Hi, again :3 I'm not allowed to get on a lot (Two of the people I live with work on this exact computer, and I don't have access to another one) So this is a little hurried, typed in the time I had. I have a friend whose is obsessed with Shizaya, and made me write a sequel to 'Should Of', so, here it is. Please, I'm new to this so help me improve!

BTW, the person talking between the lines is Izaya. Its what he said in Should Of after he kissed Shizuo.

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Why me?

I had just gotten a girl to love me, so he shows up, and in broad daylight, kisses me with a knife at my neck. Whispered bullshit. What he told me... It pissed me off.

"I should of asked you to love me...

How dare he think he can just walk around, kissing me. Saying he loves me. When my girlfriend is in the crowd nonetheless!

".. like I love you. A little too late, huh?"

But then... Why do my lips tingle, my face blush and my chest hurt? Why didn't it bother me too much when she left?

I figured I needed to find the flea. But he had run. He wasn't at this flat. Where would he go? God, I don't know shit about this boy. But... I knew someone who did.

"Where is he?"


"I said, where is he?"

"Shizuo, I hav-

"Shut it Shinra, and just tell me where Izaya is, or I'll snap your little neck!"

"Cool it Shizuo!"


"Okay, okay! God..."

Sometime Later

So this is where he ran off to. Fitting for the flea. It was an old warehouse that Izaya had decked out with everything a starter apartment has. I could see the lights in the Windows.

I put the cigarette out on the ground and took a deep breath. I walked to the door of the warehouse and examined it. Locked of course. But since when has that stopped me.?

"III-ZZZAA-YYYYAAA!" I screamed as the door crumpled in my hands.

The raven-haired boy turned, watching me with wide eyes. For once, he didn't have the stupid jacket, but instead, had a simple T-shirt and jeans. I decided I liked this look better.


"Who the hell do you think you are? Walking up to me a kissing me in the middle of the road! She left me, you know, because of your add!"

Somewhere when I was yelling at him, I had pinned him against a wall, yelling in his face. He watched me conflicting emotions in his red eyes.


"Do you know how fucking much you've been in my mind lately! The kind of effect that trauma has?"

Izaya's eyes went really wide, and I had to admit, he looked cute. His dark hair such a contrast to his pale skin, and his red eyes so strange on a human's face.

"Izaya.." I breathed my anger fading, something warmer, and more urgent taking over. And suddenly, I wanted to be as close to Izaya as possible.



Before I knew it, our lips were joined. The kiss was slow, cautious. Izaya moaned softly into my mouth. My arms relaxed, a hand cupping his face was thin hands with long fingers found their way into my hair. The kiss, it certainly was not one shared between to enemies, no, it's between a couple with chances and hope just starting out. When I pulled back, Izaya smiled. A real smile that made him sexy and beautiful in one simple motion.

"What took you so long, brute?

"You obviously have no idea how hard it is to catch a flea." We teased before kissing again.