Save us lollipop! Chapter 2: Abruptly May We Join You?

Flash back:

"Hello! Hey can't you guys give me something? Maybe send another crystal pearl out and NOT toss it in conveniently into a cake next time?-"

"That's Impossible." And quickly hung up the phone. Itchi took grabbed the phone from my hands and my knees buckled. Nina ran over to me.

"What did they say?!" Nina asked, Anger oozing from her words.

"He said...It was Impossible..." Tears began to trickle from my eyes. What now? So my life was at stake here?

"That it's Impossible? What are they stupid? Why would they not check where throwing it! Why can't they do anything?" Like a toddler watching someone cry, Nina followed suit and began to cry in a comical like fashion.

"Stop crying! I should be the one crying! Now my dreams of being a pro are gone, I'll never reach up to Jeff..."

Itchi then turned to Zero with a grave look on his face. "If that's the case, you have no choice, prepare for yourself, Zero."


"There is only one way to do this, you have got to protect her with everything you've got until the day the exams!" He thought for a second and looked at me and then Nina.

"HEY! What about Nina? She can be easily"-

"We'll have to protect her too; she can be easily used to lure you in. A weakness if you may and that would cause problems if you two aren't together. So, until the day the elixir is provided and remove the crystal pearl from her body...We will protect her and her sister!"

"Eh!" We say looking at him.


'Why does that sound so close today…eh five more minutes mom….'


My eyes opened slightly. My vision was a little milky but clearing. Hmm I don't remember having seen something so blue…

"Hey aren't you gonna get out of bed this thing has been ringing for hours already."

My Face instantly burned. Many thoughts raced through my mind as Zero kneeled holding both sides of my legs with his knees and the irritating clock in his hands instantly forgotten.

"Zero…GET OFF ME YOU PERVERT!" I snatched the clock from his hands and threw him off my bed and in turn threw my clock at him. As it made contact with his head with a loud THUNK the beeping ceased.

Nina awoke from the displeasing noises and had a few tears in her eyes. She had one of those nightmares again.

"HEY! What did you do that for?!"

"What did I do that for…? More like…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN OUR ROOM?!

"Hey Kira hey Zero…ZERO?!" Nina death glared at him and immediately pulled the wooden mallet she kept under her bed for burglar emergencies. The gleam in her eyes suggested she was not happy to see him whatsoever. "What are you doing in our room!" Zero raised his arms defensively and backed away slowly on his but until he reached the closet doors. Nina stalked towards him showing no mercy for his soul and raised her mallet.

"Sorry to interrupt the fun." We turned to see Itchi on our balcony walking in the room. 'So that's how Zero got in…I should remember to change the lock next time…' "I came to get you two since you took so long."

"You mean us?" Nina asked.

"We told you we would protect you so starting today we will take you to school and pick you up everyday!"

"Everyday Zura!" Zura flew from behind Itchi and smiled brightly.

"Zero. I thought you already explained that to them." Itchi asked.

"I tried but Kira knocked me on the floor and threw her alarm clock at me!"

"I'm sorry but when you wake a lady you don't wake her up while you're on top of them like your about to do something!"

"Like what?!"

"You know what I mean!"

"No I don't!"

"Knock it off Zero!" Itchi scolded. He sighed and smiled at me and Nina. All right girls when you are ready to leave just come. I'll be waiting for you two. Come on Zero." As he started running off the balcony with Zura tailing him from behind.

"I'll get you back for this Kira!" 'I'd love to see you try.'

"WAIT THAT'S THE SECOND FLOO-" Nina ran after them but stopped as the boys landed in their beetle as it rose in the air. "I forgot they're sorcerers."

"Really? The moment Zura came in didn't raise any flags?" Nina shook her head at her. Kira sighed. This was going to be a long day…

Save us Lollipop! Chapter 2: Abruptly May we Join You?

I fiddled with the book bag I carried making a mental note on the "Extra" Supplies I carried

Nina looked at the streets below as we flew into the skies on the magical beetle

"Wow! This is so cool! I never thought going to school would be so exciting! Right Kira?"

"Speak for yourself…" I said clutching on to my seat. I was getting sick again. What is it with sorcerers and heights? I thought angrily.

"This is awesome! I still can't believe you guys are actually magicians! Wait till I tell my friends!"

"Yeah, well, we are still in training."

"If things go according to plan we won't be here for much longer. After we finish the exams we'll be pros and then I'll have the skill to pursue my dream."

I blinked at Zero. He was actually set on passing these exams. Even though he seemed like such a blockhead he did know how to surprise me.

"Even if you don't become professionals it's still really cool that you can make cars and stuff." They gasped clearly offended.

"Nina!" I scolded.

"You don't understand do you?

"Someone's snappy!" Nina replied angrily.

"I'm sorry Nina you know I love you because you're my sister but you can't go around telling people they can't accomplish their dreams no matter how annoying they can be."

"Yeah what she said! Wait-WHAT?" On the spur of the moment a wave of air pressure shook the car and the dreaded "owl-copter" made its appearance.

"Ugh it's those morons again…" I said turning green still recovering from the collision.

"Morning everybody~!" San yelled happily. "Focus we need to get that crystal pearl today got it!" Forte announced determined. He blew on his flute and dark aura surrounded him. I felt my seat unbuckling and soon I started to float.

"This is new…"

Nina's P.O.V

"This is new Kira murmured as she floated above me." Two seconds later she was gone!

"KIRA!" I yelled. Zero sprang into action and attacked with a fire ball.

"Let her go!"

My heart sank because when he threw the fire ball Kira started to fall down…

"I wanna play too~! Summoning magic: Air Fish!"

Soon a huge fishy floated quickly under Kira and opened it's big ugly mouth!

"THIS IS WHY I HATE FISH!" Kira shrieked.

"Charm Capsule!" Lights started to surround her and form a capsule around her. The fish bit down hard on the capsule and the fish itself made a lightshow. AND BOOOOOM!

In the middle of the smoke Kira was sent hurdling towards the ground screaming her lungs out until…BOOM!CRASH!