One Year Later

Izaya Orihara's P.O.V

This was the exact day Shizuo left Ikebukuro. I sighed as I took a sip of half empty water bottle, founded in the trash can.

"Humans are so pathetic, wasting water." I said bitterly, sitting on a step in front of an important business company.

Humans are so useless. They try to be dominate; I don't know how on earth I found them entertaining. Maybe it's the fact I felt like one of those humans, or I just got burnt out. Yes, that's it. Things do commonly become boring after a long period of time obsessing over them. I cough violently, I don't know what I have, but I keep constantly coughing and coughing…

I cough even more violently, losing control, but a few minutes the coughing slows down. I finish coughing, but feel a warm liquid run through my lips, causing me to cough once more, as the liquid release onto the pavement. I look down to see the mess but my vision hazes, as I see only red liquid run all over the pavement. My knees shake violently as I tumble onto the ground, my headache increasing and my coughing more violent. I suddenly hear screams and see figures moving quickly away from me in all directions—but there was one that ran to me, but before I could see the person I heard the words;

"Please, LIVE!"

And everything turned black. This is an awful way to die.

My eyes fluttered open slowly. I felt so peaceful, so calm, and felt like I was floating on clouds. It was so bright than ever before, am I in heaven? I close my eyes as I sighed. I can feel my breath, and I can feel my heart beating slowly.

My eyes widen quickly. I can feel my heartbeat? I place my hand over my heart as I sat up. My vision sinks back. I suddenly feel the warmth through my body and look down to see a man with messy and curly brown hair, nice peach skin, glasses, a white button up shirt, and brown pants. He breathed softly as he was hanging half on the edge of the bed; his eyes closed. I start to panic—did this man save me? Why is he sleeping in here? Why am I here? Who is he? I take a deep breath and gently move my feet from under him. His eyes opened slowly as I back away quickly, my whole body against the headboard. He sits up quickly and faces towards me.

"Izaya, you are awake?"