Madotsuki sat quietly in Poniko's room as the rain beat against the windowpanes outside. She loved the rain, even more than she loved sleeping… Poniko had always told her that she could sleep through anything. After all, she was sleeping through school like it was nobody's business. Madotsuki, however, loved someone more than rain or sleeping combined: Poniko, her best friend in the world.

The two girls had their balconies right across from each other, and were practically sisters since they were in elementary school. They spent so much time together, that they had developed a continuous routine between them every weekend. Poniko would invite Madotsuki to sleep over on Friday night, Madotsuki would invite Poniko over Saturday night, and on Sunday they would go shopping at the local market with each other. Little did they know that these outings would be some of the last they would ever experience with each other…

Poniko came back into the room with a giant bowl of popcorn and a smile on her face. Her long golden hair was put back in a ponytail as always, and she was wearing her favorite outfit: a green shirt, with a skirt and red shoes. She sat down next to Madotsuki and handed her the bowl. Madotsuki looked eagerly upon the snack food and took in the aroma of the melted butter. "It's like a dream," she said, "Especially to someone like me who skipped lunch today!" She took a handful of popcorn and shoved it into her mouth hungrily.

Poniko laughed, "Now, leave some for me!" Madosuki handed her the bowl as she crawled towards the television set. "Can I put it on the Historic Network?" she asked Poniko. She nodded, and Madostsuki resumed pressing the button to channel 13. She sat in away as she witnessed a dramatization of an Aztec sacrifice, a subject that no matter how bizarre it was, fascinated Madotsuki. Poniko rolled her eyes, "It would be nice if you would please scrape you eyes away from the screen. Your booty is not something I like to view." Madotsuki smirked, "You're right, you don't like it, you LOVE it!"

She poked Poniko's shoulder and made funny faces at her, displaying her true immaturity. Poniko nudged her playfully as Madotsuki dug her hand into the popcorn bowl again. "So," she began, "A little birdie told me that Mr. Kyuu is paying an awful lot of attention to you! Care to elaborate?" Poniko replied with her nose up in disgust, "Are you kidding me? He's a forty-something father of two girls, one of which is in our homeroom class! He's hot for an old guy, but he's nearly three times my age. No, thank you!" Madotsuki munched on her popcorn. "I guess you're right, then." she sighed in defeat.

As the evening went on, the night brought sleep, and with sleep comes dreams. Some, however, were not as they appeared to be. The health of Madotsuki's dreams specifically was at stake tonight. It was like a slideshow of images too hideous to be real. The dream centered around a young girl waving her arms in the dead of a rainy night, so fast that they looked like multiple limbs in the darkness. A pair of headlights came ever so suddenly into view, blurring the face of the girl, who was now crying. There is a metal screech, followed by a blood curdling scream. Everything had grown dark now, except for a low glowing spot of light above her head. It flickered off, leaving Madotsuki in darkness and an unexpected feeling of despair in the pit of her stomach. As grief overtook her, she struggled to awaken. This had to be a nightmare, after all something so disfigured as a thought had to be. She shot her eyes open to find herself in a cold sweat, lying in her sleeping bag on the floor of Poniko's bedroom. She sighed in relief.

"Just a dream…" she said quietly to herself.