Author's Note: My muse got the best of me again. Here I am starting a new fic. The season 2 finale inspired so many ideas, that I finally had to write one of them. This takes place right after Trick wakes up and Kenzi unbinds everyone. Enjoy & please review!

Chapter 1

"Thou cannot harm them Bo," Kenzi chanted, her eyes never leaving her best friend. Bo's power swirled around the succubus. She could literally feel it crackling in the air. It frightened her. If this ritual didn't work, she could lose Bo to the darkness forever. The very thought of her friend, the woman she considered to be her sister, turning on her made her heart clench. She wouldn't be able to fight Bo, not her. But Bo had made her promise to kill her if she got out of control. Kenzi's hands squeezed Hale's arm tightly. She steeled herself. She would do it if she had to, but she prayed that it wouldn't come to that.

Bo swayed on her feet, her eyes shifting from electric blue back to their normal chocolate brown. She collapsed, Lauren and Dyson both running to her side. Kenzi stayed where she was, not quite trusting her legs to make it that far. Trick assured everyone that Bo would be okay. The ritual had worked. Still, they all waited anxiously until Bo's eyes fluttered back open. Dyson and Lauren eased her up into a sitting position. The succubus held a hand to her forehead, a dull pain resided from the overload of power. She dropped her arm back to her side, her eyes scanning the area, making sure everyone was alright. Her eyes fell on Kenzi, a small smile on her lips, "Thank you for bringing me back. I knew I could count on you"

Kenzi returned the smile, relief spreading through her. Without any immediate danger surrounding her and her friends, the adrenaline that had kept her going quickly dissipated. Her head began to spin, like the last time she had performed the ritual to set Ryan free from Bo's hold on him. Her vision clouded over.

Hale felt Kenzi's body go limp. Thankfully she was still holding onto his arm so he was able to catch her before she fell. "Kenzi!" he cried, sliding to the ground with her in his arms. The movement was all too familiar and he could already feel himself starting to panic again. It had only been twenty minutes ago that he was holding her, begging her to fight for her life.

"Kenz!" Bo yelled, forgetting her own feinting spell just moments ago and rushing to her best friend's side. She checked for a pulse, "It's weak." The ritual itself wouldn't have done this. Besides passing out, she was completely fine the last time. There were no other side effects. She looked back at Trick, hoping he would tell her it would just wear off like her symptoms did when she unbound Ryan, but he seemed just as confused as she was. He shook his head, unable to offer an explanation.

Dyson followed Bo. Once he neared her, the air was thick with the smell of blood. "Shit," he cursed, aggravated with himself that he had failed to notice it earlier during all of the commotion. "She's bleeding."

"What?" Bo's eyes looked down, seeing her blood-soaked clothes. "Jesus," she whispered. "What happened?" she demanded, fear gripping her heart.

Vex mumbled something about humans being weak, but it was Val who spoke up, knowing her brother was too concerned over the human to reply. "We ran into Hale in one of the rooms we had previously been in. There was a body on the floor, we ignored it. Kenzi was standing near the dead man when he lunged forward, cutting her deep with his dagger."

Lauren carefully moved Kenzi's clothing away from the injury. Blood was oozing out of it again. "Damn it, she reopened the wound."

Hale looked into the doctor's eyes, ashamed that he had failed Kenzi. The effect of his siren whistle had not been strong enough to hold up in battle. "It didn't work," he muttered. "I'm so sorry lil' momma." He brought her hand up, kissing her knuckles gently.

Lauren shook her head. "Hale, it's not your fault. Without you, she would already be dead." Bo starred at the doctor then shifted her gaze to Hale, shocked at how serious Kenzi's wound had been and possibly was again. "Hell, we probably would all be dead if you hadn't used your whistle." She stared into Bo's questioning gaze. "There were berserkers coming for us. We weren't going to leave her Bo," Lauren assured her. The succubus nodded in understanding. A small part of her was scared of how they had put themselves at risk, but a much larger part of her was glad to know that they had all refused to leave without Kenzi. Lauren continued applying more gauze to the injury to help staunch the bleeding.

"Why didn't you just get Kenzi out of here?" Bo was thankful her friends had taken care of Kenzi, but she was also pissed that they had brought her directly into the fight with the Garuda in her condition.

"We tried! She refused to leave without you," Laruen answered, applying pressure to the young girl's side.

"You should have just carried her out then!" Bo yelled, frustrated at the situation. She felt a light touch. She looked down to see Kenzi's blood-stained hand resting on her arm.

Kenzi's breathing was shallow. "I promised," she breathed.

Bo's demeanor instantly softened, knowing the meaning behind that simple sentence. "Kenzi…"

Her head rolled to the side, her eyes remaining closed. She repeated, "I promised you."

Bo cupped the girl's cheek in her hand, "not at the risk of your own life. You're important too Kenzi." The succubus felt guilty; she never would have made Kenzi promise anything if she had known that this would be the outcome. Bo was so concerned over turning evil and killing her friends that she forgot to stop and think about the lengths Kenzi would go to in order to save Bo's life. She knew Kenzi would die for her, and that thought scared the shit out of her. It terrified her even more that it could be happening right now.

A small smile graced Kenzi's lips before she began coughing. She squeezed her eyes shut tight against the pain that erupted in her side. A red rivulet trickled out of the corner of her mouth. Her small body went lax once more, falling into unconsciousness. The force of the coughing pushed more blood out of the gash.

Lauren cursed. "Hale, do you have enough strength left to cauterize her wound again?"

Hale looked up, his eyes sad. "No, but I might be able to slow the bleeding."

"That's all we need right now. If we can get the bleeding under control, then we can get her back to the lab where all of my supplies are."

Hale repositioned himself to get a better aim. His whistle began cauterizing the sides of the wound, but he was unable to close it completely. When he felt his vision begin to blur, he finally pulled back. He panted with the effort it had taken, sweat on his brow. Dyson put a hand on his shoulder to steady his partner. Bo rubbed his arm in thanks. Hale nodded back.

Lauren began packing her supplies back up. "Okay, someone needs to carry her, but be very careful and don't jostle her around or we'll be right back where we started."

Bo immediately began to slide her arms under Kenzi's back and the crook of her legs. Dyson crouched down next to her, "Let me take her, you're still weak from battle."

"No," she said, carefully lifting the girl up. Kenzi's head lolled, resting against Bo's shoulder. The older woman stared down at her for a moment, her eyes a mixture of worry and sadness.

"Bo-" he tried again, only to be cut off.

"I said no!" Her voice more harsh than she meant to be, her words leaving no room for argument. She was the reason Kenzi was like this, and she was going to take care of her. She cradled Kenzi protectively against her chest, following the others out of the maze and back to the car.