First of all I once again own none of the rights to the bleach characters and or bleach universe I do however own one Izumi Aizen who I've thrown in to help add some humor and cause mischief.

This is a Gin/Ichigo fic where Soul Society has betrayed Ichigo and sentenced him and his friends to death henceforth Ichigo is rightly pissed and gets convinced to call a truce with none other than Sosuke Aizen but what happens as time moves on and his opinion about the overlord and his loyal second changes?

Read and find out!


~Revenge - Chapter One~

What the fuck was he doing here again? Oh right Soul Society are a bunch of assholes and wanted to kill him that's why! Ichigo groaned into the pillow he currently had smashed up against his face currently at war with himself for many reasons.

Reason one: his entire family had to go into hiding because of fucking Soul Society, reason two: Rukia and the others were thrown into prison cells by the new central 46 and that included Byakuya for gods' sake! Reason three: Soul Society had betrayed him and are now out to kill him and anyone close to him so he couldn't go anywhere in the human world without fighting off Shinigami and finally reason number four and the most utterly stupid thing he has ever allowed himself to be talked into.

He allied himself with Aizen. Yes that's right Ichigo had pledged his allegiance to Sosuke fucking Aizen the ultimate traitor of Soul Society and the man looking to rule the worlds and in doing so looking to destroy Ichigo's home town in order to create the king's key and kill the king. Fuck! He should never have let Izumi talk him into this mess!

Perhaps he better explain just how he ended up in this situation so nobody gets confused. Okay it all started when Ichigo went against Yamamoto's orders – the bastard – and went into Hueco Mundo to save Orihime when she was kidnapped.

So yes there he was battling his way through Las Noches to save Orihime and all the while his supposed 'allies' were plotting to kill him the moment he stepped foot back in the human world. Hell they even went so far as to send in four Captains, two Lieutenants and Hanataro…Ichigo was honestly confused by that one, the kids a great healer but was frightened by the simplest of things.

Anyway back to the story, right it was just after Ichigo had defeated Grimmjow and was getting his butt kicked by that asshole Nnoitra when Kenpachi arrived to wreak havoc, looking back Ichigo is certain the crazy Captain hadn't the slightest clue what he was really there for which pissed Ichigo off even more.

Kenpachi basically told Ichigo to piss off so he did and sat back and watched as he defeated Nnoitra. Ichigo had sighed with relief as Orihime went over to heal Kenpachi only for that relief to turn into horror as one of the Espada or at least that is what Ichigo assumed regardless the messy brown haired Arrancar had appeared out of no where and had the audacity to remark that he was going to 'borrow' Orihime and promptly disappearing with her.

Ichigo was pissed but worried and charged off after her only to have to face off against Ulquiorra, Ichigo was exhausted, mentally at least but had pushed it back and had fought furiously but in the end he lost and his hollow had taken over and basically obliterated the fourth Espada. Ichigo wasn't certain what he felt about that, he hadn't actually hated the guy, he had never hurt any of his friends so he didn't have a reason to hate him…or really anyone for that matter except that bastard Yammy.

Yammy the prick wasn't even concerned one of his comrades had fallen, hell even Ichigo was probably more pained by the guy's death and he was the enemy! Orihime looked so sad as he had disappeared, Ichigo didn't really know what happened there but they had seemed to have developed some kind of understanding between one another.

Ichigo had resolved to kick Yammy's ass only to be interrupted by Kenpachi and Byakuya who both kick him off the battle field so he simply sat on the side lines and watched helplessly but respectfully as the two captain's took down the recently discovered zero Espada and then turned their blows against each other. Honestly those two are mad!

It was during their battle that Captain Kurotsuchi appeared and opened a Garganta to send everyone back. Ichigo had felt so relived he had gotten Orihime back safely and none of his friends had died however that was most definitely short lived.

As soon as they set foot in Karakura they were surrounded by the stealth force. Urahara couldn't do anything to help them and was forced to watch as Ichigo and his friends were seized and taken to Soul Society where they were to be taken before the newly appointed Central 46 to decide their fate.

It was a fucking farce; they only brought them there for show. They planned on killing them from the start making petty excuses and worries about their 'unnatural' powers that could be turned against Soul Society. Ichigo was enraged and that old bastard didn't do any fucking thing, simply sat back and decreed that Ichigo Kurosaki and company to be executed in exactly one week along with Ichigo's family.

It was the threat to his family that had pissed him off the most and scared him the most. His fury was so great that his hollow had begun to appear behind his eyes, his pupils turning an eerie glowing yellow and his scala black but his hollow didn't take over this time, for once content to allow Ichigo his rightful rage and instead leant his power to Ichigo's already skyrocketing spiritual pressure, the combined power easily breaking the spirit limiter and blasting the wall out of his cell made of seki sekki.

Of course that had alerted everybody but Ichigo had made quick work of freeing the others and reclaiming Zangetsu. So once again the group found themselves fighting the entire Gotei 13…well almost they had stumbled upon the Kuchiki mansion by complete coincidence but it was there they found their escape. Byakuya, firmly against the ruling of Central 46 had let them use his personal Senkaimon to send them to the world of the living.

It was that act that had found Byakuya Kuchiki the head of the noble Kuchiki family on house arrest and temporarily removed from his position as Captain of the Sixth Division. But thanks to him Ichigo and the others were alive.

Ichigo had a moment of pure panic when he found his home deserted but Kisuke had already hid his family away and took them to the warehouse the Visored's had claimed as their home and so everyone previously in the dark were introduced to the Visored's and their ambiguous condition explained.

It was quite hectic, Hiyori had greeted Urahara with her feet in his face and a lot of yelling and Shinji being Shinji got in the middle of it and got his ass kicked to. Ichigo had ignored them and found Yoruichi amongst the crowd the most decidedly disgusted and furious look he had ever seen on her face and it was her who broke up the brawl and gathered everyone around to explain the situation.

So first and foremost was the fact Soul Society had it out for the blood of everyone in the room, including Kon. Secondly was the fact that Aizen was still waging a war and wanted to destroy Karakura town. The worst problem? Yeah well that was figuring out a way to fight in the war against Aizen without Soul Society attacking them from behind.

It was at that point when Ichigo was lying in his bed with Yuzu and Karin on either side of him, that Ichigo really began to think and finally notice the corruption that was always present in Soul Society and also Aizen's words. They hadn't made sense and still didn't if he wanted to be god then why worry about destroying Soul Society. His actions were contrary to his words he said he would destroy Karakura but he had yet to make an attempt after two months and he already had his army ready.

Confused Ichigo had mulled over it and had suddenly realized that despite the damage Ichigo and the others had received so far he had never actively tried to kill any of them, he didn't even try to kill the Captains when they invaded Hueco Mundo. Just what was the man trying to do?

The next day Ichigo had voiced his findings to Kisuke who strangely had a smirk hiding behind his fan and a look in his eyes that weirded him out. It was positively a devilish expression. Ichigo had asked what the hell was wrong with him but he had just waved it off.

"Oh it's nothing at all." He waved his fan and smiled that ridiculous smile of his and promptly disappeared a moment later leaving Ichigo frowning after him.

"He knows something." Ichigo startled at the sound of Karin's voice from behind him.

"Damn Karin, don't sneak up on me like that!" Ichigo had said exasperated but he had to agree with her. Just what the hell are you hiding Kisuke?

Ichigo still doesn't know what the man is hiding but regardless after a few weeks Ichigo had become restless and asked if there was a way for him to go for a walk. Kisuke had promptly stuffed him into a black cloak that completely hid his spirit pressure. It looked ridiculous but he was in his spirit form so no one would see him anyway. Or at least that was what Ichigo thought.

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