Chapter 1

Gabriella's POV

"Please! Please no! You can't do this!" I screamed as the officer pushed me into the cop car.

"Oh yeah? Well watch me" he spat and slammed the door.

I sat in the cruiser staring at my bound hands. Bound by small silver handcuffs that were cutting of my circulation. It wasn't fair. I didn't do it. I didn't kill Peter Grayson. It wasn't me.


I was walking down the clean quiet halls of East High. It was almost too quiet. I stepped into the women's bathroom on the first floor. I looked at myself in the mirror. Bags were under my eyes from lack of sleep as well as loose hair falling out of my thin ponytail. I ran my hands under the cold water and splashed a little on my face.

I walked out to find a skinny freshman lying helplessly on the cold tile floor. I ran over to the student and knelt by his side. My eyes franticly looked at the body. His eyes were wide open, filled with fear. His nose was bent which only meant that it was broken. His lips were caked with dry blood and his left arm was bent at a funny angle. But my eyes froze in place when I saw his chest. His chest was impaled by a long, silver sharp knife. I fingered the knife and started to pull it out of the skin. I froze when the hall was filled with a sharp gasp.

I turned to find the plump secretary standing a few feet away with her hands covering her mouth.

"T-this isn't w-what i-it seems." I stuttered.

The secretary grabbed my arm and dragged me to the office. I looked behind me just as the hall filled with students. Within seconds later the girls were shrieking as males gasped.

"She killed a student"

"WHAT? No I didn't! I swear it wasn't me! I just found his body lying there." I cried. Tears streamed down my face. I couldn't believe that thought I killed him! I'm innocent.

"Oh so I suppose he just died with a knife in his chest." The principal scoffed.

"Please! You have to believe me!"

"You are a disgrace to this school! I'm calling the cops!"

End of Flashback.

So now here I was. I was blamed for something I didn't do. I looked out the window as the trees blurred by as we sped down the road. I used all of my power trying to hold back my tears. I had enough crying for the day.

"SHUT UP BACK THERE!" The cop yelled.

"B-but I-I'm not t-talking" I cried.

The cop pulled out a gun from his belt and pointed it at me but still keeping his eye on the road. "Make one more sound and a bullet goes through your heart."

I gulped. Oh Lord please help me.