"The day you passed out was Tuesday." He said sadly.

"O-Oh no… I have to go." I quickly got out of the bed, ignoring my pain.

"Where do you have to go right now?"

"Look... If I don't meet with these people—they are going to kill me. Please let me go."

"I-Izaya! No!" He took my wrist tightly.

"H-Hey you are hurting me!"

"Please don't go!"

"Why do you care?"

"B-Because! Y-You mean a lot!"

I blushed again. This man continues to heat up my face and mix my emotions so quickly. Is it the fact that I have been alone for so long? That no one has showed me affection or even dared to look me in the eye? I sighed, the people are going to kill me if they found out I was running away from our 'bet'. I took my wrists and rubbed them, shaking off the oddly tight grip.

"Fine, but I am leaving tomorrow." I said, sitting back down on the bed.

"But, aren't you homeless? I will let you stay with me as long as you clean up the house while I'm gone." Kato offered.

It was a pretty good offer, but there is such more to this deal then what he is saying.

"So, what will you gain from this?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

"Um… you are staying here?" The man said; his cheeks a light shade of red.

My face turned red again.

"Shut up!" I turned my face, hiding my blush.

"So, do you accept? You don't have to meet those 'people'. I won't let them come here." Kato smiled.

It was a very good deal—how could it hurt? I get myself out of these situations all the time.

"Alright, I accept your offer." I said.

Kato's eyes brighten and smiled. He is happy, or too happy that I'm staying here. I should have my pocket—

My eyes widen. Where is it? I stuck my hand further into my pocket. Is it gone?

"What are you looking for, your knife?" Kato asked.

I looked up quickly. He has it, great. This is going to be tough to get out of…

"It's on the other nightstand. That's very typical of you." Kato laughed.

I looked beside me and took it quickly. This man who I don't even remember is being nice, letting me stay in his house, constantly turns my face red, and reminds me of someone. I sighed and lay back down. I couldn't help but look at the walls. Kato moved a little closer making my shoulders tense.

"You must be hungry. Could I make you something to eat?" Kato asked.

Before I could answer, my stomach asked for me.

"Haha, okay. Steak and..?" Kato wanted me to go on.

"Mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, baked—"

"Something big!" Kato laughed.

Kato got up and put his hand in his pocket, taking a few seconds, and then pulled out a candy wrapped in a gold and pink wrapper. He threw it onto the grey blanket, right on my lap. My mother always to never accept candy from strangers, but this was that moment where you can't help yourself. I took the piece slowly, showing no eagerness.

Kato laughed again, "I thought you had a sweet-tooth, Izaya."

I opened the candy and popped it into my mouth. Ah~ Creamy strawberry flavor. I remember this was my favorite kind. I don't remember Kato, but he must have been a good friend. I only felt like I had only one… and that was Shizuo.

"I should cook dinner now. I will wake you up when it's ready." He said, ready to leave.


Kato turned around," Yes Izaya?"

"Thank you." I said quietly, my face probably turning red.

Kato nodded and walked out the door, shutting it quietly, leaving me alone in the room.

I lay down. Tomorrow I have to start cleaning, so I need to rest.