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Part II

Always Talking About Boyfriends and Sex

Nick was finally done with his paperwork. He leaned back in his desk chair and smiled triumphantly. Guess pizza night with Juliette would go as planned tonight. Just then, his phone rang. He groaned and looked at the clock, he still had twenty minutes left before he was off the clock. He took a quick breath and answered.

"Burkhardt." He said in his professional tone, with a hint of annoyance.

"Yeah, Detective, this is Officer Winehouse, I work at the Oregon State Penitentiary ." A male voice said on the other line.

"Oh yeah, hi, how are you doing?" Nick asked, kindly. He remembered meeting the man briefly when visiting a suspect in prison. He was a tall, muscular guy, and Nick swore he could have been a bouncer at one time. Although he was old and balding, he had a rough edge Nick wouldn't want to cross.

"You were the one in charge of the Clark case, right?"

"Yep, is everything all right?" he asked.

"Unfortunately, no."

Nick was unsettled by this, "What happened?"

"Well, it seems there was some kind of riot this morning and one of our female inmates got out somehow. We're still trying to find out where and how this happened. But it was Grace Clark."

Nick did a double-take, "Mrs. Clark escaped?" he practically yelled.

"We tried covering some ground today but at this point, we have no choice but to alert the local police. I understand she has a daughter in Portland?"

"Yeah," Nick swallowed, "Holly."

"You better give her and her family a heads up, this lady always gave me some bad vibes, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I do know. I'll get right on that. Thanks for calling."

"Keep me posted."

Nick hung up with a feeling of dread.


Monroe dropped the plates he was carrying to the sink. They made a resounding crash and shattered into pieces on the kitchen floor.

"What did you say?" he asked in a shaky voice.

Holly bit her lip and trembled slightly, she was now a little hesitant to repeat what she just said, "I said, can I help you, dad?"

Monroe let out a shaky breath and smiled a little. He couldn't stop staring at her. He felt suddenly bad that he reacted so dramatically, but, come on, it's not every day a kid you just adopted 2 months ago up and calls you "dad" out of nowhere.

"I'm sorry." Holly said quietly, looking away. Monroe couldn't ignore the hurt in her voice. He wanted to punch himself for being such a loony about it.

"Holly, that's fine, I just…" he tried finding the right words, "I'm just shocked. But in a good way!" he added, smiling.

"Are you upset?" she asked, looking at him.

"No. Why would I be upset? I'm glad you want to call me dad, it just…took me by surprise is all." He explained, chuckling a little. Yeah, dropping plates on the floor is a great way to let a kid know you're cool with them calling you 'dad'.

Holly smiled back hesitantly, "so, can I call you 'dad' now?" she asked.

Monroe nodded.

"Okay, I just wanted to know if you wanted some help before I go running?" she asked, smiling a little more confidently now.

"Nah, you go run Holl's. I'll clean up the mess I made." Monroe chuckled.

Holly got up and went to get ready to go on her daily run.

As Monroe swept up the mess and cleaned the rest of the kitchen, he smiled to himself. He couldn't believe the progress Holly had made just being here with him.

After he brought her home, he hired a private tutor to help her catch up in school work and help her with her speech. Mrs. Toni Gardner was probably the nicest and yet strictest tutors Monroe had ever seen. With her platinum blonde hair and sassy makeup, she looked like anything but a teacher. However, when it came to Holly's education, she'd proven a fine tutor and took to Holly right away.

It also helped that the lady was a Mary Kay Consultant in Portland, so one of the first things she did was take Holly to a salon to get her hair done. As a bonus, she gave Holly some free makeup samples as an 'early birthday gift' and even taught her how to apply them. She told Holly that if she continued to make progress every month, she'd get her a bonus Mary Kay gift.

Holly adored her teacher and proved to be an excellent student. But after a while, Toni commented to Monroe how antsy she seemed and how good it would be for her to try an activity and socialize with kids her own age.

Monroe had been thinking about it for a while. He tried Pilates with her, but she practically laughed at him when he suggested it. So he bought her workout clothes and told her to just go for a run. That she seemed really into. Then he thought about getting her into a dance company. Toni went with her to a company where her niece taught in Portland and Holly was attracted to Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop right away. Pretty soon, she was making friends in the dance studio, some were even Wesen. Monroe felt proud that she was finally becoming just a regular kid and having fun.

Monroe knew she was smart, but she continued to amaze him at how willing she was to learn and socialize. He was also attempting to make her a vegetarian. She was not too thrilled at the idea, but she obliged. Slowly he'd been weaning her off of meat. It sucked and she made him aware of that fact, but she seemed content none-the-less.

He was excited to tell her the good news. He had been going to that old hunting cabin where he found her and cleaned it up nice. He was going to make that their getaway spot for their camping trips. He'd missed camping and he figured he could teach Holly about plants and medicines. He wanted her to learn and find interest in things that would help her in the future and get her ready for the real world. He also wanted her to find out more about herself, like what her favorite color was and who she thought was the cutest on Gossip Girl (though he was undeniably annoyed that that was her favorite show).

"Okay, dad, I'm going out now." She said as she put on her new running shoes.

"Be careful, and be back no later than 7:30." He told her the usual.

She nodded, gave him a quick hug and ran out the door. Monroe watched her run down the block and smiled to himself again. She was his girl all right. True they had completely different interests and personalities, but in the end, she was his.


Holly loved jogging in the parks. It just cleared her head and made her feel free again. Not to mention it was nice to actually have decent running shoes that fit her as well as a purple running outfit that Monroe had gotten her as a gift. She smiled thinking about her dad.

She had to laugh a little at his reaction to her finally calling him such. But she couldn't hide it any longer and she just ached to finally say the words. She was finally at a place where things were making sense again. She was learning, she was speaking, she was in dance, hell, she was even making friends. And it was all thanks to him. As far as dad's go, he's pretty awesome.

Just then she heard something. It sounded like her dad's cello, only a higher pitch. It was…beautiful. She ran towards the sound. As she got closer she tried to remember her dad teaching her about music. She thought for a minute as she walked towards the sound and realized it was a violin.

When she came to the middle of the park, a few people were listening to the source of the music. A tall man was in her way so she got a little closer. She noticed a boy about her age totally enraptured as he played a violin concerto for his audience. They were putting money in a bowl on the ground in front of him, and they started walking away. She got a pretty good look at him as she was now the only one listening. The kid was really pale with dark hair under a black cap. And for goodness sake, all he wore was black, right down to his socks. She had to wonder if that was his favorite color or something. Not exactly the kind of guy you see every day playing a violin.

She smiled as she listened. It made her think of when her dad played during a thunderstorm to calm her down.

Suddenly, a familiar and scary scent set her on edge. She turned around and right behind her was a vision from her nightmares.

"Hello, sweetie, did you miss me?" her mother sneered pointing a gun at her.

Holly stood frozen and her eyes changed, she knew she was beginning to morph. Her mother seemed to guess it too.

"Oh no you don't." she hissed, standing taller and keeping the gun pointed straight at Holly's head, "You're not pulling that on me, young lady."

Holly tried to control her breathing the way her dad taught her to when she felt she was losing control. She wanted to kick into survival mode, but she had to be cautious and play her cards right if she wanted to get out of this one.

"God, you have no idea how I've looked forward to this moment." Her mother snarled at her, "And just so you're clear on why, I'll fill you in."

"Don't bother," Holly snarled back just as confidently, though inside, she was quaking, "My dad filled me in on all the boring details of your crazy psycho mom mumbo jumbo."

Her mother looked a little surprised then laughed a very maniacal laugh, "Dear Lord, you got quite the mouth on you. And as for your 'dad', he'll get what's coming to him."

Now that Holly wouldn't stand for, before she could even think or react, she morphed and as quickly as she could, she ducked and tripped her mom. The gun went off, Holly rolled on the ground and suddenly, a pair of black shoes blocked her path. She watched those shoes kick the gun out of her mother's hand and back away towards her. Her mother looked angry but began to notice people milling around coming to their aid. So she glared at Holly and took off. The black shoes walked and picked up the gun quickly and then walked back to her.

"You okay?" the young male voice asked her as he helped her up.

"Yeah." Holly said, shakily, and then got a look at her savior. It was the violinist. She could see him up close now. Under his black hat, he had thick curly dark hair, with bright blue eyes that gave his skin an icy look. He seemed nervous, yet ready to take on the world.

"You sure? I mean, what happened?" he asked her as he took her towards a crowd of concerned onlookers.

"I…don't really know." Holly muttered.

The boy told a stranger to call 9-1-1, then sat her down by his cash bowl, "You don't look so good." He commented. He sounded very young, almost her age, maybe older.

"I…I just need my dad." She stuttered. The boy nodded.

"Do you have a phone on you?" he asked.

"Yeah." She replied fumbling in her pockets looking for it. She quickly dialed for her dad, only to get a busy signal. She started getting panicky. She needed to hear her dad's voice, now.

"Is it working?" the boy asked.

"It's busy." She whispered.

"Listen, I need to get out of here, I can wait with you for a little longer but I'm kind of avoiding the cops right now, so I gotta scram as soon as they show." He told her honestly, looking sheepish at this fact.

She barely heard a word, just kept dialing her dad's number until he finally answered.

"Holly!" Monroe yelled into the phone, "Where are you?"

"Dad!" she cried, she hadn't shaken this much in months, and she thought she was done crying. Apparently not, "Dad, she was here! She tried to kill me!"

"Slow down, Holl's, Nick and I are coming to get you, where are you?"

"I don't know where-"

"Trailhead Park." The boy quickly told her.

"Trailhead Park." She repeated, looking at the boy.

"I'm on my way, honey, just stay there." He hung up. She was feeling better now her dad was coming. Better yet, he was also bringing Nick.

"You okay now?" The boy asked, looking around nervously.

"Yeah…Thanks." She said.

He smiled, "Anytime." Then he ran off with his cash and violin in tow.

Monroe was seeing red when he saw his daughter sitting on the ground crying. Nick had come by to tell him the bad news about her mother. He had tried calling her cell about four times until he realized she was trying to call him. He couldn't get her shaky voice out of his head. He'd never been more scared than when he was driving to find her, praying she was okay.

"Holly!" Monroe called. She looked up and ran to him. He held her for a minute and let her catch her breath, "What happened?" he asked, staring hard at her, making sure in the mean-time that she wasn't injured anywhere.

"She had a gun, and she was going to kill me and you too."

Nick was listening, "Holly, is she still here?"

"I don't know." She shivered at the thought, "I was able to duck and trip her, but a boy came up and kicked the gun out of her hand and he had someone call the police."

"Where is the boy?" Nick asked.

"He left." She told him.

"Why would he do that?" Monroe asked, curiously, while keeping himself in check from wolfing out to find the bitch himself.

"He said he couldn't be near the cops or something." Holly muttered.

Nick laughed, "Well, it's a good thing he was here."

Holly nodded; she couldn't deny that statement, whatsoever.

"I'm gonna go and talk to the police over there. Monroe, you and Holly stay by the ambulance."

Monroe nodded and took Holly to the ambulance parked a few feet away. Monroe kept sniffing, making sure her mother was nowhere around.

Holly held his hand tight and didn't seem to want to let go. They sat for a minute in silence.

"I could smell her." She told him quietly. Monroe leaned in to listen. Since being with him, she'd come to understand that she was different from other humans and that even though there were other Wesen out there like her, she still had to be careful about who she told and how much she told.

"That's good, we'll be able to tell if she's nearby now." He whispered back. He kissed her on the forehead, rubbing her back. She snuggled close to him, still shivering.

"The boy who helped me, he played a violin." She told him.

"Yeah?" Monroe commented, smiling a little. He kind of wished the kid had stuck around so he could thank him personally.

She nodded, "he was really good. Almost as good as you."

Monroe chuckled.

Nick came over then, "You two should be okay to go home. We'll set up patrol around the neighborhood. The media has also been notified, so hopefully someone will see her and call in. She can't get too far."

Monroe stood up with Holly and all three of them walked back to Monroe's car. As they walked, Holly looked over towards some bushes to her right, she suddenly noticed a couple of rats scurrying away.

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