush carmine red leather interior of my obsidian black EB 16.4 Veyron Sang Noir. Although it is not as flashy as my child's torch red Z06 Corvette coupe, I am quite positive that with my engine (8.0L, quad-turbocharged, W16 cylinder engine) it could easily outperform Eric's car having only a 7.0L V8.

I sped to the driver side door and we are quickly down the road. Knowing she is Compton's neighbor I set off toward Bon Temps. I looked over to the beauty in my passenger seat and was startled to see her with a death grip on her seatbelt and her eyes tightly clenched.

"Sookie may I have your address?" I asked puzzling over her suddenly apparent frightened.

"Godric, if you slow down I'll give you anything you ask for." Her voice was high and reedy, and I could not help but chuckle.

"Anything sweet Sookie?" I questioned suggestively.

She cracked her eye at me, causing another chuckle to escape me. I slowed considerably, and she gave me her address. I entered the coordinates into my GPS. Now that I had moderated my speed, and she looked to be more relaxed, I engaged her in some small talk to find out more about her.

"What was your reason for coming to the club tonight Sookie?" I inquired with interest.

"I was trying to find out some information about two murdered girls that were known to frequent vampires, and that bar particularly." She stated with candor.

"They were drained?" I asked, and felt my eyebrows climb into my hairline in surprise.

"Umm, no they were strangled." She reiterated, and I just shook my head.

"They were not vampire kills then, or they would have been drained." She nodded her head and looked to be contemplating my response.

"So, if not a vampire, maybe someone with something against vampires." I looked up surprised that she has gleaned this in such a short amount of time. She is very bright.

"What brought these two girls to your attention, were they friends of yours?" I asked casually and she shook her head in negative.

"My brother being the town slut that he is…" At this she turned pink and her scent spiked in the confines of the vehicle.

"has had relations with both of them and the cops have pulled him in for questioning." She finished her statement chagrinned.

At this point in her explanation we were pulling off onto Hummingbird Lane. I winced as I turned onto her rutted driveway and made a mental note to find out who I could hire to have it repaired. At the end of the drive was a quaint farmhouse that looked to be in need of repairs but was well cared for. A matter of moments after turning off the car I had Sookie's door open as she was removing her seat belt. I took her hand and escorted her to her door while scanning the area. It was immediately apparent that Compton had decided to disregard Sookie's wishes, as I could smell him lurking at the edge of her property.

"Would you like to come inside, Godric?" She looked at me intently as she blurted out her words, and blushed prettily when I nodded my head yes. With a trembling hand she quickly unlocked her door and held it open for me.

"Please come inside, Godric." She stated, leading me to her living room.

"Please have a seat. Would you like a True Blood. I bought some for Bill." She frowned to herself.

"He's been in our house!" she gasped.

"Do you think he will hurt my Gran?" She asked, her voice trembling.

"Sookie you can rescind a vampires invitation at any time." I informed her, and her eyebrows climbed into her hairline. Clearly Bill had neglected to inform her of this.

"Just say 'William Compton I rescind your invitation', and he can no longer gain entry." I declared firmly.

"William Compton I rescind your invitation." She looked to me for approval and I nodded my head in affirmation.

"Would that work for you too..." I nodded frowning.

"Not that I want to ... I's just ...I wanted to know if it works for all vampires..." She flushed prettily again from her rambling.

"I understand, yes it works that way for all vampires. Sookie how do you know Compton?" I asked cautiously.

"Well..." she smiled shyly.

"I don't really. I mean he kind of just showed up a few days ago and sat at my section at work." She began hesitantly.

"I'm a waitress at Merlotte's. Any who, I heard the Rattrays were going to drain him." She said pointing at her temple.

"I tried to warn him but I guess he didn't understand, so I got a chain from my brother's truck and I stopped them from draining him." My brows flew up and my expression must have annoyed her.

"What a human ..." I interrupted before there could be any misunderstandings.

"I have no doubt that you can accomplish whatever it is, that you put your mind to, sweet Sookie. However, even a vampire of Compton's young age would not be overpowered by two human drainers." I informed her gently.

"Then why didn't he stop them?" She gasped.

"That, my dear, is a very good question, and I would sincerely like to know the answer. I don't believe his intentions are what he has led us all to believe." I stated with controlled anger.

"But he saved my life." At this statement, my eyes snapped to hers.

"How?" I asked firmly.

"The Rattrays I told you about, well they were mad about me stopping them from draining him. They came back a few nights later and beat me real bad." She shivered, recalling the painful events of that night.

"Bill got there right before they killed me, and told me I had to drink his blood or I would die." Her face scrunched in distaste at this memory.

"The next morning, it was all over town that a freak tornado hit the Rattray's trailer house and they were smashed underneath. It looked awful." My unease continued to grow as she proceeded with her story.

"I had asked him to meet me after work, so I could ask him a question for my Gran, and he was late. If I hadn't been waiting for Bill, the Rats, sorry the Rattrays, probably wouldn't have even caught me in the parking lot that night." At that moment some of the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and I was startled at the amount of rage that ran through my body.

I was almost certain that Compton had purposely set out to harm my Sookie, so that he could get his blood in her. My expression must have slipped because Sookie retracted from her position next to me on the couch. Trying to quell my rage and calm the beast calling for Compton's death, I reached forward slowly and placed my hand atop Sookie's hands on her lap.

"Sookie" I calmly explained. " I am in no way upset with you, but it has just been made apparent to me that Compton means you harm."

"But.." She tried to intercede

"Sookie, you must listen." I looked to make sure she is paying attention. "My child..."

"You have a kid?" She exclaimed.

"My vampire child whom I created." I continued as she nodded. "Eric..."

"The tall blonde one, he's your son?" I nodded.

"Sorry, you can continue." She looked down sheepishly and turned that delightful shade of pink again which caused me to smirk.

"Eric is the Sheriff of area 5 which encompasses most of Northern Louisiana and specifically covers this area. All vampires in his area must give allegiance to him to reside in his area. They must follow the laws put forth by the AVL and he must enforce them. They must report to him any issues that affect vampires within his area. The only vampires to supersede his authority in this area are the Magister and the Queen..." I explained giving her an abbreviated background of vampire hierarchy.

"Queen?!" She burst out laughing. I waited for her to calm and chuckled at her chagrin from her most recent outburst.

"R-Really, is she the queen of all vampires?" She questioned in awe.

"No, she is the Queen of Louisiana. Most states have a monarch either Queen or King, although that is not always the case." I stated simply, and she nodded in understanding.

"However, the fact remains that Compton neglected to report the fact that there were known drainers in Eric's area. Additionally he did not report an attempted draining of one of the vampires residing in his area regardless of the fact that it was himself. Plus there is the fact that he, a vampire well known for his punctuality, was tardy." I listed off the individual circumstances that were a peculiarity.

"Can you guess what I have deduced?" I inquired gently.

The look of horror on her face, as she came to the realization that he intentionally set out to hurt her, was swiftly followed by a look of rage. I believe if Compton was present she would have sent him to his final death. Promptly following this realization, there was a look of pure determination and resolve. My Sookie was a survivor. I looked forward to making her mine.

"What do we do?" I was surprised that she had included myself and was heartened that she was trusting me already.

"First, I must ask that you do not invite any other vampires in your home other than myself, my child, or grandchild." She nodded her head in understanding of this request.

"It would be best if you had guards" At this stipulation she shook her head violently in denial.

"Very well," I sighed.

"Would you, at least, be willing to exchange blood with me?" I inquired hopefully.

"But why, I'm not hurt." She seemed genuinely surprised.

"Did Compton tell you nothing of what our blood does?" She shook her head. This was as I feared.

"Dear one, In addition to healing a person, our blood allows us to sense the emotions and location of the human that consumes it. It basically ties the human to the vampire" Her eyes grow round at this clarification.

"It can also heighten a person's feelings toward that specific vampire." She looked to me questioningly.

"For example if a person is attracted to the vampire that attraction is increased. If a person has fear of the vampire it will be amplified and can become terror. It cannot, however, create feelings that were never present." She looked relieved at this statement.

"Also while the blood is in your system it can increase your strength, immunity, as well as your physical senses...sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. To some extent it will enhance appearance..." She was frowning once more. So many emotions had flit across her face and in her eyes. It was difficult to discern them all.

"How do you mean?" She asked but seems more curious as to the working of this magic, than how it could possibly benefit her. She is perfection.

"For starters it firms and clears the skin, as well as strengthening hair and nails." At this she snickered and muttered something about vampire day spa under her breath. I smiled at her antics before continuing on.

"In essence it heals the damage that a human can put on their body day to day just by living." Her mouth formed a slight 'O', which causes me to get hard thinking about their plumpness wrapped around my member. Shaking my head to clear my mind, I continued.

"Another thing you need to be aware of, is that three mutual blood exchanges create a permanent blood bond. Lastly you should know, the blood increases a person's libido and can cause erotic dreams." Her jaw dropped at this statement.

The blush that has been reoccurring throughout our conversation reemerged. It crept down her neck and chest, till the tops of her breasts, which were framed beautifully by the sweetheart neckline of her dress, were glowing the same rosy pink that currently adorned her cheeks. As her blush escalated, I smelled her arousal spike. I was nearly undone as she stammered and tried to respond to my last statement. God she was beautiful, and so innocent!

"But… I never… I mean… I haven't…umm… I'm still a…" She stammered clearly uncomfortable.

"Yes you are innocent." I stated and she looked both relieved and embarrassed.

"Y-you can tell t-that?" She stuttered adorably, her color deepening.

"I can smell it, as I can smell your arousal" Her heart rate increased and her arousal spiked again.

I would be light headed, if it were possible, from all the blood pooling in my groin. My leather trousers had become impossibly uncomfortable. When she licked her bottom lip I could resist no longer. Before she had time to dart her glistening pink tongue back in between her now shiny and full crimson petals, I had captured her lips with mine.

She wrapped her slight arms around my neck, her fingers curling in the short hair at my nape. My left arm circled her slim frame as my hand wrapped possessively in her silky hair to angle her head better. My right hand stroked down from her ribs to trace the contours of her slim waist and rounded hips before retracing their route in return.

When my hand grazed her left breast, she arched into me, moaning into my mouth. It was apparent she was innocent, but eager, as she responded with passion. Her slick tongue battled mine for dominance, though she soon gave in to my more experienced movements.

My fangs sprung down, and she slowly wrapped her tongue around first one fang and then the other. I knew that I must stop now, before I lost all control and did something she was not ready for. When I retracted from our embrace, she whimpered needily. She is exquisite, and I will treasure her always.

Her face is flushed the blood just beneath the surface of her soft skin. Her swollen lips still glistening are slightly bruised from the passion we just shared. Her eyes are glazed with lust shining in them, pupils dilated. Her heaving breasts are fighting the restraints of her garments as she pulls in gasping pants of breath. I catalog every aspect of her visage as I wait for her to regain her senses. Finally after she looks up at me I speak.

"I will not apologize, for I have wanted to do that since I first set eyes upon you at the club. I will be honest with you, I am old, over 2000 years, and I have done many terrible things and killed many individuals. I do not say this to scare you merely to prepare you. You move me Sookie, when I have been indifferent for centuries." Her eyes widened at my declaration.

"I was recently prepared to meet the sun." I revealed, and tears gathered in her eyes and she gripped my hand in her smaller ones.

"Do not cry little one. My child convinced me to stay and I am here with you now and I have a reason to continue to exist. I want you." I stated firmly, allowing no misunderstanding.

"I will wait till you are ready, but I want you to be mine just as I will be yours." She inhaled sharply.

"But, why? You don't even know me." She asked plaintively, clearly not seeing her own worth. "I'm just a telepathic barmaid from a small town and you..."

"I know enough." I stopped her mid-sentence.

"Like what?" She challenged.

"You are intelligent, beautiful, courageous, loving, passionate, fierce, spirited, strong, stubborn, sexy, kindhearted, sensible, and you are the sun to my darkness."

"How do you know all this?" She exclaimed looking at me shrewdly.

"From our discussion this evening, I was able to learn this about you." I replied resolutely.

"But you can't know all that from just a little talk!" She bewilderedly exclaimed.

"Sookie, it has not been 'just' a little talk. Now there are 72 minutes remaining before dawn and we still have much to discuss. Are you willing to exchange blood with me tonight?" She nodded her head jerkily as her heart rate and breathing increased.

"I will not hurt you. This I promise you. Shall we go somewhere more private?" She gently grasped my hand and led me to what must obviously be her bedroom.

It was clean and cozy with keepsakes and photos throughout the space. I sat on her small bed against the headboard and pulled Sookie onto my lap with her back to my chest. She leaned back into me and I could feel her relax against me.

"Have you done this often?" She asks timidly.

"No, our blood is sacred. Only for my child have I ever willingly given my blood before now." I informed her.


I bit into my wrist, and placed it in front of her mouth. She lightly wrapped her lips around the seeping wound, and began to suck strongly, grasping my forearm with both hands holding it firmly in place. She would make a wonderful vampire. At the first pull of my blood my fangs descend. I gently moved her hair away and licked the spot on her neck where I would feed in preparation of my bite. I felt her shiver, as the smell of her arousal enveloped us.

As my fangs slid gently into her satiny skin and the first drop of her rich blood hit my tongue I was blindsided. She is Fae. Not full blood, thank the gods or I would have no control, but it is there. Does Compton know? This required further research. I must speak with Eric. We need to plan.

After two mouthfuls I reluctantly pulled away and could feel that my wound has closed as well. I clean and seal her neck with my saliva and a drop or two of my blood. I wanted no marks left to mar her beautiful skin. The difference was immediate. I could feel her inside me. She is a beacon in the darkness. I felt her exhaustion beat at her as she fought to remain awake with me.

"Dear one, I wish to court you and we still have much to discuss. Are you available tonight?" The smile she gave me lights up her entire face and I can feel her pleasure at my request.

"I must leave now to arrive safely before dawn. I eagerly await sunset when I can have you in my arms once more." She drowsily smiled at me, and closed her eyes as Morpheus pulled her under. I disliked leaving her here without any protection, but I hoped to soon have her by my side.

I had just ten minutes to spare when I closed the garage door to the safe house and made my way to our secure chambers. Eric and Pam were awaiting my news in the sitting room. We briefly discussed our plan of action against Compton. He would be dealt with, but first we need to know what he knows, and who drew his attention to my Sookie. It was clear that someone else had put him up to this.

The questions we needed answered now were many. I was content as I lay down to my day rest. The smell of my beautiful faerie still enveloped me, and her flavor lingered yet in my mouth. For the first time in several centuries I went to rest dreaming of my future. A future with Sookie.