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"Guys, I love you – and you know I do – but I am so bored I could cry." Zatanna said with a slight frown.

The team had chosen this night as a 'break night.' Batman was off on a solo mission, leaving Robin behind for the first time in months. So Robin, resentful at being abandoned and knowing the team wouldn't be doing anything without Batman to give the orders, suggested they hang out together on Friday and relax. The team had liked the idea of just spending time with each other. Since most of them lived in separate cities, they didn't get to spend much downtime with each other. Red Tornado approved the idea and gave them free reign for the evening, but warned them they would be monitored wherever they went.

"Yeah. We should probably go somewhere." Wally was slumped in his seat, munching on a bag of potato chips. He put another fistful in his mouth. "Somewhere fun."

"I guess Pictionary is a little dull." M'gann said, looking at the board games set on the floor. She thought this was a perfect opportunity to have a 'game night.' People had them all the time on TV. But unless everyone was invested (And no one was.) it wasn't very interesting. "But where could we go?"

The team paused as they thought it over. The Zeta Tubes enabled them to get to any part of the country – and a few foreign countries – within a few seconds. So travel was not a problem. Artemis suggested, "The zoo?"

"It's eight o'clock." Wally said, raising an eyebrow.

"Not in California." Artemis shot back. The speedster frowned slightly and slumped back in his seat again, disappointed he didn't remember the time differences himself.

"No offense Art, but if I want to watch a bunch of animals sleep and eat food I'd just go to a West family reunion." Robin said with a playful grin. Wally shot him a look and said, "Dude!" But Robin continued speaking as if he had not heard him. "I could probably get us into the Nike in Las Vegas."

The team regarded his suggestion with mild interest. Conner asked, "Nike? Like the shoe?"

"No, like the goddess of victory." Robin replied. "I could get us in. They've got everything there."

Wally leaned forward in his chair and smirked. "Isn't that hotel owned by Bruce Wayne? How are you going to-"

"I don't see you coming up with any ideas." Robin cut him off quickly. Before Wally could open his mouth, Kaldur broke in with another suggestion.

"We could go to a movie, perhaps." Kaldur suggested. "So long as everyone could agree on what to see."

"Oh! If we go to Las Vegas, we could see one of those magic shows!" Zatanna said excitedly. She grinned a bit. "It's not real magic, obviously. But it's still really fun."

The team began to debate the pros and cons of going to Las Vegas. Their mentors might not like it, considering what the city had a reputation for. Plus the only Zeta Tube was in the residential part of Las Vegas, and they'd have to waste time making the journey to the Strip. Finally Wally said, "Why don't we just go to the fair?"

"The fair?" Everyone looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah. We have one going in Central City. Rides, food, games, booths." Wally shrugged. He usually didn't go to the fair. It wasn't any fun if you didn't have anyone to go with. "It runs till midnight. Plus we can't get in trouble for it." The redhead glanced at Robin. He knew that Robin could get in trouble for randomly showing up at the Nike with his friends, even though he was technically allowed.

"That sounds fun!" M'gann seemed delighted at the thought of going to her first Earth fair.

Conner shrugged. "I guess."

Eventually they all agreed that going to the fair would probably be the safer choice. The last thing they wanted to do was get Batman angry at them. Plus, Robin admitted that they might run into a bit of trouble if they went to the Nike. He wouldn't elaborate, but he said that some people would probably ask questions if he showed up unsupervised with a bunch of kids he seemingly had no connection to.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" M'gann hopped up excitedly. "Let's go."

"Hold up, I am so not dressed for going out." Zatanna stopped her. She paused for a moment, thinking. With a smile she lifted her palms up. "Egndhc otni ym etirovaf tiftuo!" Her clothes shifted form into a pretty pink blouse and a pair of faded jeans. Zatanna tossed her hair over her shoulder and smiled. "Perfect."

With that, they headed towards the Zeta Tubes and transported themselves to Central City.


The fair was into full swing when they arrived. They bought their tickets and headed inside. A vast expanse of booths, games, and rides stretched out before them. The team quickly split up to go do what they wanted. Artemis and Zatanna headed towards the booths to see if there was anything worth buying. M'gann pulled Conner aside to go to the games. And Kaldur, Robin, and Wally ran off to hit the rides. They each agreed to meet back at the ferris wheel at ten. That way they would still have at least two more hours to do something altogether.

By the time they met back up, Conner had won M'gann an armful of prizes over at the games. Zatanna and Artemis had each bought a few glow-in-the-dark armbands. Kaldur was partially supporting both Robin and Wally, as both of them had gotten sick on the last ride they were on. But both of them were still ready to do something with their whole team.

"So, where do we want to go?" Zatanna asked as she looked at her team.

"No more rides. Or food." Wally replied, cringing slightly.

"A sentence I never thought I'd hear from Wally West: no more food." Robin said playfully. Wally just elbowed him and rolled his eyes.

M'gann smiled a bit. "We can go just walk around, see what we find…"

"Maybe we'll find another giant pink elephant for Conner to win you." Artemis was looking with amusement at the largest of the toys Conner had won his girlfriend. She thought it was a sweet gesture…but it didn't change the fact that he looked ridiculous carrying it around.

Conner rolled his eyes. "Funny."

They went with M'gann's idea of walking around to see what they found. Their first stop was a booth selling cotton candy and ice cream. Robin and Wally passed, but they both got bottles of water to help them rehydrate. Afterwards the team made their way to another prize booth. Conner won something for M'gann. Kaldur decided to win something for Zatanna and Artemis as well since M'gann had so much. They both accepted their prizes with smiles and hugged him. Next the girls led them over to a booth that was selling superhero merchandise. Robin confessed he'd never bought a Batman shirt, and the team chided him jokingly for it. In the end both Robin, Artemis, and Wally bought something that had to do with their mentors. They smirked at each other as they walked away, laughing at the same secret joke.

"I spy, with my little eye, a small group of heroes."

The voice spoke loudly as the group began to walk away from the superhero booth. They each glanced around on instinct before realizing who had spoken. There was a woman sitting at a purple and gold booth. The sign read Psychic and Fortune Teller. The woman looking at them looked to be in her mid-forties. She had olive skin and long black hair. Gold bangles were on her arms and her bright blue eyes were fixed on them. She was smirking at them…almost knowingly.

"Do the young heroes want a free reading? Anything for the saviors of so many." The woman said. Wally rolled his eyes, but the rest of the team was moving forward.

"Why do you call us heroes?" Kaldur asked her suspiciously.

"I think we all know the reason for that, my dear." The woman said with a mysterious smile. On her booth counter rested an assortment of objects. A stack of tarot cards, a blue crystal, and a small ornate dish that had a fire burning inside of it. "Come; what can I do for you? A reading, perhaps?"

Wally smirked at his friends before stepping forward. "Yeah, sure. Me first."

"You are a non-believer, yet you have seen the arcane arts at work. Foolishness at its best." The woman smiled again and took his palm, ignoring the dirty look Wally was shooting her. "Ah, yes…you have had a happy childhood. Your parents are kind…you have a close relationship with a family member who is not immediate – an uncle, perhaps – and you are very intelligent." Wally looked slightly stunned for a moment before he said, "Lucky guess."

The woman chuckled lightly, running her fingers over the lines of his palm. "Now, your future…ah…I see greatness from tragedy. Friendships from childhood that will only grow stronger in adulthood…and a happy marriage." She looked up at Wally, her bright blue eyes meeting his. "You will have a good life, I am sure."

"Oh! Me next!" Zatanna stepped forward eagerly. The woman took her palm and began to look it over.

"You participate in the arcane arts too, my girl! Let's see…you have a small family…but you are happy." As the woman spoke, Zatanna's face fell. "In your future I see the sudden loss of a parent – but from your face I see it has already occurred – and I see you growing strong from it. You will be a great master." With that she released Zatanna's hand.

The other team members got their palms read as well. The woman told Robin that she saw a fight with a loved one in the future that would eventually lead to him following his own path. She told M'gann that her secrets would eventually come out and be received with compassion. Artemis was going to have to face challenges that had to do with her family, as well as her own secrets. Conner was going to meet his match and be faced with addiction. Kaldur was going to receive a shock, as one of his family members was hiding something from him.

"Thank you." Kaldur said politely when the woman was finished. "I suppose we should be on our way now."

"Ah ah ah…don't leave yet. Don't you want a wish?" The woman asked with a smile. She produced a few scraps of paper and a pencil. "You write down your heart's desire on this paper and put it in here." She indicated briefly to the small ornate dish. "The fire will help the wish travel to the stars, and perhaps be granted. You can ask for anything…even the impossible."

M'gann stepped forward first. She wrote something down in Martian and then quickly dropped it in the burning dish. Conner, following her lead, wrote something down and tossed it in. Kaldur was next. He wrote his wish down in neat Atlantian before carefully depositing it into the fire. Artemis and Zatanna both scribbled their wishes and threw their slips of paper in. Robin hesitated before quickly writing down something. He let the slip drop down into the fire. The woman stared at them pointedly. Robin elbowed Wally.

"Just write something so we can go." Robin hissed.

Wally rolled his eyes and quickly wrote something. He fed the paper to the flames without a second thought and steered his team away.

The woman chuckled to herself, watching the papers smolder. "And it is the non-believer that is the wisest…" She stared at the fire, repeating the wishes in her mind.

I wish I was born a green Martian.

I wish Superman would accept me.

I wish Tula loved me.

I wish my dad had never become Dr. Fate.

I wish my parents weren't criminals.

I wish my family had never died.

I wish for a lifetime supply of ice cream.

The woman shook her head, chuckling to herself at the last wish. "This will be interesting."