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"Ready?" Sam asked her and Serena nodded her head as she forced her gaze to focus on the dark wall rather on the blade that was cutting into her skin. Sam was quick though, and aside from the initial sting of pain, she found that the whole experience of getting her blood wasn't as awful as she had initially expected. Sure, it was a bit disconcerting at the sheer volume of blood that they had to collect, but before she knew it, Sam had wrapped up her arm and Dean had handed her a glass of orange juice.

"So you don't pass out." He had explained gruffly and Serena smiled her thanks as she took a small sip of the liquid.

"Okay," Bobby muttered as he tossed in some herbs into the bowl with Serena's blood. "That should do it."

"What happens now?" Serena questioned, partly curious and partly anxious. This would finally be conclusive proof—she could finally get the confirmation of whether she was Serenity or not.

"Sam, Latin." Dean ordered and instantly Sam was chanting words that Serena could barely make out. She was suddenly transfixed on the bowl where her blood was. Faintly, she could make out what appeared to be various colored lights emanating from the bowl. Tilting her head to the side in confusion, she felt herself rise from the chair and walk to the bowl. She was almost in a daze—aware of her surroundings, yet unable to focus on anything but the bowl.

You are my vessel. Release me.

Her head was spinning and she suddenly felt like she was burning. A regal voice in her head continued to urge her to let go and allow herself to fall, but Serena forced herself to remain in control.

Fall, Serena Tsukino. This is not your time now. Fall.

Against her will, everything went white and she found herself back in the same room she had been before. Princess Serenity grinned at her before vanishing.

"Wait!" Serena called, rushing to where the Princess had been standing.

"I am the Princess of the Moon, Serenity," Serena craned her head to where the voice was coming from and she quickly realized that she could see the Moon Princess in all her splendor through the window. Serena had to admit that she was stunning. Shining blonde hair adorned with white pearls, crystalline blue eyes, and a pristine white gown embedded with pearls made her the very definition of a beautiful princess. "I owe you a debt for releasing me. After Beryl is defeated, you shall be rewarded."

"Serena—" Sam began and the Princess shook her head, her golden blonde hair nearly kissing Bobby's wooden floor.

"She has been put in her place." Serenity answered, voice almost tinkling like bells.

"What the hell does that mean?" Dean ground and the Princess' eyes narrowed at him.

"Serena Tsukino is no longer in control of this body," Serenity explained. "I am." She turned, as if to leave and Serena felt her heart sink. She was trapped in her own body. She had no way to get out.

"No!" She screamed, voice breaking. "Let me out! Please!"

"You can't do that." Sam growled, voice suddenly deadly. Serenity smirked slightly and faced him.

"You are not in charge, Sam Winchester," Serenity spat. "I have a duty to fulfill, much as you do. I will not rest until Beryl is dead." She lifted up her skirts and headed towards the door, only for Bobby to suddenly block her. "You cannot keep me here."

"You said you owe us a debt," Sam began and Serena could see the wheels turning in his brain. "What did you mean?" Serenity sighed.

"I am not able to manifest myself at will," The Princess explained, almost reluctantly. "I require Serena's consent to be free. This spell; however, has overridden that caveat. Bear in mind though," Her eyes filled with a hidden power and her tone grew angry. "Should you interfere with my plans to destroy Beryl, I will be forced to deal with you in a most unpleasant way." The threat hung in the air and Serena felt fury course through her system. There had to be a way out. She frantically scanned the room—no doors, just the window. If she could open the window . . . Instantly, she punched the glass, only for it to remain intact. Cursing, she tried once more, yet the glass remained firmly in place.

"We want Beryl dead as well." Sam informed her.

"Good for you." She retorted.

"We can help you." The youngest Winchester continued, undeterred.

"I need not your help," The Princess answered. "The crystal—"

"The silver crystal," Bobby interjected. "The one that Beryl is after."

"Indeed," Serenity replied. "I only need its power to defeat Beryl. Your assistance will be of no use to me."

"Please, you said you owe us a debt—" Sam protested.

"What is it that you want?" Serenity questioned, clearly curious. Her lips tugged up in an almost smile.

"Let Serena go." Sam said.

"Never." Serenity retorted.

"Let her go or we'll force you out." Dean threatened and Serenity smirked.

"I am no demon," She replied. "You cannot simply exorcise me."

"Wanna bet?" Dean challenged with a smirk. "Bobby?" Bobby smiled cockily at the Moon Princess as he proudly glanced at a page of a book that was lying open on his desk.

"You're bluffing!" Serenity exclaimed, panic rising in her tone.

"You willing to take that chance?" Sam asked. Serenity glared at all of them before sighing softly.

"This is not over," Serenity told them. "I will return." With that, she suddenly re-appeared back in the white room. The Moon Princess crossed the room and placed her hand on Serena's arm. "Go."

And with that, Serena was falling once more.

Molly stood outside the house and gasped as she saw the Princess vanish and Serena's limp form fall into the younger Winchester's outstretched arms. She had never really believed that Serena had been the Princess until now. Seeing it with her own eyes though; that changed everything.

"Molly." She spun around, prepared to attack only to see Kunzite standing behind her, smirking slightly.

"General," She greeted, bobbing a small curtsey. "I, um, didn't see you there."

"The Princess is stunning, isn't she?" Beryl's general remarked, eyes softening ever so slightly. "It was clever of her to hide in such a vessel."

"Queen Beryl wants her." Molly stated, shuddering as she remembered the Demon Queen's threat.

Bring me the Princess or you shall be the one who feels my rage!

"You wish to go up against three hunters?" Kunzite asked her sarcastically and Molly furiously shook her head. She had watched how the trio of hunters had managed to intimidate Serenity—she didn't want to know what they would have in store for demons like her!

"No, sir."

"Molly, you and I both have the same goal."

"We do?" She echoed.

"We both want to preserve our lives and bring the Princess to our Queen." The young demon nodded her head. Kunzite grinned at her and motioned for her to come closer. He wrapped an arm around her, almost conspiratorially.


"I have a plan in store to get the Princess, but I need your help," He explained. "What do you say, Molly? Shall we work together to save our necks?" She didn't trust him—he had tried to hurt her—but what choice did she have? Her powers weren't strong enough to go up against the hunters and if she didn't bring Beryl Serenity, she would be next on the chopping block.

"Yes, sir."

Kunzite grinned sinisterly at her.

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