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"So," Serena began, tugging at the blanket that Sam had dug up for her. Its woolen material wasn't terribly comfortable, but something about it was soothing. She had awoken in Sam's strong arms, to his concerned gaze locked onto her eyes and though the situation wasn't ideal—what with Serenity suddenly attempting to take control over Serena's body—she had to admit, it was nice to feel taken care of for once. It had been so long since she had been with other people, people that looked out of her. The last memory she had of that was her mom tucking her in the night before she ran away.

That had been so long ago—practically a lifetime ago.

Her heart was pounding a mile a minute, but she focused on steadying her breathing. She had prepared herself for this—true, she had thought it would've turned out differently, but she had known there was a chance when she had gone with the boys. Still, to have it confirmed was another thing entirely. "I'm the princess?"

"Yeah." Bobby replied gruffly, taking sip of his whisky. They were all huddled around his desk now, books flipped open to everything they knew about the Moon Princess and the fall of the Moon Kingdom. Sam shot her a sympathetic smile and the young woman did her best to grin back, but she found her heart was not in it. Dean stood behind Bobby, glancing down at the books, while Sam flipped a few of the pages. Through it all, Serena tried to grapple with the fact that this was no longer some misunderstanding—she was the reincarnation of the Princess of the Moon. She had a demon queen after her and whoever helped Serena tended to end up dead fast. Her friends, her boyfriend—all had been reduced to a broken body that stared up at her with lifeless eyes.

She couldn't allow that to happen with the Winchesters and Bobby.

She refused to let anyone else die for her sake.

"So, now what?" She continued, keeping her voice even, though she wanted nothing more than to break and scream up at the sky about how unfair this was. She had done nothing to deserve this and neither had anyone who had been affected by the vengeful queen on her trail.

"Honestly?" Bobby began with a sigh. "I'm not sure."

"Well, can't you exorcise her or something?" Serena pressed, voice rising a bit as frustration seeped into her tone.

"She's not a demon," Dean answered, his eyes meeting her gaze. "It's not that simple."

"From what we can tell," Sam began, his expression neutral, but his eyes betraying a hint of concern. "Serenity's soul is within you—she's her own entity trapped in your body."

"Two souls in one body?" She questioned.

"Yeah." Dean replied.

"And if we were to attempt to remove one soul," Bobby started cautiously. "We have no idea what that would do to the remaining soul or even if her soul would go alone."

"For all we know," Dean continued, pouring his own drink and Serena wished that she too, had some way to fall into oblivion and forget about the mess that was her life. Her mother would be so disappointed now if she could see her daughter. "Serenity's soul might be attached to yours and if we mess with it, we could kill you as well."

"And that's only if we had a spell to try to mess with it, which we don't." The gruff, older hunter finished and Serena grimaced, pulling the blanket closer to her in an attempt to burrow away.

"Okay," She breathed, trying to get her thoughts under control. "Thank you then." She rose from the chair, the blanket slipping from her grasp. "Would you mind if I got some rest?"

"Yeah, sure, it's just up the stairs." Bobby told her, shooting an odd glance towards the Winchester brothers. Serena nodded and shot the trio a smile before disappearing up the stairs. She quickly found a guest room and closed the door behind her. Flopping onto the bed, she stared up at the ceiling and tried to wrap her mind around everything she had been told.

"I knew this could happen," She whispered, furiously wiping away a few stubborn tears. "I knew, but . . ."

She had always counted on that magical solution of "Oh, you're not the right girl! Go back to your life and I will hunt some other girl!" She had always expected that one day the demon queen would quit and harass some other girl. Yet, now there was no mistake—she was Serenity and she did have a very powerful enemy after her.

She had to accept that and move on.

She had to find a way to survive this.

"I can do this," She murmured. "I can handle this." She let her eyes drift close when a shrill scream pierced through the night. Sitting upright, the young woman dashed out the door, down the stairs and into the cold night air. She knew that scream and though she had only heard it in times of sheer joy, she couldn't ignore it now.

She had abandoned Molly once before and she wouldn't do so now.

"Serena!" Molly sobbed as she struggled to get free from Kunzite's grasp.

"Serenity," Kunzite greeted with a cold sneer and fire bubbled up in the young woman's veins. "And I see you've made new friends." Footsteps sounded behind her and relief surged through her as the sound of guns being loaded echoed in the night.

"What, Serena?" Dean's cocky voice began as he came to stand beside her. Sam was on her other side and she could see Bobby as well from her peripheral vision. "You were having a party and you didn't invite us?"

"Sorry, Dean," She beamed, pleased that for once, the odds were in her favor. "But I don't think this is quite my idea of a good time." She prepared herself, mentally going over everything that Dean had taught her during their fighting class.

"Serena, please, don't—!" Kunzite calmly slapped her and Molly listed to the side.

"Molly!" She cried, wanting to run forward and help her friend, but knowing that that would be a fatal move. She had to be smart if she wanted to make it through this with Molly alive.

"I'll make this simple," Kunzite began coldly. "You for your friend. What do you say, Princess?"

A gunshot was his answer and he glanced down and calmly wiped away the blood that now began to seep from his chest wound. He tilted his head to the side ever so slightly and smirked. Dean shrugged, as if he knew that it was at least worth a try.

"I don't know who the hell you are," Bobby started, his shotgun poised to try a headshot this time. "But you let that girl go and get off of my property before I blast you to pieces. A gun may not kill you, but I beat it hurts, don't it?"

"You have surrounded yourself with weaklings, Princess," Kunzite continued, undeterred. "If you would just surrender to Beryl, no one else would have to die for you." She hesitated, ever so briefly and Kunzite chuckled. "I know you lost your prince already before you two truly knew you were—"

"Shut up!" Serena shouted, done with all of this nonsense. "Give back Molly—!"

"Fine." He dropped her and stepped back. Molly's body landed in the dirt with a thud.

It was too simple—everyone seemed to sense that.

Still, Serena sprinted across the yard and pulled her former best friend towards her.

"Molly, hey, can you hear me?" Dread had settled in the pit of her stomach, but she ignored it and waited for her friend's eyes to open. "Molly, please." Slowly, the girl came to.

Her eyes were black.

"Hey, Serena." She grinned sinisterly and she felt herself being flung across the yard as Molly waved her hand. Gunshots were fired, but Serena watched in horror as Molly's magic bested them. Bobby began to chant an exorcism, but the girl just laughed it off.

"No." Serena breathed, tears blurring her vision as she stood up. "No more!" No more people would die because of her. No more bodies looking up at her with lifeless eyes.

This madness had to end.

"Serena, wait—!" Sam called, but she barely heard him. Something was bubbling up within her veins, a familiar warmth and power. It surged within her, invigorating her and she knew that she could do this. The surroundings faded away until all she saw was the monster in front of her. Pity was pushed back and nothing but righteous fury consumed her. The whispering voice that she had done her best to ignore seemed to be speaking loudly in her ear. Instinctively, she found herself pulling her hands to her heart and the warmth was now a fire. Eyes locked on the demon that used to be her best friend, she let herself be taken over.

"Moon twilight flash!"

A blinding white light engulfed the salvage yard and she found herself back in a different time.

"Serena?" Molly stood before her, a hand extended. "I'm Molly, your lab partner." Serena grinned and shook hands with the girl. Their 6th grade science teacher prattled on about lab safety, but the two girls secretly talked about their love for all things "Sailor V".

And for once the bell rang much too soon.

"I think this class will be fun." Serena told Molly, beaming.

"We're going to be very good friends," Molly replied and the other girl nodded her head in agreement. "I'll see you around, Serena!"

With that, she disappeared down the hall.

When the white light faded, Serena was on her knees, trying to catch her breath and Molly . . .

Molly was dead.

Her broken body seemed to reach a hand towards Serena and lifeless eyes locked onto her gaze.

"I'm so sorry," Serena told her, voice breaking. "I'm sorry." Sobs consumed her and she barely felt Sam's strong hand on her shoulder, barely noticed Dean handing her a cup of tea when they got inside, and barely listened to Bobby's ideas for new wards to protect them.

"It wasn't your fault." Sam told her.

She knew that, but she couldn't believe it.

Not just yet.

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