It was a quiet day on the Interceptor. Kilowog noted all space in their path was free of obstacles. Hal Jordan found nothing that seemed out of place in the vicinity. Aya's scans detected not a single thing wrong with any of the Interceptor's systems. Razer was not in the bridge, but in his bunk, sleeping to conserve his own energy and the energy of his ring.

His ring's energy was getting low, he knew that. He had to conserve every drop of energy that he could to continue working alongside the rest of the crew. Without it, he would be just like any other hard, cold, hot-blooded, angry man who sought vengeance. Well, this was not entirely true... but it was not something that the Green Lanterns needed to know yet. So, he slept peacefully, that is, until he started to dream.

Razer walked through a forest, everything was full of moisture and warmth and noise and life. The flowers that bloomed to his side were ones that had been destroyed long ago when his planet's overlords had begun warring amongst themselves. They smelled as sweet as he had remembered, and looked just as beautiful. The place, as he looked around, was very familiar.

He realized soon that this was the place where he had first courted... her. His dear, precious Alana. Not a day went by when he didn't think of her. Of her voice. Of her lovely face. Of the kindness and warmth that seemed to follow her everywhere she went and flowed into everything she touched. She was one of the biggest pieces of his life, and she had been ripped from him so violently. There were two others that made up pieces of his life, just as big as her, but they were a different story. He loved all of the pieces that made him whole, but now he could have none of them. Alana because she was dead. The other two for... other reasons.

The soft, swishing sound of a long cloak dragging over the ground drew his attention away from his thoughts. He turned, then scowled.

"Oh, it's you." The cloaked figure smirked, the look somehow finding its' way into their voice.

"So long since I've last seen you, and that is how you greet me. Not very polite, I must say." Razer crossed his arms, gripping his biceps in his hands. "You seem tense, do I make you nervous, Razer?" The Red Lantern said nothing and the person went on. "You must know what quadrant of the galaxy you're in by now, don't you?" Razer grimaced, then spoke.

"I do not. What importance would it be if I did?" The cloaked figure stepped closer to him, causing his already-tight grip on his own biceps to tighten.

"Why, don't you remember? This is the place where they are." Razer's expression changed dramatically at this. His normally angry (or in some cases, stoic) face was now dressed with a look a pure shock. He did remember, they were in this part of the galaxy. How could he have possibly forgotten?" The cloaked figure looked smug. "So, are you going to go and see them? It's been so long." Razer, the shock replaced by a sad, worn look, bowed and shook his head.

"No, I can't. After all I've done, I could never go back. I can never face them again with all of this innocent blood on my hands." The figure looked at him for a moment longer, then shrugged and turned away.

"Very well then, suit yourself. But," the person turned and gave him a sharp-toothed smile, "do think about it, won't you, Razer?... Razer...Razer!"

"Wake up Red!" Razer awoke with somewhat of a start, hearing his name being called out over the intercom by Kilowog. "Get down on the bridge now, poozer!" Razer growled in his throat, rubbing his eyelids with his fingers.

"Yes, yes, I'll be there in a moment." He got off of his berth and made his way to the bridge, still shaking off the remnants of his dream. Though, he knew, it wasn't a dream. It was true, what he had told the cloaked figure. There were the two who he knew were in this sector.

But, if I should happen to go to the planet where they are, he thought soberly, would I even be able to show my face to them?

Okay, normally I'm all up in the anime archives. But, my little brother was watching FL: TAS on tv this morning, and I have to admit, I got hooked with Razer. This is just a little test chapter. If anyone wants me to continue and make this a multi-chapter 'fic, please tell me and I will do my best to work it in along with my other writings. If this is received well, I will update soon as I can. Ta ta for now~