They say that those born into privilege come out with a silver spoon in their mouths. What does it mean, then, when one is born with a silver spoon upon their flank?

I used to be happy with where I was in life. I used to think Diamond Tiara was good for me, my best friend, and the only other pony worthy of my time. However, we aren't fillies anymore. Part of becoming a mare is rethinking things you thought you knew. Like what's really good for you. Like who is really good for you.

Don't get me wrong- DT and I are still close. At least… I think we are. Sometimes, I'm really not sure. Sometimes, I think she's just using me as some kind of trophy. Maybe I'm just another high-class mare born into a rich family, who makes a perfect companion to stand by her side and sneer while she insults those beneath us. Then again, I'm somewhat guilty of the same thing. Life is comfortable that way, or at least, it was. Unfortunately, the adult world doesn't work like the world of a filly.

In the adult world… bullies are looked down upon instead of feared. At least in Ponyville, they are.

I never thought of myself as a bully. Sure, I never liked other ponies with less money, but that's because Diamond Tiara hated them, too. Said they weren't worthy of us. For a long time, I figured she was right. DT was always right. She was right about how dumb the common ponies making fun of me for my glasses were when we first met. They only did it because they couldn't afford glasses. It makes sense.


Rolling over on the mattress, I can see her sleeping away. That pink chest rising and falling, and a cocky smirk plastered on her face. The glittering tiara she never leaves home without, even now, rests idly upon the bedside table, catching random glints from the moon outside. Sparkling and catching the eye, the center of attention, while my simple glasses sit next to it, unnoticeable.

That's really how it's always been. She overshadows me, shining brighter and stealing the spotlight. Crazy that it even happens in the dark.

I'm tired of being outshined. I think it's time I do something about it.

Slowly, I shift my way out of the bed, being careful not to make any noise to wake my best friend. As much as I hate to admit it- that's what she still is. The only pony that understands me, or at least pretends to. Hopefully, that's going to change.

Softly padding around DT's room is somewhat hard, but I've gotten used to it. I've spent so many nights here between fillyhood and college, I know which floorboards creak like I know how to braid my mane. Of course, mother did it for me for quite a while, but I eventually insisted that I do it myself.

Diamond Tiara does a lot of things for me. Or rather… she did. After tonight, that's going to come to an abrupt halt.

Tonight, I'm taking back my life. I'm going to be an independent mare, on my own terms, and without DT's permission.

Into the bathroom I go, flicking on the light without a care. There's my medication, resting upon the granite countertop. Little do they know I haven't been taking it. After tonight, I won't need anypony or anything unless I want it. Maybe I'm being a little selfish, but Diamond always told me I should be. She told me I deserve it, because of how I was born. I should have everything I want.

For once, I agree with her. However… everypony else should get that too. So I'm going to give it to them.

Just in case, I peek my head back out around the corner to make sure that my friend is still asleep. The light pink mare shifts a bit, but she has no idea what I'm up to. I'm sure most ponies would think the same thing, even if they were awake… but they'd be wrong.

So wrong.

I've planned this for months. Maybe I'm still not totally sure, but I think it's time to decide. My mane looks terrible in the mirror… if I'm going to do this, I'm going to make sure I look good. Slowly, I reach a hoof out for DT's brush and begin to pull it through my raggedy mane. I guess she was right about another thing- I don't look like myself at all right now. The mane I can fix. The bloodshot eyes and twitchy smile? Not so much.

With careful pulls, the boring, silver hair starts to straighten. Nothing like her two-tone masterpiece of a mane. No wonder everypony ignores me. I can guarantee that after this, they won't. A chunk of mane falls into the sink, torn and frayed at the ends. Small loss. I'll just be a little more careful as I continue to brush.

The tugging sound brings to mind memories of a few days ago… memories of the final straw that pushed this decision to light. There I was, caught in a lightning storm on the way home from campus, walking through those disgusting apple fields owned by those stupid peasants. Well, that's how I would have seen it that night. Now? I'm not so sure…

A scraping, shuffling, pulling sort of sound caught my attention between the patters of rain and occasional crackles of lightning. Another brilliant flash across the sky silhouetted a bulky stallion in the middle of working, dragging a massive metal plow through the muck and grime upon the ground. I asked him why he was working during the rain. A stupid question, and I don't know why I bothered. I also don't know why he answered. Or at least, I didn't then.

After a small debate, I was invited inside. Feeling filthy, soaked to the bone, and unhappy with my company, there I stood, the stinking hulk before me hurrying to make me some tea. Ever polite, if a bit simple… even though he knew who I was. Even though he knew that I abused Apple Bloom back during our fillyhoods. I can't imagine what could inspire that sort of mercy and kindness. Well… now I can.

He gave me a blanket. We shared cider by the fire. Talked about the old days, when I was a bit of a bitch, and he was a plow-dragging simpleton. He still is, to be honest, but after that night… he's so much more. I saw the way he looked at me. Wide eyes, a careful gaze. Offering to get me anything I wanted, constantly asking if I was okay.

He was worried about me. He kept saying that something was wrong, that I needed help. I've always been used to being waited upon, but he did it not out of obligation… he wanted to help me because of love.

His uncertain smile, his twitchy movements… the poor stallion was nervous. He said I looked 'mighty fine', even soaked in the rain. For the first time in a long time, I was happy. I would never have imagined that he could be the one for me, but Big Macintosh… he pushed me to make this decision. His actions that night made me realize just how wrong I was.

Well, that, and getting off the pills.

As my mind snaps back to the present, I find a toothbrush in my mouth. Thankfully, I did remember to bring my own. I don't remember starting this, but it's just as important as making sure my mane is in order. This is going to be my special night, my liberation. I have to look absolutely perfect for him.

Perfect. He isn't perfect. Amazingly, though, I don't think I care. DT did. She stomped and screamed, yelled and wailed and glared and spit, flying into a rage and asking what the hell was wrong with me. I hate when she talks down to me. I defended that stallion; stood my ground and fought my best friend tooth and nail to get her to see what I saw in him. What did I get for my efforts?

She called me insane.

A noise from the bed causes me to jump in fright, and upon looking back into the room, I can see Diamond rolling over. Reaching out for where I used to be. My breath catches in my chest as she fumbles around a bit before heaving a sigh and settling back in. Good. I have to get out of here. I have to escape, tonight. From her. Just like I did that night.

I turn my attention to braiding my mane, getting my classic look back. I'm so pretty in this mirror… even the faint marks from the restraints can't mar my beautiful image now. Being free of that place feels wonderful. One of the most wonderful things I've ever felt- the only other one that comes close is when he came to visit me.

The gigantic red stallion had the same look on his face- those wide eyes, that little cute jitter he does when he's around me… it was love. Diamond said it might be fear. What does she know? Nothing, of course. I had to struggle against the straps around my forelegs, but I eventually managed to reach up for him. He backed away, so shy and not wanting to rush things.

It was incredibly cute.

It was then that I told him what I'd been thinking about all this time. He agreed with me. He thought I was right. I never even bothered to tell Diamond… after the fight we had, I knew she would never understand me again.

I had figured it out. What my cutie mark means. Why it's different from hers. Big Macintosh listened to my logic, and he said he hoped I was right. He even pet my shoulder and told me to get well soon.

Now, I'm very well.

Back through the bedroom I walk, catching sight of that damned tiara again. An exact replica of her cutie mark, and it proves my point. She is plain and predictable. We're both filthy rich, but our similarities stop there. It took me a long time to realize I was special, that I was different… but after hours of staring at myself in that cracked mirror, I noticed it.

The heart inlaid in the center of my silver spoon.

I'm special. I have heart. Unlike her, I want to make up for my mistakes. I want to right my wrongs. I know what we did as fillies wasn't right… Big Macintosh even said so. And now… Big Macintosh is my world. He brought me stability when I thought I was losing my grip… but I can't be insane. He loves me for who I am. Who I just found out I really am.

A smile breaks out upon my face as I approach the bed, making sure not to create any unnecessary noise. I take my glasses and put them back on, finally feeling like myself again. I'm about to become the new me. It starts by focusing on that heart. The one that Diamond clearly doesn't have. I lift her tiara to check, examining it closely. No, no heart. None at all.

Big Macintosh told me he was very upset about how badly I used to tease little Apple Bloom. Well, I didn't do much teasing. That was mostly Diamond. It's time I make up for it. I'm going to make it right, give back, and show him my heart. I'm going to escape from her tonight. I'm going to become a new mare.

I climb up into the bed, leaning over my friend with a wide smile. The tiara leaves my hoof and rests back upon her head, right above the grotesque scar that I left near her hairline on the night we fought. The night before I ended up in the hospital. The night that changed my life. It's time to change it again.

She is so beautiful, far more beautiful than me. If I regret anything of the past two weeks, it's leaving that scar. Even though I hate her, even though I'm about to free myself from her, she deserves better. This time, I'll make sure not to leave a mark before I run. I want her to look perfect.

"Diamond? Diamond, please wake up."

She doesn't respond at first. I have to wonder… no, that would be far too convenient. I have to try again.

"DT? It's me. I need to tell you something."

I watch, unmoving as the mare below me stirs awake with a muted yawn. Her expression is one of content, before turning into absolute terror.

Why does she have to look at me like that? Hasn't she done enough damage?

"S-spoony? Why are you awake? Are you taking your pills?" she asks. Always with the pills.

"No. I don't need them."

Diamond takes a heavy swallow, clearly worried. I don't move an inch.

"You know the only reason they let you out is because I bought my way through security to get you back. I want to help you. You need to listen to me if you want to get better."

I laugh, and the sound almost scares me. It's uneven and raspy, going up and down in pitch. It doesn't matter. She doesn't matter.

"No, Diamond. I don't need to listen to you. I need to listen to me. I need to listen to him. I'm leaving this house tonight, and you're coming with me."

Diamond's eyes widen as I speak, and I can see her scrambling to get out from under the blankets. She's afraid.

Maybe she should be.

"Silver Spoon, you listen to me right now. You need help. You need to stop. L-look at you…" she points a shaky hoof up at me, and I recoil automatically. Let the judging begin, just like when she was a filly. "Your glasses are askew, your coat is patchy, you've been biting your hooves again in the night… and what did you do to your mane? It's in tatters… you aren't thinking clearly. You can't leave this house. I'm caring for you, and I refuse to leave, as well. Lie down. Let me help you."

I can feel my eye twitch as I smile. Really smile, for the first time in a long time.

"No, DT. Let me help everypony."

She doesn't see it coming as I grab my pillow, pushing it down into her face as hard as I can. I press my body down into hers, using all of my strength to resist her flailing. Something is said beneath the soft fabric, but I can't make it out… and I don't think I care. I need this. He needs this. Things have to be made right.

I have to have a heart.

Diamond is kicking and twitching wildly, pushing with all of her might up into me and using her hooves to force me off of her. I don't move. I'm done moving when she wants me to. I don't listen to her anymore. Nopony is going to listen to her anymore.

My best friend is done moving, too. She goes limp after what seems like minutes of struggle, and I slowly remove the pillow from her face.

No visible damage. She's beautiful.

It's time for us to leave.

I wrap her in the sheet, tearing it slightly as I wrench it from the bed. It's not like it matters- nopony lives here anymore. I should have thought this through a bit more. Brought a bag, or something like that. The hard part is over, though. She isn't that heavy.

The thumps as I drag her down the staircase are somewhat disturbing. My stomach lurches a bit as her form makes a resounding thud against the wood, and the top of the sheets turn a faint red. For a moment, I wonder if I'm making another mistake. If maybe, she was right after all.

But then I hear it. Then I see it. A blinding flash outside the windows of the estate, and the soft patter of rain. It's a sign. This is giving back. This is what makes me different.

The door to the mansion is heavy, but I manage to push it open with a heave of effort. No servants around to do it for me… but I'm done relying on others anyway. This is the new me. This is the Silver Spoon that he's going to want to see. This is what needs to be done.

I drag my gift for him out onto the doorstep, and look out into the blackened night. There, far away, lie the apple orchards, where my destination waits.

With another massive pull, I begin to drag her body down the walkup and through the mud. The motion makes a familiar sound as Diamond's form pushes the filth aside. Just like she always did.

He is going to be so happy to see me.

Author's Note: …uh… yeah… this may have made a slight departure from the original plan and come to me out of nowhere, and I'm well aware that this is quite a big shift from the previous chapters. However, I did warn you that Night was going to be more varied. I didn't expect it to have a chapter that could be considered horror, but here we are.

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