Prologue: Panakin Needs More Coffee
AKA: The Beginning

July 12, 2012. 12:07 PM
"Yeah, I told you once, now I've told you twice. We gonna light it up like it's Dynamite."

Panakin Elaine fell down on the ground, wiping her forehead. Her breathing was incredibly heavy, and her heart rate was up to that of a hummingbird. Her body was covered in sweat, but she forced herself back up to her feet with her arms facing her opponent.

"You're not taking me down that easily!" She shouted, swinging her right arm around quickly.

The other person smirked, sending a foot in Panakin's direction. "That's what you think. I can beat you, any day, any time," the person hissed, pulling their feet back together. "And I believe I already have." They tilted their head to the right.

Panakin's head jerked in the direction her opponent had indicated. "No," she said, feeling her jaw drop. She turned to the other person, narrowing her eyes and baring her teeth. "How? How did you..." she said, trailing off.

"Face it, Pana. I can beat you at Just Dance 3," Fyre said, combing her fingers though her hair as she spun around to the beat of 'Dynamite'.

Panakin growled, hitting the pause button on her Wii remote. "Even after playing it thirty times?" She put her head in her hands. "Why can't we just play one I know?" she asked, turning her head to her twin sister.

"Because the ones you know are lame, slow, country, or all of the above," Fyre said, still toying with her hair. Panakin sent a punch into her sister's arm, causing Fyre to hiss in pain. "You don't have to be so mean. I told you we could have just gone to the movies and see The Hunger Games!"

"...Again," Panakin concluded for her. "We've seen it fifteen times. If I see that movie one more time, I'm gonna lose it! And if you'll remember, I told you that we should have just gone to the arcade!"

Fyre pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. "But the arcade is no fun all by ourselves! I mean, it's always crowded with weirdoes trying to get the giant stuffed tiger that costs, like, a billion tickets!" Fyre threw up her arms in emphasis.

Panakin tilted her head. "Those weirdoes are us."

Fyre rolled her eyes, sitting on the couch. "It's amazing; this time last year, we were stalking Avatar Characters like there was no tomorrow! And we were having a blast while doing it! But this summer, all we've done is wait for the next 39 Clues book to come out while we play Just Dance 3!"

Panakin nodded. "I wish Mike and Bryan hadn't kicked us out. That was SO fun! I mean, we got to meet Zuko in person! I don't know how life could have gotten better than that!" she sighed, thinking of Zuko in all of his cuteness. "That was a good summer."

Fyre narrowed her eyes. "And this summer...we need to top it. We need to have the time of our lives times ten! I mean, we're Fourteen now! So let's think. What do we normally do whenever we're bored during summer?"

Panakin pursed her lips. "We invite our friends over, stay up all night, write a story, and eat waffles?"

Fyre nodded quickly. "So why not do all of that? Bump it up to da max and lay down da beats, yo?"

"Don't go all Gangsta on me, Fyre," Panakin said, putting an am on her sister's shoulder. "It's really disturbing. But back to the matter at hand, who all would we invite to where we'd all have a story idea in common? I mean, Faye likes Twilight, which you hate, Kate likes only action-adventure, which I'm bad at...and that's all the friends we have in common."

Fyre pouted for a moment. "I don't know. You're right; this writing party will fail!" she yelled, plopping down on the couch. "I guess you and I could write a story. Why not a Fan Fiction? We haven't done one of those since, like, forever ago."

"A Korra one! Speaking of that, did you save the last episode that came on? We could watch that and get an idea! Or in your case, seven," Panakin added, shrugging for a moment.

Fyre giggled. "Of course I saved it! Do you know who you're talking to?"

"The convict who's busted out of seventy-three asylums in her life?"

"The convict who's busted out of seventy-three asylums in her life!" Fyre yelled, completely ignoring Panakin. Panakin simply raised an eyebrow at her, then grabbed her Sprite and stirred it around with her straw. Fyre threw an arm around her sister, causing the blonde to begin to choke on Sprite and stop breathing. "Think of it, Pana! We write the greatest story ever, and get a thousand reviews! Wouldn't that be great, Pana?


Panakin was on the floor, gasping for air. Fyre screamed and lunged on her sister, forgetting her CPR training, and instead pounding her sister in the chest. Panakin began to scream as soon as she got her breath back, punching her sister as hard as she could.

"GET OFF OF ME, PSYCHO!" the oldest yelled, pushing her sister off.

Fyre pouted. "Meanie! I was just trying to make sure you didn't die via Sprite! That would be a horrible Summer day! I mean, I would hate that with a Passion!" Fyre yelled, shaking the Sprite can in the air for emphasis.

Panakin narrowed her eyes at her sister. "Dude, are you getting a really strange amount of Déjà vu going on here? I mean..." Panakin pointed to the TV screen, Just Dance still on pause. "I feel like we've paused that song at that exact moment before."

Fyre nodded. "I know, right? I was just feeling the same thing." The girl plopped down on the couch and pulled her laptop out. "Okay, so it's a Korra story. It's gonna be the best story ever. What all falls under the category of 'Best Story Ever'?"

"Well, Drama. There needs to definitely be bending in it. It needs to have an amazing plot of some sort. It needs to have some humor in it! Cliffhangers, Plot twists, something sad, a two-parter, and the greatest ending in the history of Fan Fiction!" Panakin shouted growing excited.

Fyre's smile fell. "Man, that sounds hard. I still wish that we could just find a couple of our friends to help..." Fyre pulled up her e-mail, scrolling through all of her e-mails from Nickelodeon. "Hey, look! I got a review for Fyre's Guide to Creativity!"

"You still get reviews for that old thing? That happened, like, a year ago. Actually, it happened exactly a year ago." Panakin shrugged.

Suddenly, the twins both stared at each other for about twenty seconds, before they both shouted in unison, "We should order a Pizza!"

Fyre nodded, picking up her phone and dialing the number. "Yeah, since Mom and Dad are leaving tonight to that conference-thingy, we have the weekend to ourselves! We can have as many friends over as we want, and all we're gonna do is write a story all by ourselves."

"The Ultimate Story, all by ourselves," Panakin corrected. "And I already told you, we could invite someone over. We could invite..." she was cut off by Fyre sticking her hand in her sister's face, with the phone up to her ear.

"Yeah...Pedro? We wanna order a five-cheese, not six cheese, that's way too cheesy for us. Yeah, same address as usual. No, not that warehouse thing we were at last Summ..." Fyre stopped for a moment. "Summer...that's IT! I know exactly who to call!" she yelled, hanging up on the Pizza place. Panakin smiled and nodded at her. "The librarians!"

"What? No! Summer, Passion, and Jiao-Jie!" Panakin said, raising an eyebrow.

Fyre gave an 'I knew that' look. "Right...them."

Hey, Guys!
The Party is ON! Be here by noon tomorrow, and bring you laptops! We're gonna be writing the Ultimate story, and we'll probably stay up all night, so bring snacks!

Fyre snapped her phone shut. "Alright, I texted the librarians," she said, shrugging at her sister. Panakin pinched the bridge of her nose and hung her head.

"Oy," Panakin muttered. Suddenly, she looked up at her sister. "Fyre, why would you want librarians at a party?"

Fyre narrowed her eyes. "I...don't know."

Fyre's Note: Yes, my friends. The Sequel to FGTC is here! For those of you who haven't read Fyre's Guide to Creativity, you need to before you read this story. Otherwise, it probably won't make much sense. The next chappy will be up soon! :)

The song at the top is 'Dynamite', in case you didn't know.