Author's Note: Hello everyone! So, a few notes: most of the Sailor Moon universe will be slightly AU. You'll find out what I mean in later chapters, but know that I will be tweaking some aspects of the Sailor Moon universe in order for it to blend seamlessly into the Supernatural one. This story takes place in the mid-season 2 of Supernatural. I know this idea sounds crazy, but please stick with it! I'll do my best! Please enjoy!

She sprinted.

She forced her legs to carry her as fast as they could as she sped down the halls of the corridor. Around her torches illuminated the walls and it almost seemed like a scene from another time—a far-off memory that she couldn't quite place. Her long, golden hair flowed behind her back as she lifted up the skirts of her pale white dress. Her breath was coming in fits and pants, but she kept running. Lives were depending on her. People that she cared about needed her to be there. It was her duty to protect them—to save them!

Flashes of a motel room interrupted the picture. A telephone on an end table suddenly appearing out of nowhere, a bed where a man was snoring on, and a broken lamp. In between the flashes though, the girl kept running. She skidded to a halt in an open chamber where a woman with blood red hair faced her. Her sinister yellow eyes glowed in the torchlight and she mockingly curtsied, her purple gown flowing behind her.

"Princess Serenity," The woman—demon?—hissed. "I'm pleased to see that you've remained alive."

"Beryl!" The girl spat, her eyes flashing with anger. "Release him!" Beryl chuckled and stood aside to reveal a bloody and battered body lying on the floor.

"Dean!" The girl screamed. Dean's head lifted up and he met the girls' gaze.

"Serena." He whispered, his voice filled with relief. The girl's expression filled with rage as she took a step towards Beryl.

"Release him! You wanted me!" The girl screamed.

"And I always get what I want, don't I?" Beryl teased as she smiled sinisterly. "Fare thee well, Princess." The woman suddenly appeared behind the girl and pushed a sword through her torso. Blood poured out of the wound and the girl fell to the ground—dead.

Sam gasped as he came out of the vision and placed a hand to his forehead. Pain shot through his head and he tried to calm his breathing.

"Sammy?" Dean mumbled, his voice heavy with sleep. Sam opened his mouth to respond, but the pain was too intense and he groaned instead as he tried to stand. "Sam!" Dean was at his side in an instant, helping his get off his position on the floor and back onto the bed.

"I had a vision." Sam mumbled. Dean handed him a glass of water and some Advil.

"No shit, Sherlock," Dean muttered sarcastically. Then, seeing his brother's pained expression, concern filled his eyes. "You okay?"

"I will be." Sam assured him. Dean nodded and quickly sat across from him and flicked on the light switch. The light flooded the room and Sam winced as the pain in his head grew more intense for a second before finally fading away.

"What did you see?" Dean questioned.

"I'm not really sure," Sam confessed meekly. "But you were in the vision and you were injured."

"Was I dead?" Dean gravely asked. Sam shook his head.

"No," He answered. "You talked to the girl. You said her name was Serena."

"Okay," Dean replied. "And what else did you see?"

"A demon with yellow eyes named Beryl," Sam answered. "That's who Serena was fighting against; but the demon called the girl Princess Serenity."

"Princess?" Dean echoed incredulously. "Like Princess of a country?"

"I don't know," Sam confessed as he pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes shut. "She didn't look like any princess I had ever seen."

"Okay," Dean replied. "Do you have any idea where we can find this girl?"

"No," Sam mumbled. "I have no idea where the vision was from. I just—" Sam's voice faded away as through the open window, he spotted the girl from his vision. In the moonlight, he could make out her blonde hair, which was cut into small layers, the longest of which just kissed her shoulders. It was a different hairstyle, but Sam recognized her immediately as the girl that had died fighting Beryl. Shakily, Sam pointed to her and Dean spun around to see her disappear into the room next door.

"Well," Dean began, a small smirk on his lips. "I'll be damned."

Serena Tsukino immediately tensed when she heard the knocking on her door. Indecision filled her expression as she debated whether to walk to the door or to flee through the bathroom window—after all, she had been tricked into letting the wrong people into her room before and she couldn't take any more risks. The knocking persisted and Serena chided herself. She was not a child anymore—she was 21 and she could handle whatever was knocking at the door! Still, she grasped her trusty baseball bat that she carried around—just in case—and moved to the door. Taking a calming breath in, she undid the chains and opened the door slightly. Two young men stood before her. The tallest one smiled kindly at her while the other who stood behind the taller one, eyed her warily.

"Can I help you?" Serena questioned, still suspicious about who these two men were and why they were talking to her in the middle of the night.

"Serena?" The tallest one asked and immediately Serena tried to slam the door shut. He grabbed the door and held it open. "Wait! Look, we're not trying to hurt you or—"

"Like hell you aren't!" Serena exclaimed as she fought to get the door close—a losing battle considering the shorter man out of the two was now trying to hold the door open as well.

"Look, lady," The shorter one spat, fighting to keep the door open. "We're trying to help you!"

"I don't want help from the likes of you!" Serena growled. "Go back to Beryl and tell her to stay the hell away from me!" Giving up on the door, Serena swung her bat at the tallest man, who ducked instantly and then grabbed the bat. With a quick yank, she was disarmed and Serena could feel the panic well up within her. This was it—Beryl was finally going to kill her.

She waited for the deathblow that never came.

"Serena," The tallest one began. "We got off on the wrong foot. I'm Sam, this is my brother Dean," He gestured to the other man. "And we're here to help you."

"What?" Serena mumbled. "Help me? I don't even know you!"

"I know," Sam replied and Serena wondered if he told random strangers news like this all the time. "But, I really need you to listen to me."

"Give me one good reason why I should." Serena challenged. She had been fooled before—Raye, Mina, Amy, and Lita had all been people Serena had thought she could trust. And yet, Serena had watched as her best friends succumbed to Beryl's wishes and had tried to kill her. Serena shook her head, trying to dispel the images that danced in her mind and instead focused on Sam and Dean.

"Because if you don't listen to us," Dean started slowly. "You'll die."

The boys had her full attention.

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